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Sunday, 6 May 2012
The Yang sees reporter's a problem

Indeed as expected, Hui in the Luo house answers a to come out, Rui's becoming the problem of steel is on the contrary neglected by everyone, hence a lot of netizens be naturally led long a nose by American ambassador to walk, immediately associate how Chinese officials are how......You see, the Yang sees reporter's a problem, almost derivation the trust crisis of government, make society unsteady, your this reporter be of, be-Thank God, luckily delete to stick in time afterwards, the circumstances gets a control.
 The second, the Yang sees a reporter

The Rui becomes a steel to make of the second mistake BE'economy mistake', he obviously is a layman to the economy, purchase national debt to in brief equal'put a loan'with'owe money'of type.He doesn't know that purchasing some country national debt, being the prospect to a nation to contain confidence, not 1 kind to in brief put to lend behavior, a stock is similar with investment.Chinese foreign exchange stores the first in the world, is almost U.S. dollar, purchase a beautiful debt with this money and beautiful domestic product, choose right.Purchase American national debt with in the Wall Street stock market of New York invest about, hold properly, requite is not low either.
Having been being scolding Chinese government of American violent in action and interference domestic affairs very obviously is obviously still optimistic about the United States of, otherwise, absolutely should not purchase American national debt, know, this huge sum almost can buy Iceland down, or buy all of Melbournes that the most suitable world match Australia that the mankind live down, but they purchase economy at be on the decline American national debt of road.Probably can also comprehend, after all, the United States owns a democratic instutition and tosses about for more than 200 years, still stable, can make people have no confidence?The gentleman disappears how much Peking of did the tall officer send to kid the United States?
Is funny of see a reporter in the Yang in, purchase American national debt be simplified'the United States owe Chinese money'.He originally wants to use this problem dismounts Wei for one of American ambassador and also let American in a spot.Can he where know, he almost makes our government in a spot.Is rich flowed oily Yang to see big wrist to obviously forget the circumstances of China, misled as a result some poor must even rice also eats not up, can not afford building and despise a disease even and marry not Chinese youth of rising the daughter-in-law put the appearance of American creditor, can now is an Internet ages, all problems will be turned over to reply to consider a lot of time, you not afraid the netizens that once returned absolute being's comes also humorously ask you 1:For what person all GDP line up the United States of the row in front of the world want to lend a person all GDP at 100 after of money of the Chinese have ever been to and compare at least Chinese the wealthy decuple is above, life have a guarantee and go to school need not money, see a doctor is not a difficult life either?How can have the poor people the business son for lend°ing money rich man in the world?

Posted by terminalcables at 9:09 PM EDT

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