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Tuesday, 20 March 2012
The Chinese People's Political Consultative
The professor throws brick to query a state-owners enterprise to all over the place bloom
  Yesterday 9:00, the group discussion just started, the municipal services helped member of committee to livinged the first speech quarter winter, "the principle of state-owners enterprise reform very explicit, there is preface into back, withdrew competition realm, is also say, the state-owners enterprise wanted to use on the knife blade and used realm at the national policy people's livelihood.Can these year, which realms did the state-owners enterprise baseball hats of Peking enter?Withdraw which realms?Feel now each realms all have a state-owners enterprise, the country enters the people back.To run by private capital economy, the development situation of state-owners enterprise, whether formed to extrude an effect?Compressed the development space of run by private capital economy?"
  "Country's entering a people to back is that one is false to set question, nonexistent", country in Peking City supports Wei pair director, Zhang Xian Ping, answered, "state-owners enterprise and private enterprise runs line in a , and doesn't run line in a ", she said, the stateowned business enterprise was implementing government while being more responsibility and government behavior, "for example 2009 annuities melt the commodity price that the crisis causes stable problem, food group in the city is a state-owners enterprise, conduct of rice noodles food, strictly forbid markup, more than a years to have been being suffering a deficit management.Turning points, such as Olympic Games and Wen Chuan earthquake...etc., hurtles on the front of is all state-owners enterprise".
  But her explanation is immediately helped by municipal services member of committee song the Feng greatly query, "can not recognize, the turning point is hurtled front really in really state-owners enterprise, can have to see at the same time of BE, the government also gave the state-owners enterprise a lot of preferential treatments ……Same government treatment, if equally give private enterprise, private enterprise whether also can make like?"
  Second act
  Be the same as to is present a person to change direction to ask question to lead a hot argument
  Yesterday, each Wei of city did representative director in the bureau to also attend this time group discussion.The city bureau public health tour member Deng Xiao Hong and Zhang Xian pings appear in Group 3 at the same time and is alongside of for, everybody seat the front all sign a table card and write "city country property Wei", "city bureau public health" respectively.The member of committees concerning "the state-owners enterprise extends" discussion, ask "the community turns to diagnose" to Deng Xiao Hong because of a member of committee, temporary tell a paragraph.Don't anticipate, finish answering a question, Deng Xiao Hong again would discuss a focus and lead to"the state-owners enterprise extends" topic.
  "I also have a problem and at the right moment asked a country property Wei piece(pair) nba jerseys director, now the development trend of state-owners enterprise, is be not'country enter the people back'?"Be the same as to is present a person, Deng Xiao Hong suddenly "change direction" and sit opposite at nearby of the city country property Wei pair director, Zhang Xian Ping, ask question and again make the discussion concerning"the state-owners enterprise extends" get into a high tide.
  Deng Xiao Hong asked to just end, quarter winter livinged speech again, "the many young men seek a work and take pleasure in into a state-owners enterprise now.Is this a trend?"
  At 11:00, the group discussion draws to an end, the member of committees extend concerning the state-owners enterprise of the discussion is on the up, the end"summary Chen Ci" of Zhang Xian Ping, "we are pushing stateowned business enterprise to various all make a change, become public company.The premise of fair competition is a government to purchase public service, all items can press to recruit to bid to carry on at this time, the run by private capital, and state-owners enterprise...etc. can get into".
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