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Thursday, 12 April 2012
New rules in Liaoning forbids nonage
On March 13, 1988, for putting out burst mountain fire, save mountain village, depended on to rather join to rush toward a fire troops on one's own initiative, at very hot fire in courageously fight to die in an accident after 45 hours, become the person that the whole country's study gave award to at that time.The youth depends on rather and became 70 empresses, 80 empresses when young of"hero memory", but"whether kid should fight a fire" also adult dispute of topic.
  Recently, Liaoning province is 11 person greatly often Wei will meeting review pass for for the 27th time of
《fire fight regulation in Liaoning province 》 rules, any unit and individual forbid Philadelphia Flyers Hats to organize a nonage to take part in a fire to put out.According to know, the regulation will on March 1, 2012 since start practicing.
  What nonage should control is to flee for life knowledge
  "A fire's putting out is a work of danger, nonage's physical strength and intelligence haven't developed to certain extent.Even if adult, if didn't after certain training take part in built-uply and fight a fire an activity also is very dangerous."The province fire fight total brigade legal system in Liaoning grew Cao to just tell a Chinese youth report in everywhere reporter.
《Fire fight regulation in Liaoning province 》 mainly for carrying through 《the People's Republic of China Fire Prevention Regulations 》 , the regulation revises a work on January 5, 2012 formal be over.
  This place regulation definitely rules:"the all levels people's government and its department concerned, group, business enterprise and business unit, villager's committee and residents' committee should organize to develop usually sexual fire fight publicity education the citizen then want to aware of self to study fire fight basic knowledge and raise fire prevention from save ability any unit and individual to forbid to organize a nonage to take part in a fire to put out."
  Protect a method"according to
《 the nonage 》, don't the adult should enjoy a fire fight safety, but don't throw in a fire to put out.Even if adult also daily fire fight safety that need to be taken part in unit organization then the training can have a fire to put out ability."
  "Depend on rather is a hero, is worthy of respect, Be worth respecting and study.But the aim of
《the People's Republic of China Fire Prevention Regulations 》 is the life property that wants to protect a citizen safety, put life safety in the first.《Fire fight regulation in Liaoning 》 is Nike golf sunglasses the local laws that carries through 《Fire Prevention Regulations 》 , embodying the value of the basic principle life of law is the most valuable.The nonage fights a fire very dangerous, we should well respect to the life."

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