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Wednesday, 23 May 2012
Canada and Chinese merchandise trade volume keep on a growth

The data suggests that Canada and Chinese merchandise the total amount of trades amount to Canadian dollar 65,000,000,000(about USD 65,300,000,000) and increase 223% a little bit in 2002 in 2011.

  In 2011 Canada is from the Chinese imports Canadian dollar 48,200,000,000(about USD 48,300,000,000), increase 201% a little bit in 2002.

  Go to this, China has already become the second import in Canada source ground continuously for 10 years, the computer, telecommunication product and related equipments guide the past 10 yearses of womens sunglasses trade growth.China's hasing the importing quota of Canada has already risen to from 4.6% in 200210.8% in 2011.

  At the same time, Canada also carried out a significant growth to China exit and exported a sum to amount to Canadian dollar 16,800,000,000(about USD 16,900,000,000) in 2011 and increased 306% a little bit in 2002.

  Canada exports a sum to after being located in the United States and England occupy the third to China.China has the exit quota of Canada to increase into 3.75% in 2011 from 1.03% in 2002.

  In 2011, the Canadian international merchandise trade volume declines after 2009 increase for latest two years, export a sum to amount to Canadian dollar 457,600,000,000(about USD 459,400,000,000), increased 13.0% a little bit last year, imported a sum to amount to Canadian dollar 456,400,000,000(about USD 458,200,000,000), increased 8.6%, carried out trade surplus Canadian dollar 1,200,000,000(about USD 1,200,000,000), was international financial crisis in 2008 for the very first time annual surplus.

  The PRADA Polariscope Sunglasses international trade is prominent to Canadian economy, take up 60% of its economic total amount around, 1/5 of work posts in the whole country are direct or indirect with export related.Many in the last yearses, the United States has been the biggest Canada trading partner, is also the biggest export market at the same time and biggest of importing source ground.

  But in recent years, the trade of Canada to the United States according to save a degree to year by year descend, the United States has the exit quota of Canada 73.7% that declines from 87.1% in 2002 to 2011 import a quota to decline from 62.6% to 49.5% more already.And this is contrary, Asia and the trade quota of Europe to Canada continuously increase.see more:WTO have been being seen make is the most important
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