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Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Isn't there any the marketplace of placard

 "'Open air advertisement in Guangzhou City and placard establish norm'can be treated as one of the topic that pay attention to most currently of Guangzhou store." One business net chief executive officer, Huang Hua Jun, said, among them most allow the stores to worry of is don't make profit to establish an outdoor advertisement and placard and lord to prohibit a large LED screen inside the trunk highway 50 meters scope with the building roof.

    The reporter turns over to check'norm'suggest, "the building roof forbids to establish outdoor advertisement and placard".If taking this as is quasi-, the advertisement card of Pearl River cross-straits and winning up huge"medium letter" in the letter square two words, sky the river road international hotel in cheap sunglasses Mediterranean of placard, I the plentiful mansion house take over of numerous business cores like comity store,etcs of the company placard and road in the wreath City prosperously of the company placards may tear down.

    Say to reporter before city tube in Guangzhou City enforces the law relevant representative director in the bureau, 'norm'still keep existing some blind spots just out of the oven, the legitimacy of"medium letter" placard defines in the blind spot.Medium letter placard public property of the mansion stronger, new of constitution project haven't made sure to before and first and slowly dismantle, need inner part again thin turn a research.

    All the souths reporter investigates a detection, in fact is similar to with"in letter" of blind spot equal of many.The day before yesterday river city group deputy governor, Yang Jun Ting, said, if according to'norm'win"forbaded made use of to construct a glass window, glass act wall, made sight-seeing tripped elevator etc., indoors or one side in the outdoors pasted up or Mens Adidas Sunglasses established advertisement, placard" of rules, so"country beautiful electric appliances" four wordses out of the Wei act wall in much benefit square, too thou remitted the mold that the advertisement painting and placard and ten thousand lings in the showroom of L V remitted the A store of ZA R picture and"ZA R A" certain context would be seen as well especially as violate the rules behavior.But obviously, these are the placard of the brand, not advertisement.In addition, 'norm'still request "cross in the transportation multifarious road, not proper constitution open air advertisement".But in a lot of stores eyes, river road shopping area in sky only 2.8 kilometers, have 4 street corners, this wayside side distributes the business item of 3,000,000 square meter wholesales and retail price, regardless being a placard or advertisementses can hardly avert from to cross.see more:The Reminbi international war battlefield soldier plays

Posted by terminalcables at 10:32 PM EDT

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