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Friday, 23 December 2011
Deep inside the earth appeared with new types of metal
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The high temperature and high pressure deep inside the earth will atoms and electronic closely extrusion together, make them in a very different way of interaction. Physical changes. The new experiments and super computer of the computation result shows that, in the bowels of the earth environment, ferrous oxide will happen a new transformation. The ferrous oxide FeO is the second largest in the content of the iron FangMei the composition of stone mineral. The findings appear in the physical review letters, a forthcoming issue, may change our deep inside the earth to the dynamic and the understanding of the magnetic field. Iron FangMei stone contains magnesium and ferrous oxide. In the laboratory simulation for extreme environment, including the Carnegie geophysical laboratory Ronald Cohen, the team studied the ferrous oxide in pressure as high as 1.4 million a tm, temperatures as high as 4000 degrees Fahrenheit (and the core and the mantle of the intersection of environmental almost) electrical conductivity. They also used a New Era Hats calculation method, this means only using basic physics to simulate complex interaction among the electrons. Theory and experiment are predicting FeO took a new metallization process. In the extreme conditions, compounds always happens structure, chemical and electronic, and other aspects of the change. And before the opposite of what, in 690000 a ferrous oxide atmospheric pressure and 3000 degrees from the insulation states under a conductive strong metal, but it did not change the structure. Previous research had assumed that FeO of metallized with the change of the structure of crystals are linked. The research result means, the temperature and pressure terms and conditions, the ferrous oxide can is a kind of insulators can also is a kind of metal. Cohen explained: "in high temperature conditions, the ferrous oxide in the arrangement of the atomic crystal structure and common salt the same. Just like salt, FeO in room temperature conditions are good insulators it don't conductive. Old NFL hats measuring method shows, high temperature under high pressure will FeO metallization, but when people think that it is the formation of a new crystal structure. And our new research shows that FeO metallization process structure and did not change, and need to temperature and pressure joint action." Cohen said: "FeO metal state will strengthen the liquid core and the lower mantle of electromagnetic interaction between. It will close relationship formed in the core to the outer core of the earth's magnetic field. This will change the magnetic field of the earth's surface spread to the way."

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