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Wednesday, 2 May 2012
Lower medium produce a hierarchical
Won to produce stratum to constitute generally stable social foundation, at the same time, win produce the income scope that the stratum includes should extend.Currently but speech, the middle class mostly can is divided into three layers:On being an annual income between 60,000-200,000 dollars, two is an annual income between 200,000-300,000 dollars, three is an annual income between 300,000-500,000 dollars.Obviously, ex- two layers of medium produce stratum mainly is a work salary worker, covered a small management layer of company from the generally little white-collar worker arrive.Currently, this is inside to produce stratum is our country the biggest contributor of the tax, such as of 2010480,000,000,000 dollars in the whole country tax gross earnings, work salary stratum a tax that personage pays had 68%;Is contrary, the revenue from new era caps tax of western and flourishing nation then mainly from minority of rich men rather than the large and common work salary stratum pay of, such as according to the statistics, above 60% of American's tax from the community of annual income above USD 100,000 pay.Therefore, the tax of this stratum endows with to lower appropriately, main reason BE:One, produce stratum in the great majority particularly is a first floor time of medium produce the income of stratum to mainly all come from a labor, even also suffer the opposite dish of employer larger degree to shell;Two, they are originally belong similar to the low income stratum, didn't enjoy at the rental or bonus brought by civil resources, just passed stateowned business enterprise profits up the form handing over was become to mutually collect a tax to endow with.Collect a large amount of tax to endow with on they in fact with social justice mutually Bei, and, endow with to also compare majority of western countries to have to be a little bit low to the tax that they collect.
Produce hierarchical tax rate on the three greatest layers consideration but talk:First floor time of medium produce stratum should be a nation to particularly cultivate of object, its limit tax rate should control at 15% in;Second floor time of medium produce stratum then should do one for the balance development of nation larger contribute, its limit tax rate can be between 15%-20%;Second floor time of medium produced stratum to then include one part of little entrepreneur, its beginning started to assign income to be probably bigger than its labor contribution, as a result it the limit tax rate can raise to 25% appropriately or so.In fact, human resource and social guarantee department also put forward recently, the our country wants to hard buy sunglasses carry out officers and workers' wages to increase 15% annually, thus'25'the period work hard for to carry out an officers and workers a wages growth to turn over a time's target;According to this target, winning to produce hierarchical limit tax rate should also lower and otherwise rise not to increase the effect of controllable income, because they soon get into higher limit tax rate file time.And, lower medium produce the hierarchical tax rate produces stratum in the middle of contributing to strong of usually can't cause tax's endowing with a descending of total amount, either at the same time:Many in the last years our country the revenue from tax go into basic keep a high-speed growth, was up to 23% last year, this year quarterly degree revenue from tax into increase to even come to a 37%.See is also such from history experience:Made in 2006 tax adjustment, result, in 2006 national revenue from tax go into 245,267,000,000 dollars, compared to increase 17% last year;Made again in 2008 tax adjustment, result, the national revenue from tax goes into to 369,700,000,000 dollars in 2008, compare increased 16% last year.

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