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Tuesday, 17 April 2012
China just at rising need date
The United States is a very bent on commemorative of nation, Be in remembrance of person, Be in remembrance of a city, Be in remembrance of history.The Yi starts in 21th century, the United States continuously published series to read the thing 《American image (The Images of America)》 and was in remembrance of some cities of the United States in the past history, and nature in Chicago was a city that is worth being in remembrance of.
 The residents of Chicago its ancestry contains a lot of another nation of all coming froms today and be like the United States is an emigrant's nation, so, many lives all wrote them at the ethnicities of Chicago and the history of discount sunglasses this city, and become The Images of America is this an origin in the book.The cultural center in Chicago, I see concerning this city of Germany of, Ukraine of, Italy of, Korea of, even the ethnicity of Iran, each ethnicity is a book, have several ten of many, but is the book(the book title should be Chinese American in Chicago) that cans not finds Chinese ethnicity, finally bought a Korean American in Chicago(the Korean of Chicago).
 See buy the book coming back to know, Korean at the earliest stage got to the United States is 1903, at this time there is already Chinatown in San Francisco, can boldly inference, the Chinese immigrate the history of Chicago definitely aer lot of than Korean long ago, Chicago settles down now of Chinese also than Korean much get many, although I don't know concrete time and number and also have no intention of checking this data.Get to the Internet to really find out afterwards a named Chinese in Chicago of book, but is Chinese emigrant who introduces earlier period, and in the middle of the my hand the have positive publicity Korea means of the book still keep having a dissimilarity.
 Almost all Americans know that China is already an economic big country, even public opinion all at guess China when the meeting outstrip the United States on the economy, but the American's cognition to China of the great majority is a made in China is undershirt, shoes and box pack etc. of those quality goods at reasonable prices, there is also mysterious Forbidden City, three inch gold lotus, in addition to is very few number like Chinese of the United States of teachings of Confucius and Mencius, city play, the great majority American lacks positive cultural cognition to China.
 Friend's enthusiasm in New York invites the light comedy-Chinglish that we saw a Broadway new and see the name know Central America the difference of culture, and Chinese English results in of the Hong ditch on the comprehension.Plot in advance and really don't know, after finishing seeing but a little bit five flavours miscellaneous Chen's felling.The performance is fascinating, the language was full of humor and humorous, the audience smiles to not stop(the great majority is an American), I often also drive the Miami Heat Fitted Hat language of the on the stage humor knowing on smiling, but the drum don't rise Zhang when the play eventually thanks an act, because the keynote of this drama still keeps making fun of China and dramatize a little bit take the flavor that Chinese and Chinese culture brings shame in American audience in front, because he knows, this is to sell a point, being like the work that Zhang Yi strives for in early days can get a prize among nations, and its premise is ugly one side that displays China.
The literature creations is free, but involves nation is to take feelings, if have a drama of positive publicity China to lead into a Broadway, its result affirmation will be different, afraid of the Broadways would not like to accept.
We speak China is rising, in fact still need to walk very long road, should be subjected to awe of the another race because of a rising race.

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