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Tuesday, 20 March 2012
The end of retail business is not optimistic

According to the Chinese national commercial information center monitoring, in November 2011 the national hundred large-scale key retail enterprise retail sales growth was 15.98%, 1.1% less than the same period last year, the growth in October after years and now inflection point and low.

The personage inside course of study thinks, compared with last year, this year in December and January, consumption growth slowed year-on-year, retail enterprise performance will also is a bit poor than last year. Looking to next year, China's economy continues to slow down, consumption will be the direct impact of the whole will hold steady growth, but lower than the cheap new era hats growth this year.

Sales at the end of below expectations

"Although this year's winter is a warm winter, but for the retail enterprise that, 'winter' feeling slightly. At the end of the year, but sales consumption season begins may not have risen sharply." A retail industry analysts told the China securities reporter, this there are three main reasons.

First of all, this year's warm winter on the winter clothing sales produced great influence, and clothing prices this year is better, an average increase at 20% to 30%, and, to some extent, inhibit the desire for consumption, led directly to the department store to sell clothing primarily of company's performance as expected.

Secondly, the network shopping already jiancheng trend, and a shopping mall, supermarket price is high, the younger group has basically net buys as a preferred way, the department store, supermarket chain impact than the last obvious. For now, the higher of the purchasing power of the city several stores line tends to be saturated, two related conditions in city temporarily substandard cases, retail enterprise expansion encounter stage "ceiling", even if make low price, and it is hard to spell over taobao, jingdong (the Po) mall, etc DianShangWang station.

In addition, in May this year, the national related ministries released "about regulating commercial prepaid the opinions of the management", further regulating commercial prepaid management, and introduced the new registration, high-value card issued to limit a series of system. Because the holiday is to use the card the rush hour, "broke New Deal" will give retail enterprise to bring the certain effect. The end of the Spring Festival is expected to, retail sales enterprise broke, and by consumer spending to bring sales all CARDS will be less than last year.

The above analysts polarized sunglasses pointed out that, in general, the end of a retail sales will account for more than 25% of the enterprise annual sales, and the end of a sales growth of 18% to 20% in most, now at the end of the year sales growth last year than 1-2% decline.

Growth next year will decline

"The previous three quarters of this year, retail companies growth performance in 35% 40%, is expected to increase 35% for the full year results." The above analysts said.

Looking to next year, China's economic growth will slow, which has a direct effect on consumer spending. Moreover, countries stress, expanding domestic demand is the structure need a long-term process, so next year's consumer market is not good this year. In addition, home appliance of related preferential policies next year will no longer continue, real estate regulation not to relax, home appliances, furniture sales next year will also be low.

Therefore, the above analysts judgment, retail enterprise performance next year will increase in 30%, 5% lower than this year.

From the son industry situation, the supermarket next year of company's performance will be better than this year low. The supermarket sells are most necessaries of life such as food, because inflation factor influence, the food price growth, the previous three quarters of this year, the supermarket companies generally increase performance were all above 50%. With inflation will step down next year, food prices will rise this year than small.

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