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Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Three big fleet 20 warship was in the south China sea
Topic: military
1, Japan's defense ministry staff gathered the prison department (equivalent to the general staff) 13 announced, the Japanese army in 10 days this month found that Chinese navy submarine and 2 missile destroyer, 10 ship in Okinawa island and GongGuDao when the high seas between the Pacific side voyage. Japanese warships to China's implementation of the tf warning surveillance. China's missile destroyer ship in July 10 to 9, the implementation of the central in the east China sea sea helicopter flight training such as carrier. It is in China's 200 nm exclusive economic zone, the Japanese incredibly sent membership of the convoy escort 3 3 five thousand tons battleship "ring wave"MLB hats th approximation provocation. In 2006 the new service missile frigate "ring wave" number had to visit to Shanghai, equipped with 2 a quad harpoon anti-ship missile, with 32 unit Mk-41 missile vertical launch system (equipped with "the sea the sparrow" ship to air missile and "gil rock" anti-submarine missiles) and SH-60 J type "haiying" anti-submarine helicopters. Chinese warships of the ship-borne helicopter flown near the Japanese sovereignty to declare "the bell wave" number over 90 meters. Red star revealed that the helicopter flew to China once only from Japan frigate "cold wave, the place of 90 meters, flight level about 30 meters, below the frigates Lord mast. He pointed out that "it would affect the safety of the ship sailing", said the defense ministry through diplomatic channels to Chinese confirmation. East China sea fleet 10 ship already close to the south China sea (SCS) (two of the ship, two ship and modern fleet has been lo, ryukyu waters, south, said on the north sea fleet with 2116 mainly appear in malacca navy formation of the east of the south China sea. The north sea fleet and ship has arrived in nansha waters (news is said their pre-season tour of long-distance training) 3, Aden return points the fleet to Manila (news said yesterday return visit to Manila, a new fleet young fleet air defense ship). The Wholesale baseball hats navy main battle fleet, gathered in the south China sea, come in 88-1 the JL after not some! Guess: 1, the ultimate JL-2 test said. Have the flooding and, ChangQian, nuclear dives, repair, dives mom, have to the sea of the attack of the modern missile destroyer, have new youth, air defense, and the key is the frigate with strategic nuclear potential (model is bad to say) and supporting ships, will be tested to the ocean JL-2 of say, 20 ships powerful fleet is participated in order to keep the battle with the QingChang confidential tool? Possibility: four

Posted by terminalcables at 10:18 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 3 January 2012 10:28 PM EST

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