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Saturday, 31 March 2012
The Civil Aeronautics Administration encourages
"The Civil Aeronautics Administration encourages that the local airline has the initiative to purchase, use a domestic public airplane."Yesterday, Li Jia Xiang meant after hearing Chinese company and making collective report with the work that the airplane company president's gold strengthened a dragon, the Civil Aeronautics Administration would support a domestic people with all strength machine development, promise the design of domestic big airplane, manufacturing the quality matched the proper sail that the nations go through standard.At the same time, MLB Cap actively strengthen and the communication and cooperation of nations, such as the United States and Europe...etc., push a domestic big airplane to come out an entrance to a country smoothly.
  The Civil Aeronautics Administration released news to say on the 13th, Chinese independence developed of domestic C919 large aerobus currently total amount order already 215, start a customer to increase into 10.In addition, C919 zero parts makings have been already opened, and complete 28 key techniques to offend a pass, the proper sail obtains evidence to work to also launch completely.
  According to Civil Aeronautics Administration introduction, 2011, the C919 large aerobus item completed to prepare to develop a stage work and passed a national first step design judge, have already turned into engineering completely currently development stage.In addition, last year, the proper sail of ARJ21 new branch line airplane obtains evidence to work to obtain important breakthrough and completes to obtain a best sunglasses model number check to approve the preparation work before the book(TIA), the item will soon turn to go into a proper sail to approve officially verification to try to fly a stage.
  Li Jia Xiang points out that during the developing of ARJ21 new branch line airplane and C919 large aerobus, have to highly value a safe work.Currently, country sail, east sail, south sail, sea sail four big local airlines have become the start customer of C919, according to the programming, the C919 large aerobus plans to complete a first step design in 2010 and complete in 2012 detailed design, carry out a head to fly in 2014, complete a proper sail to obtain evidence in 2016 and throw in a market.
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