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Thursday, 17 May 2012
Re-collect to be used to so much

The bookcase of the office inside, the dingdong once usually turned over to read of a few books dazed in the corner quietly.The bookcase that has no earnest sorting office for a long time, unexpectedly have a kind of very unfamiliar felling.Those precious books for doing not want to put it away, those accumulate over a long period of study notes, those beautiful album of paintingses that collect with quiet attention, how seem to be for a century without getting in touch with?Write a diary every day, excerpt a beautiful writing every day, insist beating volleyball, badminton every day and insist jumping aerobics every day and work best sunglasses well a work record every day ……too manily well habit, don't know the when to rise is gradually thin to forget, gradually keep off.The professional lesson teaching work captured all of my reading times, a great deal of reference, a great deal of of assistance teaching material, for making oneself truely become an employable teacher, I continuously create my own teaching image and teaching style;Complicated work and busy life also let the youth that I gave up ever float in the sky, every day in the unit and house of rush, where still have what oneself control of time?Guide kid's homework and cook a meal to do dishes, do laundry to wipe ground, belonging to own time can statistics with second;Odd moment, also wants to calm down to lightly order a mouse by the side of the computer and wanders about unhurriedly in each big website and browses beautiful writing to let the mood relax.Poet Goethe once said:The life road is endless, but the important place only has several steps.Famous educator Sir Ye Sheng Tao once said:"What is educate?In a brief be develop a habit."The philosopher bacon says:"The habit is really stubborn but huge strength, it can dominate life".The habit is the Coach Sunglasses On Sale detail for accumulating over a long period, is the point that molds us intravenous drop drop, those ever good habit, achieved me today calmly and thin settle, also molded tinkling character.Habitually respect, habitually study, habitually feel grateful, habitually cherish, habitually forgive ……make us appreciate too manily and very habitually!"Sow seeds a kind of conviction, harvest a kind of activity;Sow seeds a kind of activity, harvest a kind of habit;Sow seeds a kind of habit, harvest a kind of personality;Sow seeds a kind of personality, harvest a kind of destiny."Good habit, let us be subjected to a benefit endless.Let we re-collected to once have of well habit, chiseled and carved a living detail, continuously perfect oneself, molded oneself.Habitually smile, life will requite fascinating to you.

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