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Wednesday, 16 May 2012
Does the rich old woman still keep taking an old woman
There was public affairs last night, came home late.An enter a girl again past skill heavy, darkly win a burst of and pure fragrance mentally refreshing, bright light after, two pay beautiful champagne rose display at me in the moment, the girl embraces each other me to say:Mother your pain!Press the girl's parlance:Know I like a flower and save some pocket money to me to buy once every half month.The sun for the first time flower, for the second time baseball sunglasses carnation, this time change champagne rose.The reason is your birthday to receive to spend so more, champagne rose that has no willing to give up send a person, so you affirmation like this.Touched remaining, wanting schooling begins of today the diary didn't°yet contents, take girl of five minute time, have ulterior motives ground to ask:Does the school have no matter today?The girl is satisfied with my very much active inquire, happily say:"I won the reward point of mathematics lesson today!"The reward orders this phrase, I return be really first hear, is them lovely of the unprecedented undertaking of mathematics famous master peanut, what homework write have a class well last of good, answer to answer good etc., can win the peanut teacher's reward point, Zan many, can go to the supermarket in the class Armani Polarized Sunglasses change to buy good thing.The girl immediately after says:"Teacher said our another classmate today and said that you see all of your surroundingseses are what rich men enrich an old woman, aren't you worried either?The much diligent Zheng orderses!"I hurriedly ask:"Are you a rich old woman?"The girl has a little ashamed, but still keep saying very peacefully:"I also can not remember how to check, but I promise that I ain't a negative old woman!"Really hope that the girl becomes old woman in Ta-f earlier!see more:200 dollars money of disappearing

Posted by terminalcables at 11:10 PM EDT

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