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Monday, 28 May 2012
Manage fan Mang of training and band together

Consulting and training is inseparable since Management was born.Canning say on the certain meaning is exactly the demand that the business enterprise conducts to provide to consult and train in the fulfillment, just urged to living Management.Science management of geneses person Tai Luo, its formal identity is to consult to train teacher;Management system sets up a method to invite Er and also dedicated red-blooded one chamber to training business after he retired.If understand Management to be born the period Tai Luo's"lose money to earn to threaten", method invite the Er is in "management education" of grandiosity conceive with fulfillment, not difficult see this academics birth stage of training and academic"intimate relation".

  However, while lips Chi is mutually depending on, unavoidably bit tongue or Mao tooth.No matter in the west still just China, Management has been existing a problem, namely academic with practice how to answer?Turn into process in the development of Management in, scholar, consult to train worker and business enterprise man of active to rub continuously.Is cheap sun glasses total to come to say, this kind of rubs current Di Li and has already arrived Wu as well;The Di Li will push the progress of academics, arriving the Wu will enlarge academic and the misunderstanding of actual situation.This kind of friction's China in today has already appeared a serious problem.On the certain meaning, Management research of China, the distance from the same effective demand is more and more big;But the management training of China, appeared more and more"the overpass is the type" and"river's lake visits to cure".Analysis sequence of eventses in it, be advantageous to a deep development of Management's Zong in China, and be advantageous to the transformation and change of business enterprise.

  A, the hard nut to crack of the whole world

  Science manages a birth just, Tai Luo complained that the monk of a great deal of"efficiency engineer" wry-mouthed read wrong through, distorted the original intention of science management.Along with the establishment and development of college of commerce, academic with practice of to answer and then have been existing an issue.In 50's, the Ford foundation subsidizes of the Ge ascend and Hao Wei the Er report(R.A.GordonandJ.E.Howell, HigherEducationforBusiness, ColumbiaUniversityPress, 1959), the Carnegie foundation subsidize of Pierre Sen report(F.C.Pierson, TheEducationofAmericanBusinessmen, Mcgrew-Hill, 1959), all sharpen ground to point out that the college of commerce can not start to undertake to train and develop the governor's heavy responsibility.The then critique thinks that the basic character that the college of commerce emphasizes occupation education too much, but neglects humanities and science two generous sides develops and limits the future growth of governor with the fragmented and disorganized Mont blanc Sunglasses concrete knowledge.But 80's, criticize anti- come over, association in the American university, college of commerce organization of survey(L.PorterandL.E.McKibbin, ManagementEducationandDevlopment, Mcgrew-Hill, 1988)and other related researches then point out, the play of the fixed amount research and the psychology, sociology content of course increases in the college of commerce, large numbers of scholars who have no industry and business industry background are engaged in industry and business education and ignore to solve an industry and business industry activity of complicated with mysterious, can not stand the examinations of realistic applicability.The professor who speaks a management doesn't understand an actual management, is engaged in the manager of actual situation not to understand to manage a thesis and becomes the common failing of industry and business education.The clear Ci that values an actual situation Bo Ge, simply wrote a book'want MBA or want agent', educate to very and to the utmost taunt to make fun of to the industry and business.Can say, management education and management fulfillment of is the hard nut to crack of whole world towards answering, .The finance and tax income increases
Taking back a ground of Wang Jian's Sun

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