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Tuesday, 15 May 2012
See one NBA net brigade field

Know to all, the NBA match field side is usually that the star is popular appears and disappears in groups of place, the stars not only only come to see ball, more is take NBA as own show field. To talk about the main field that the star ties a heap affirmation wanted to count the Si Tan Pu Si of person's brigade in the lake center first.However, be located in the Ni gram of New York Si and the main field of the net brigade field the side is usually also each kind of stars to patronize of place.In fact remove a Ni gram the Er Sen and SpikeLee is this iron pole fan, much popular emergence is true of and see ball irrelevant.The gossip not much says that see this match quarter so far appear a field the side is at the net brigade of those best sunglasses are popular.Just won the main pitcher of Yang radicle in New York brigade of world champion:CC SabathiaThe Comedian of comedians: Chris Rock black and Fan Fan Wang's brigade little owner:The Jay-Z space Lai the United States gets the prize Hip-Hop old-brand combination:Naughty By Nature Ni gram the super fan of the Si:Lee of Spike(interesting is a whole body Ni gram the Si attire of SpikeLee take on that day the son comes to see of is a net brigade to the lake person's game-make a special trip to pay tribute Kobe.Probably took a record slice with Kobe Kobe Doin Work he also became person in the lake's fan after:)Now red hair purple RB singer of the United States:Trey the middleweight boxing champion of the Songz world time, keep to complete victory up to now:(40)Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr.Pan a kind of jade cypress(because of network reason, the part of local fan probably can not directly register a net brigade official site, if can not register to please to register NBA English official site first as usual-choice Teams-choice NJNets-get into the net brigade Chinese official site)

Street in Peking:The car pares off the murder case that the Ceng causes

A model for others of China, Peking is also evolving for Chinese temper's most fierce city.Drive in Peking, very wholesale sunglasses small car's paring off Ceng incredibly will turn into violent conflict.Recently, met a murder case that was touched by the very small car Ke to cause on the avenue of Peking.Fortune upon to pare off Ceng, not and mutually let with each other imminent, with swords unsheathed and bows drawn in close combat, murder case's forthcoming Peking is becoming the car city of China, the car amount that increases every day wants to line up a quite a few precinct chief, the government is also executing forcibly weekly little drive a day car.But if be drive a person,do not know to drive civilization, don't understand a little gentle respectful Jian to let, we live of the city may deteriorate into the original bush of reinforced concrete again.Whose fist hard who.

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English method virtuous idea west dint pretty American

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