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Thursday, 19 April 2012
China reformed to arrive urgent time once again
knowledge field level, see from the at that moment social current of thought, also appeared diversification, many angles and water fire difficult permit of dissimilarity voice.

 for example, the south report fastens to reform with the constitutional government that free knowledge member advocates, with Chinese people's the vice-president of school of the university thanked at first Tao for Pittsburgh Pirates Hats representative of'only then the democratic society doctrine could save China', the Du is smooth to living living to make every effort to worship with Zhang Mu'can solve rich and poor difference and corruption problem'of new democratism, Chongqing governs to highly propose of'sing red dozen black', 'the country of naught'vehemence in the website praised of'Cultural Revolution'with'socialism planned economy', very easily drew on an eyeball in the tiny Bo speech of radical reform and people Cui current of thought of confluence, and recent Guangdong govern handle black hole village social community affairs by new thinking new way......Various benefits claim and value mindset float a surface one by one and not and mutually let with each other, have the Mars of collision to spout.However, the standpoint of each parties of conflict, its core problem is same:How crack an extremely dissatisfied society of various communities unjust?How look for the society of solution'greatest common divisor'?

 lay aside some emotion to turn an expression, China at present face so some most urgent, public respond the most vigorous of'develop a later problem':

 the gap between rich and poor space out, can not form fair allotment system.

 after the social business Zhi, can not build up Hui and all the people's social guarantee system.

 the discount sunglasses public happy feeling descend, can not solve the most basic people's livelihood problem.

 the pollution of the environment turn worse, the food, water and air is polluted, develop and the sharp antinomy of environmental protection is imminent.

 society the corruption deeply develop to the Zong, going bad not only only takes place in the economic realm, but also goes deep into other realmses and expresses to cure to go bad for Li, judicatory go bad and public opinion corrupt-the medium can be bought by the capital, could not have the function of inspecting public power.These three kinds of corruptions directly relate to system blemish.

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Posted by terminalcables at 9:08 PM EDT

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