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Thursday, 3 May 2012
The exterior pound at enlargement
Main jobless rate in economy the United States, EU and Japan etc. in the world still place high, some national finance in the reds significantly increase and greatly believe in merchandise price to walk Gao, the check and supervision consumes need and investment need to extend;Southern Europe Greece waits a part of national obligation crisis still just development, is going to economy composing in the world to implicate to Europe;Economy recovery progress in all countries is different, economy stimulate the policy appear to divide and influence economic trade in the world recovery.
 In 2010, GDP the United States is about 14.6 u.s. dollars;The finance in the red of fiscal year was more than 1.3 u.s. dollars in those early years,Buy Los Angeles Dodgers New Era Hat the obligation surplus amount reached to 14.3 U.S. dollars, person all USD 45,000;The deficit leads 9%, the obligation leads 100%;Jobless rate 9% is or so.The exit of the United States develops plans, again industrialization strategic, can not basically change American economy to trap a bureau.And, the United States strengthens a finance to take charge of the risk ascension that will cause hot money flow into China, the increment is Chinese mobility difficulty of management;The United States strengthens a finance to take charge of to make offshore U.S. dollar reflux difficult, a huge sum of external deficit turns over a long period of time, U.S. dollar to Reminbi depreciation all the rate enlarge;The United States will keep on to oppress Reminbi appreciation in the middle of promoting export and stimulating plan, Reminbi to U.S. dollar appreciation, will lower China to export the United States the price competition ability of the domestic product, check and supervision to the exit growth of the United States power head.
 Euro area the economic rally is slow-moving, as to it's does check and supervision China export continuously to polarized sunglasses extend;Euro depreciation, Reminbi to the euro revalue the trend is further hard to change, will lower the price competition ability that China exports an euro area product, check and supervision to the quick growth of the euro area export power head.Even the euro area is economic risk influence economy recovery step in the world, also all-directions influence China exports of growth.
 Past decade, outward opening of China experienced to allow much more of difficulty and challenge, the step of renew is steady and urgent.Today, in the much heavy challenge in front, we also face new opportunity:Economic structure in the world is being placed in a transformation to expect, the world manages a mechanism into a change to expect, industry and technique innovation are placed in ferment to expect, and the newly arisen nation in the market strength follows ascension to expect.Only hold tight opportunity, the braveness accepts a challenge, can create Chinese economy new brilliancy.

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