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Monday, 4 June 2012
Mold and insist the independent character

First, I think, college of commerce not with development greed but have no morals control of"success personage" for exist an aim, not only is a lesson in"business ethics" to want to speak public spirit and morals heart, and all professional courses want to combine the academic theories discussion ethics question of ethics said.This be, regardless Chinese and Foreign college of commerce, all want to train the student has achievement in "work to be a person first".

  Secondly, teacher in the college of commerce is a management scholar whom occupation turns, oneself has to have homologous occupation character.Each teacher has to have homologous social judgment spirit, so as to work well academic research and professional teaching.Include mens sunglasses here:Want to respect and embody a gifted mankind society in"fair, fair and sharing" to exist rule first;Secondly be go to quest and relate professional theory and method, letting understand"the reasonable legally earns money" of student is a proper way.Those"since societies all so, I also come to get a point" isn't the embodiment of the occupation spirit of teacher in a college of commerce, while the speech of "not Zheng arrives 40,000,000 don't come to see me" is to violate to student's mind and to the violation of mankind's conscience.

  As for business enterprise how should do, my assertion BE, the academic association listens to and responds in time, is the carriage that the especially big contemporary business enterprise business enterprise should have.In other words, if Facebook and firm gram Bo Ge know this and does effective adjustment in time and for example leave behind the next data to the netizen of careful and legal of processing, believe that the social public will give the judgment of justice.

  Make reference to here, many spectators, do you still believe Bill? Is covering the Ci the philanthropist of "extremely classic character" that compares Chinese cheap oakley sunglasses entrepreneur to have Gao De Duo?I see never and like this.I agree with viewpoint like this, namely from the Christ doctrine point of view, he is in an expiations, pray to god to he and Microsoft company build of various Nie lines forgive.

  End, believes that everyone comprehends what what"revolution innovation" that I say points is, that be, regardless is learning in the work in the agriculture at the government at the company, only have everyone's joint effort, supporting the society of "fair, fair and sharing" is the way of this society, organization and personal existence and development.In addition, absolutely being not likely to have the second road can walk.

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