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Tuesday, 8 May 2012
Hong Kong colonial government uses the land including rights
Hong Kong colonial government uses the land including rights, such as rent, mortgage and alienation...etc. power to sell to user in the land to extort a large amount of land income.Cautiously consider, colonial government of so adopt the reason of such policy to exactly lie in British lend-lease Hong Kong but don't own Hong Kong.The colonial government offers for sale a land to use power in fact is at a time is inside the segment rent land, but this land is actually Chinese cheap sunglasses government to let to British.British is equal to to be turning to rent, the benefits for leasing but return oneself all rather than China.This equal to colonial government adoption systemizes form in order to stir-fry ground to stir-fry a building to provide law support, have intention to encouragement and stimulate the rise of real estate foam.
The skill of British is an opium, a land all alone.For extorting Chinese, two hands all want to grasp, two hands all have to be hard.Result, taking the Yi and the foreign firm as the representative's English capital regiment is Hong Kong's biggest land to own, among them Yi and foreign firm at two monopolized Hong Kong real estate before the wars 70% or so property.
The essence of the colony accomplishes the colony policy of Hong Kong, while the colony policy accomplished the Gao Fang Jia and highland price of Hong Kong again.Regret of BE, many in the last yearses, but the land public finance of a lot of of our local governments shines on to move Hong Kong.In this case, the local government inevitably has pass'management city' Buy Boston RedSox New Era Hat accomplish Gao Fang Jia and highland price of impulse.
The problem lies in, this colony experience is always all that the short date is beneficial to is harmful over a long period of time.In surging forward with great momentum endless history in China, in addition to receiving a dollar to colonize political power, have never a political power don't hope his/her own the unification river's lake, a thousand years is 10000.Originator, it has no behind?In those early years Hong Kong colony empirical land policy's shining on the decision maker of moving the mainland is really nearsighted be able to, the rat eyes inch only has already been not enough to describe it asininity, we think and shine on to move colony experience spring village is from is more unique than history, from is more unique than a nation, from is more unique than descendant posterity.The language used a common people speaks that calling gives birth to a boy to have no a fart eye.Words although Cao order, reason not Cao.

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