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Wednesday, 6 June 2012
100 endure into a gold

100 endure into a gold, idiom, describe endurance of valuable.'Old Tang Shu?Does the filial piety friend spread? Zhang Gong Yi':"Yun state life the male skill of Zhang Ren Zhang, nine cohabitations ……the Lin is virtuous medium, Gao Zong occupies Mount Taishan, pass by Yun state, kiss its house luckily, ask its righteousness from.Its person invites a paper pen, proviso 100 remaining'endure'word." The beam Qi is super'the new people say'eight:"Such cheap sunglasses as so-called 100 endure into a gold, so-called and extreme obsequiousness, the non- customs spread for the anecdotes!"Used to object and settle language;Used for advising a Jie person.

Spread to spin a yarn

  Words say that Tang Gao believes in an in year, Zhang Jia Zhuang of foot in Mount Taishan has a member to outside call Zhang Gong Yi, he is Zhang Zu's old ancestor.Zhang Gong accepts first the wage of Zu Lu and have good farm thousand just, the house supports ten thousand Guans.However the virtuous thin wealth of Zhang Gong Hou, in peace and harmony clansmen, gift wise corporal.In normal times inside generously good, help Wei to hand to trap and act towards people a big degree, meet a matter kind endure, local common people all your respectful name he is a good man.People all pass on a message:No matter the south comes to north to of private, who have a difficulty, may well ask for help from a good man and necessarily have property to aid.Day after day, good man piece accumulates kind record of events of character to more spread more many, good reputation not Jing but walk.

  But say eight fairies in, pure sun Lyu Zu, person calls a hole guest and once mutually invites with other seven hole fairieses, will be come together to the Dian of Mount Taishan, south the cloud Ling crest in sky boil a Ming theory way, alcohol have a good time.Because the time is it's yet early, he then the incarnation is a private, visit mountain to play water all the way toward Mount Taishan since then.

  It, is having many people good man piece is at the speaking about and say that he has great kind heart, generously good righteousness, more having the tolerance ordinary people can not tolerate of matter.

  A life time cohabitation of Zhang Gong Wu in Shandong, 100 endure financial situation interest.It is said that his best sunglasses hair wishes, in his whole life, go 100 matters that greatly meekly tolerate insult.After once enduring 99 times, 100th time is his grandson to take a wife that day and suddenly come to a way person, experiment whether he really has already meekly tolerated insult an effort and then wants this bride to him, first and do-it-yourself a night husband and wife.This matter makes Zhang Gong very the feeling is difficult, but he is generous on thinking, I what humiliated to all once bear with, this meekly tolerated insult to have the last time what not ability?Hence advise its grandson, complete his 100 endure big wish, meekly tolerate insult for a while.Afterwards in the bride's building, this way person jumps endlessly, the mouth inside doesn't live of say:"See break, jump lead".Jumping is bright till sky, suddenly poured on the ground to die, bride Hai called and treat public come to see, have already become a gold person, amass a fortune from here.It is past to say that Zhang Gong Bai endures into a gold.That place in Shandong there is till now also"100 endures a hall" of Wei E being in remembrance of the character that he meekly tolerates insults. see more:Discover the small problem in the business enterprise
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