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Friday, 25 May 2012
The central bank will pass next adjust methods like reserve

The central bank called a next move yesterday will vivid regulate bank system mobility.If pass well timed enlargement to go against back to buy operation strength, next adjust to deposit reserve rate, Financing Bills to expire to release mobility etc. is various ways, steady increment mobility supply.Especially to because of support small tiny business enterprise, and"three agricultures"s...etc. but the financing institution of existence funds need, will provide mobility support in time.


  The data that the The People's Bank Of China released recently suggests that the quarterly degree our country added Reminbi to borrow 2.46 dollars, social margin scale is 3.88 dollars.Next move our country letter the loan increase how is situation?The central bank will adopt which measures womens sunglasses reasonable guide mobility?How social funds are wait weak link to tilt to one side to"three agricultures"s?The above problem of The Xinhua news agency reporter covered a parties concerned representative director of The People's Bank Of China on the 18th.

  Continue reasonable guide monetary credit growth, actively develop diversified margin outlet

  Reporter:In March our country add a letter loan every a year once again more than a dollars, extensive concern caused a market to increase trend to the loan, next move central bank would ever adjust to control monetary credit?

  Central bank:In the near future, the financing institution actively adjust letter loan structure, lend money every month increment, quarterly degree together compare increase 217,000,000,000 more, support strength to the national economy obvious enlargement.The next stage will continue to guide national sex bank and legal person financing institution in the place to combine loan need actual condition, the reasonable arrangement lends money progress.

  Guide steady moderation of monetary credit growth.Continue the negative period of developing the macroscopic cautious policy regulate a function and guide a financing Cheap D&G Sunglasses institution to have more aim at sex, prospect ground enlargement and real economy directly related realm of the letter loan throw in and effectively support the loan need of the economy point realm and social weak link.

  Strengthen to support to the small tiny business enterprise funds further, keep a small tiny business enterprise to lend money a reasonable growth.Support good center point investment item follow-up funds need and guarantee housing construction.Reasonable need for satisfying residents' families to purchase from the loan of living the common merchandise housing for the very first time, big bank already definitely in the basis interest rate inside according to risk principle reasonable list price.Improvement to the strategic newly arisen industry, economize on energy financial service of the innovation, and farmland irrigation construction...etc. of the environmental protection, cultural media, modern service industry and independence.see more:Coal consumption in the United States
Cambodia stock market is anticipated to be started

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