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Friday, 4 May 2012
The emphasizing death penalty is little
On May 16, 2009, Li Chang Kui rapes to kill after flying choke dizzy girl friend, Wang Jia, ever, Wang Jia's flying 3-year-old younger brother, Wang Jia Hong, is as well poured by Li Chang Kui to lift to fall dead in front of the door.Later on, surrender to justice, this surrenders to justice to be'do not need to die gold medal'.For this reason the idea murder charge, rape of Intermediate People's Court in Zhao City in Yunnan province penalizes Li Chang Kui's death penalty.But deluxe court of the people in Yunnan province two after reviewing this case, change to judge the dead of Li Chang Kui slow.This verdict also ascends province Gao Yuan Tui of Yunnan to the place with a draught wave of public opinion point.Deluxe court of the cheap sun glasses people director Gao Yuan Fu's farmland in Yunnan province becomes to unexpectedly enounce:Can not with the way that the public revel homicidal, the old standpoint killing people to pay with life is changing.'This is national to need to be calmed down, this race need to be calmed down, and this is a society that drains emotion, but the emotion like this should calm down to national law.We can't because everyone shouts to kill, but easily and careless deprive a person's life.'
Becomes in the farmland of in the eye, the public becomes falling behind an ignorant representative, because the public sentiment arouses an anger and seem this nation don't calm down, this race madness, ask justice ground to execute murderer, the society becomes the society for draining and belong to the public revel type homicide.Also say, they are the legal theory ideas that represents a forerunner, because they think, should rescind death penalty the fall behind is ignorant together Tai vengeance of way of doing.
The law killed Xin in the medicine house,was a farmland talk of is this the slave system with the way of doing of feudalism system?The farmland became to corroborate they represent of is justice, also ask public to wait for a decade, say public and then will have new viewpoint, also say, farmland become think, we of people's consciousness fall behind a decade, they of verdict advanced decade.But we equally have a power request, the farmland becomes decade after, their consciences don't want to deliver a pain.Face two lives for dying a tragic death, if there is no fair mlb fitted hats result upholding justice for them, how can comfort those two innocent ghosts, there is also a 3-year-old kid.If what they died is what a suck, as long as surrenders to justice can don't need dead, so, the justice of those two ghosts how expand, isn't a public to for no reason have homicidal request, more not is revel is to imprudently end a person's life, but the life that he ends other people is previously.
The public opinion concern is regarded as the candor of interference judicatory by them, if they can really equitably sentence, the public would not cut up rough thus.Want to ask for help of the name of judicatory seeks private fame for oneself, or then for accepting to pursue and arrest cost encouragement to surrender to justice, can don't need dead, this kind of commutation is really breaking the dignity of law, while this kind of is so-called'the forerunner's verdict', return be thought is their superiority in public of place, the public is describeabsolutely d to become a group of roughnecks, this nation is also been called a not calm nation by its Mie.

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