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Sunday, 15 April 2012
How change quickly foreign trade strategy
Because tradition's emphasizing that the development strategy of labor force cost advantage and exit direction can not get a smooth transformation and brought many problem and irregularities to the development of national economy.This concentration embodiment at:a is break severity to the local resources.For creating more foreign exchanges, many places and business enterprise chop down to over dig indiscriminately and bring serious breakage to environment St. Louis Cardinals Hats resources;Two is the exaltation that inhibitted worker wages welfare level.Under the sistuation that the technique level and the innovation ability always can not get an exaltation, many exit business enterprises don't hesitate the benefits of sacrificing the worker and pass the way of doing of depressing worker's wages and welfare to maintain meager profits;Three is to cause a great deal of trade's rubbing, China has already become a nation of suffering most anti-dumping in the world continuously for several years currently;Four replace domestic to consume to pull with the abroad consumption economy growth, not only enlarged domestic economy of unsteady, also weakened domestic consumption of extend.
  Be showed from this, tradition of with labor force cost comparison the advantage and exit lead to for the foreign trade development strategy of the characteristic have already canned not adapt to the variety of current economy environment, can not continue for future of the economic development provide new power.Therefore, speed from from the labor force more advantage toward the industry synthesize comparison advantage change, best sunglasses export direction type development strategy to comprehensive equilibrium type development strategy change, abandon unilateral emphasized exported to create to remit, maintenance the way of doing of trade surplus, valued import and export basic balance, valued to pass independent innovation ability and international competitiveness that the foreign trade raised a local business enterprise, only had thus, in next 10 years, then China canned morely enjoy into a life time after the benefits for bringing the national economy and the large citizen, get away from medium wait income trap, realization from trade the big country is to the root purpose that trades a big country change.

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