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Tuesday, 29 May 2012
Chinese banking is exclusively in the period

Thus, on the other hand is the profession exorbitant profits that the monopoly of big bank results in, is a finance to repress on the other hand missing with finance.Have a business enterprise to amount 99% small and medium enterprises under the sistuation that can not obtain the letter of essential bank organization loan funds, can depend on an underground finance to provide support.Is positive to say when last year investigated Wenzhou such as premier Wen:"The front door opens not and greatly, the side door will open."Want to truely change Chinese banking with lend the monopoly position the abnormality condition of"make money easily", the only path is to break a monopoly and lower the cheap sunglasses threshold that the banking gets into, let civil capital legal to get into banking, at the same time, pass to guide a legalizing of folks finance, change the monopoly situation of Chinese banking.China has been being emphasizing that the finance wants service real economy, finance's wanting the key to service real economy is a financial oneself should form according to the structure of the real economy a Be served to a big business enterprise, and Be served to small and medium enterprises of reasonable of without the structure of the blind side:The big bank contributes efforts to the big business enterprise, the small bank contributes efforts to the small business enterprise, while other financing institutions provide another finance service.But repress because of monopoly and finance of big bank in fact, the bank organization of China not only the amount is little, and get into threshold Gao, the civil finance can not provide service for large small and medium enterprises and resulted in artificial of missing.Chinese financial industry currently most still in short supply problem, only release the monopoly of financial Mens Adidas Sunglasses industry, just can while repressing banking exorbitant profits, set up the path of more reasonable small and medium enterprises margin.

  Chinese banking is exclusively in the period of the history best top, in great quantities establish a financing institution, lower the threshold of financial industry, encourage that civil capital's establishing is served to the financing institution of small and medium enterprises currently, even if takes place some risks, according to the present condition of Chinese financial industry, we also have the ability to undertake this kind of risk.Now, a lot of banks of China can also be supported by policy of save a loan to differ to have a meal, in the future turn along with the interest rate market of push, earnings space affirmation of the bank consumedly lowers, till that time, hard up time for everyone, again open a financial industry, perhaps isn't a good opportune moment choice.see more:Why go home to with concentration
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