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Tuesday, 22 May 2012
Appear a competition for the very first time

The gold Chen was brave to be born in Korea in December, 1959 of capital city Seoul, move to the United States with the family at the age of 5, acquire a Ph.D. degree in medical college in Harvard University in 1991.The gold Chen is brave in July, 2009 and serves as to reach especially Mao president in the college of Si is also an evergreen rattan alliance first Asian president within college.

  2004-2006 years, the gold Chen is brave to serve as a supervisor in the moxa Zi disease prevention and cure of World Health Organization section.Before, he once served as the adviser of World Health Organization general manager.

  If have no the gold Chen of obvious party groupings attribute brave finally acquire a life time line of the mens sunglasses Executive Director will pass and become the term go long, will go a high personnel frame for a life time to bring fresh air, will also give from now on a life time go long select to bring a new possibility.


  The analytical personage points out that the Ao axes wave and Yi Wei to pull to constitute a strong challenge to American candidate, this is a life time goes history top for the very first time appear developing country and the United States to nominate a candidate'cluster English meeting'of situation.

  American the bag of wisdom organization south of chairman from development center in world is rare-Bo Suo Er say, the United States slow down declares a candidate and opens window way for other candidates.'The first time will appear a competition, or say the meaning that having at least is a kind of to hard competes.The realization chooses excellent, open and transparent only exit is a competition.'

  According to the unspoken usual practice, the American serves as a life time to go long, the European serves as the chief executive officer of International Monetary Fund.But the recent years emerging economies Cheap Armani Sunglasses rise and break the noise of shouting that the Europe and America control two outline jobs to strengthen more strong.

  Last year, a life time went 187 member's countries to reach unanimously, decided that adopting is transparent and chose the excellent way selected new line of long.But go a vote mechanism according to a life time, the United States owns single biggest vote specific weight and anticipates support that can also acquire European nation and Japan, the United States recommends of the candidate still keep being the candidate who probably wins an election most . see more:Consideration in the United States exert
Power in the Spanish desire deprival

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