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Wednesday, 6 June 2012
The screen is a face place of cellular phone

After all, the screen is a face place of cellular phone, the size of screen is friendly bad to directly come to a decision the customer's impressions and experience.The summer new N808 adopted a cake of to have nations to lead aquatic 4.3 inch screenses, the resolution came to an astonishing WVGA level and show the effect is delicately very, fine degree far far above the level of common household-use liquid crystal display.Touch a hand is always also a summer lately value, so we see of the screen material is an electric capacity specification, not need a handwritten pen, also not need to make an effort to click, the demand lightly touches to operate, the screen still supports ordering more touch at the same time and enlarge to narrow operations such as picture and web page womens sunglasses etc. all ability easy carry out.

 In the basic quality get contentedly at the same time, the summer lately didn't also forget in the N808 to join some special feature functions, the gravity spreads feeling machine, distance to spread feeling machine, ray to spread a feeling machine every kind is supplied here.The gravity sensor can make the customer play various body feeling game and return an ability while browsing web page and picture auto to change picture position according to the fuselage position.The ray spreads a feeling machine to intelligently respond surroundings ray strength and thus and automatically changes a screen bright degree and with maximum limit economizes electric power and raises to need machine for time.The distance spreads a feeling machine to let customer while stiring to make a phone call automatic close screen, so as not to the mistake presses.


 AGPS and GPS join to let new N808 of summer of the function ascended a step, song map in the match valley or Kai sign virtuous navigate to wait software, can carry out a perfect fixed position and navigate function.Among them A-GPS can under the sistuation that have already moved network support the current place position of quick fixed position customer, 10 inside of the fixed position speed make people astonished, under the sistuation that didn't move a network assistance, the GPS fixed position function can let customer's not in power outside or the human footprints is rare to go to of the place can also find out his/her own position, is one of the essential multi-function communication products of donkey friend.And super strong battery, the N808 completely can be a best sunglasses quasi- professional GPS use.

 5,000,000 pixels taking to visit blade enough to spare to shoot to be like a head is already the mark of cellular phone to go together with a parts, the summer new N808 carried a 5,000,000 shooting of pixelses to be like a head, and supported auto-focusing function(AF), the customer regardless walked to where, can quickly take beautiful photograph.Shooting quality like head is very excellent, have already come to a the level of common digital camera.Shooting to be like a head canned also match with GPS function to make sure to take position at present and increased function.The pair of 300,000 pixels shoots to be like a head to used for a video frequency converse function, regardless is according to the video frequency of Internet converse still according to the video frequency of 3 G network converse all ability perfect and permit.see more:'Yi King'the back gossip want to concuss of secret
Yi King'have to the modern business enterprise management which functions

Posted by terminalcables at 8:48 PM EDT

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