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Wednesday, 18 April 2012
The common bond isn't the economic world of the solution
So-called EU common bond, nothing but change existing government bonds issue corpus, is respectively and independently delivered a debt by EU member's country, become from EU this'public finance entity' deliver a debt.But, it wants to face a great technique an obstacle first:EU isn't a sovereign state, it is only an European Commission and a mastermind meeting Council of Europe that exercises parts of administration powers(in fact moderate administrative power in all countries).EU Ministry of Finance representing public finance to Nike Sunglasses for Men unify then pays of Que such as.Say like this to is an establishment certainly at'Europe need public finance unified'the foundation of this idea of.If the common bond becomes 1 kind absolutely have to-regardless Be continuous to come to say to saving of EU still an euro-so establishing of EU Ministry of Finance won't be able to avoid as well, then only such an organization that override at the country Ministry of Finance of each member can deliver debt to combine management, allotment and treatment to publish the income that the bond acquires in the name of EU.Indirect result BE, participating in member's country that the public finance unifies a mechanism will lose the independent sovereignty of original formality and become a province of European republic.
 We for the time being believe that political obstacles that the establishment unifies a public finance alliance can break through, the euro area nations can accept public finance like currency alliance of budget of true direct and hard control, can leaning against a kind of method solve an existing crisis?EU is will now walk ascend together prosperous of broad avenue, still will continue to fall among numerous reefs?
 First, we have to definitely put forward the most important background of dc hats common bond, that is the obligation crisis that is led by Greece nation face to face face the destiny of public finance bankruptcy in fact.From the present condition of Greece government and the creditor negotiation can know, carry out the healthy public finance target of EU request, only nominally recognize to compensate a half and substantially recognize to compensate in the private creditor 60-under 70% circumstances, Greece government just may help in EU under unwillingly spend to in the moment pay a crisis.Otherwise they connect recently expiring of more than EUR 10,000,000,000 obligations still not up-they already substantially bankrupt.The circumstance that hard to say Italian Spain to wait several countries currently can be aer lot of little than Greece, there is no help in exterior, perhaps they also can refuse payment to expire obligation.These nation all basically already lose in the bond market of'national reputation', the investor in the market certanly will request very high risk to stick water just be willing to eat these garbage bonds, depend they continue to deliver by themselves the debt defers at present the explosion of crisis, the margin cost will be high to go to sky.

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Even if be like a space Luo Si doing

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