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Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Survey said the United States was a quarter of women to domestic violence
Topic: society

The centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) released 14, according to a survey, a quarter of American women said that was under attack by their husbands or boyfriends of violence. Investigators through the phone amazing proportion random interviews about 9000 women and 7400 men, that the figures. According to the results of the survey, one 5 surveyed women have rape or attempted rape of behavior of sexual abuse, with almost half of the people in the 18 years. A third women have been raped, intimate partner violence or tracking, compared with only one hundred percent of the men who have had the same experiences. Based on the investigation, according to the United States by 29 million women have boyfriend, spouse or other close partner of serious violence, including choking, beaten, stabbed, a gunshot wound, boxing, foreign bodies, hit. If will be slapped, force pushing the behavior such as counted, suffered from violence to 36 million the number of women. The centers for disease control and prevention and control subordinate countries hurt centre Linda stagg di said, this is the first time intimate partner violence in the universality of investigating, every year a survey in the future. Data on the high side? Have experts questioned the "national intimate partner violence and sex survey (2010)" data is too high. Surveys show that 1.3 million women surveyed in the year before the attempted rape, rape, the sex abuse act or other forms of forced to sex. This is better than last year the United States justice department figures released by at least seven times as high. Judicial bureau statistician felipe calderon's south is tara said, the survey data in the differences may be by some factors is, such as survey method, the choice of subjects, "rape" and other forms of infringement definition and explanation, etc. "This is a is gradually development fields of the statistics personnel, each in trying to make more accurate survey data," card tara's said. The Associated Press commentary, for those who side a woman in violence people, the centers for disease control and prevention of survey data were not unexpected.

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Updated: Thursday, 22 December 2011 1:34 AM EST

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