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Sunday, 8 April 2012
Debt haze cover crest in Europe Chinese
Road deeply Peking give or get an electric shock on December 22-as the symbol of Chinese nation, the dragon is given too many fine implied meanings.However, at Long Nian that will soon arrive, debt crisis haze in Europe when the dissipation return indetermination, this eastern Ultrasaurus in China probably wants to face more internal revolt and foreign invasions.
The Zhi bulge risk undercurrent that goes to cause with price hike under the economy flows out bottom, China has already certainly adjusted 2012& quot;Is steady medium to seek improvement".The analytical personage anticipates, many in the last yearses have been emphasizing"Protect eight(8% increase soon)"Of China, probably appropriate next year descend adjust economy growth the target is to 7.5%;In making use of policy, the steady monetary policy will be put Colorado Rockies Hats forth effort to definite direction more relaxed, but aggressive public finance policy then the Qing dint structure tax reduction.
"China is emphasizing the transformation of economy structure, has to tolerate the deceleration of economic growth, 25(2011-2015 years) programmings put forward of GDP's increasing is 7%, next year set a target more suitable in 7.5%, the CPI rise(target) estimate is similar to this year, still 4%."Chinese international economic exchanges center researcher, Wang Jun, calls.
Another official quarters that doesn't wish to put signature as well calls that the economy growth target has to want to wait until March, next year a person greatly and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference& quot;Two meetings"The discussion passes, from the current circumstance judgment, the GDP(GDP) growth target enactment is or so feater in 7.5%;But the long-term pressure of price hike still at, CPI(residents consumption price index number) rise target probably still 4%.
In the near future end of the central economic working conference mean, next year the economic society development Christian Audigier Fitted Hat wants outstanding confidence good"Is steady medium to seek improvement"Of total keynote, continue to carry out aggressive public finance policy and steady monetary policy.Combine to point out, Chinese economic at present the unbalance in the development, not moderate, can not antinomy and problem keeping on are still very outstanding, the economic growth bottom goes pressure and price hike pressure keep both.
This year that is Chinese to set at the beginning of the year GDP the growth target be or so for 8%, but physically increase to soon reach to 9.4% for 1-9 months.However this year quarter degree GDP together compare to increase to soon and continuously slow down to three quarters, 9.1% of degree, increase 8.1% for the 2009 second quarter of lowest level, cause to Chinese economy& quot;Crustily 6& quot;Of misgiving.But although the inflation drops from Gao Wei continuous four months, 1-11 months 5.5% CPIs together compare a rise to still save to be afraid of to the inflation fierce tiger heart the market.

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