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Saturday, 28 April 2012
According to this kind of analytical
Why at war age, some martyrs willing sacrifice their oneself's lives don't wish to provide an other comrades as well?Why to always exist some anonymities to act charitably?Why do people always want to put forward a rebuke to those who violate the rules?Are all of this the results that the reasonableness in split second calculates?Obviously, the modern and essential economics emphasizes of can not explain this from wading hobby.One, the modern and essential economics carries on a basis of explanation to the cooperation behavior of the benefit others type be obtain future repay, according to this kind of way of thinking, 'be when the ethnicity be subjected to threat the contribution of a person to the ethnicities gets the Milwaukee Brewers Hats possibility of repay to sharply descend in the future, the community dismisses of possibility ascension, the motive cooperating thus will also not reply existence';[9] is to say, while exactly being cooperation behavior that ethnicity needs a benefit others types most on the contrary this kind of cooperation becomes impossible.Two, compute according to this kind of reasonableness of reason logically, the mankind social disappearance is inevitable, because an affairs of fortuity will also arouse cooperative breakup;However, mankind's society not only survived down, but also depth and wide degree of cooperation still and just and continuously expand.
At the same time, though economic person's model of the hobby content expand type analyzed to consider others effect as to it's behavioral influence, don't investigate this kind of to influence further how degree is, the hobby degree is again how to decide;Equally, though the cooperation motive incline to of economic person's model analyze the characteristic of considering the doer as to it's behavioral influence, don't investigate this kind of to incline to further how degree is, Nike Sun Glasses the motive degree is again how to decide.Is positive because this kind of analytical mode didn't give any elucidation and investigation to the hobby and the cooperation motive, thus basically impossible provide a certain affair estimate to people's behaviors, but the explanation that can be an after the event.And, even if the explanation of after the event this layer and talk, this kind of is also very unilateral according to the explanation of economic person's thinking, the beard is happy clear point out, 'the consideration of utility can become some benefit others behavioral motive, but absolutely can't become all behavioral motive of benefiting otherses;Rational economic person's mode can explain that the part benefits others a phenomenon, like relative altruism and of mutual benefit altruism, but can not affirm an explanation the mankind's all benefit others behavior and morals behavior'.[10] is all these all mean, the modern and essential economics comes to model to turn according to the economic person analytical concretely social medium of mankind's behavior exist abstraction to turn an excesssive problem:It not only can not predict the person's behavior and it result, even explanation oneself is also'I to consider'.Generally speaking, this kind of is abstract economic person's model turning turn analysis inside can take into to explain from as follows a few aspects in the blemish.

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