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Sunday, 18 March 2012
Chinese petroleum special income gold advertises
The expert inside the industry is analytical to point out, the international crude oil price soars, the petroleum mine cost ascension and push toward the resources tax reform of the whole country on November 1, 2011 is that special petroleum income gold advertises for to order elevated main reason, but resources tax reform, rise advertise for to order exaltation to then be advantageous to further an industry chain of managing the agreeable petroleum profession.
  Petroleum special income gold, mean that the petroleum mines business enterprise sale's domestic crude oil to exceed certain level acquisition because of price of exceed the income gold of income pro rata imposition.The Chinese petroleum special income gold imposition begins from 2006, at that time of rose to advertise for to order to USD 40/bucket.
  "When petroleum special income gold opened to advertise for, the international crude oil price is placed in an opposite low, and once fell into USD 20/bucket or so, the oil price of USD 40/bucket still existed income to local business enterprise.Currently, the international oil baseball hats price soars and maintain Gao Wei's movement, rising of USD 40/bucket's advertising for some income space almost has been already had no."Analyst Mo in treasure island market extraordinary talent points out.
  Chinese petroleum university industry and business management college director Wang Zhen point out, raise petroleum special income gold one of the reason that advertise for a point lies in a continuously climbing of the international oil price, originally USD 40/bucket of rise advertise for and order and no longer adapt to the new situation that the petroleum profession faces.
  In addition, the resources tax reforms then sped the special income gold of petroleum adjusts of progress.On November 1, 2011, Chinese resources tax reforms a curtain to formally push away to the whole country, petroleum, the natural gas resources tax amount of tax will from before account to advertise for to change to ad valorem to account to advertise for from the quantity, the petroleum mines the tax of link negative will have ascension.
  The resources tax mainly involves mining of petroleum link, the petroleum special income sponsor wants to involve the sale link of petroleum."The purposes that collect a resources tax and special income gold all for carrying out the effective exploitation of resources, for the sake of betterly protection resources, two should be allied move a relation."The related expert points out.
  However, the resources tax reform and petroleum special income gold advertise for some exaltation will bring the center and public finance income in the place of adjustment.Petroleum special income metal central public finance income, exaltation's advertising for to order undoubtedly will make the central public finance income have decrease, while the resources tax belong to public finance income in the place, the reform resources tax will increase public finance income in the place.
  Director, Lin Bo Qiang, (tiny Bo) in the energy research center in University of cheap nfl jerseys Xiamen(tiny Bo) points out that according to measuring and calculating, exaltation advertises for and orders decreasing central public finance income and resources tax and reforms augmentative place public finance amount of incomes up mostly hold even, resources tax reform and's advertising for a point and raising all has carried out since November, 2011, the variety range of whole income isn't big.
  "See for long term, resources tax reform, exaltation the way of doing that advertise for a point make the petroleum profession industry chain be getting more reasonable, can embody a resources of sparse lack sex and resources' contribution for the region, also be advantageous to the aggressive that transfers local government."Wang Zhen points out.
  For raise a special income gold of petroleum the influence that advertise for to order to the local petroleum business enterprise earnings, Mo extraordinary talent points out, this time Qi that start to raise to advertise for to order to the local oil undoubtedly is a benefit good, its earnings level has already hoped to get a further exaltation as well.
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People will buy near the lowest

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Monday, 12 March 2012
The medium sea oil repair leaks air a pipeline to take 20-40 days
Is the vice president of the company high the widely livinged to tell a reporter, used to beat the way of taking care of the card leaks and needs 10 workdays and includes the completion tube card gearing among them and counteract to rise to ratio to lose barometric higher nitrogen of spirit in normal times spirit catchment, pure tube, sweep line, check tube the card seal completely whether show results.But currently breeze Gao Lang Ji, water the shallow tide is bad big, water Hun flow hasty etc. bad sea condition, still the disadvantage carries on a related underwater best sunglasses homework at the frogman.
  Each other is mutually apart from two leakiness breakages of about 2 meters to order and all be located in to be apart from horizontal piano terminal of medium sea oil bead sea 10.5 kilometers of sea to take care of up.The frogman explores of circumstance BE, among them, the biggest 1 leaks to order cave pit to grow a 25 cms, breadth 4 cms, deep 3.4 cms.Originally already Be covered up to the sea tube of bottom of sea underground 23 meters place to there is already a part hanging to across in the sea, these two leakinesses order the tube segment of place not only and expose in the sea, and already hang empty about one meter.
  The losing of medium sea oil bead sea terminal annoys sea tube place district for whet waterway in the knife door.Before the tube occurrence leaks air trouble soon, the sea Jian section in Guangdong province once checked to button up manies to illegally adopt a sand ship in this water." Voice the data contrast that shout scanning result and sea tube to build ex-2004, can discover, the damaged sea takes care of of the western side has already had the adopting of big area empty district.Synthesize various factor, pipeline mother the leakiness on the material order Yi to release to grasp Dou to bump shot sea to take care of because of digging a sand ship to."Medium sea oil the branch vice president of Shenzhen wholesale nfl jerseys Be happy to drill to say.
  Gao Guang Sheng confesses that using's beating the way of taking care of the card to leak is temporary sex measure, the end repair project is being apart from leak to order about 2.5 kilometers of positions take to press to open bore and treat to leak to order to grow with 300 kilometers near the upper stream platform directions of the sea tube is after insulating with the valve door will at leak some both ends establishes a stem type Cang and take out to do Cang inland sea water, finally incise to leak a tube segment and replace a new tube.
  On January 4, bead horizontal piano new area commission, environmental protection, maritime affairs, fishing government, Anne Jian in sea City, met an emergency a related section representative director of etc. to convene to transact a meeting on the scene in the the company bead sea's terminal.The bead sea means that will strengthen to take care of a taking charge of of nearby waters and enforce the law strength to the sea, the match investigates and arrests to cause trouble person and boats and ships.

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Report to call to keep radiation from taking profession

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Sunday, 11 March 2012
Local chain factory the tallest opening inside
Though local lord the average opening frankness of the camp chain factory forces at the end of last ten days of month the tallest level in the year 87.95%, the national diesel supply still presents south tightly northern loose situation.
  Although get into winter vapor, diesel need off season,supply to remain a nervous circumstance in the diesel under, in petroleum, won underneath chain factory of petrochemical group to adjust to rise diesel to produce a rate in succession, this was December chain factory to promote the main reason of opening rate.With together Lu the petrochemical and luxuriant is petrochemical is example, it 1,400,000 tons/years the burnt disguise place and 3,000,000 tons/years often the decompression equip check after fixing to end, the device that re- starts work in mid- December carried to raise 11% and 24% respectively.
  Medium Yu information statistics suggest, 35 local main camp chain factory the opening rate stabilize in 84% currently~of 93%, more in June, this year~in October local 75%~80% average NHL Hats openings lead level, the rally is obvious, get close to  the tallest level inside the year  directly and quickly.Among them, China south, China east, northwest chain factory in the region start work level on the average tallest, attain above 90%, north China, Shandong, the northeast etc. ground time it, opening rate widespreadly in above 85%, region in China is then 80% or so.The expert anticipates and have never added chain factory check to fix in January, next year of under the circumstance, lord the average opening of the camp chain factory the rate still will keep in 87%~88% higher levels.
  Though the chain factory opening leads a year-end rally obvious, take a wide view this year our country of crude oil yield, it increases actually is present pursue the quarter gradually decrease.The hair changes a Wei statistics data suggest, 1, 2 quarters of this year degree local crude oil yield of together the score don't increase 5.9% and 1.9%, three quarters, degree yield together compare even descend 2.6%, October~November reduction further extension, attain 6% and 5.2% respectively.
  The above-mentioned crude oil yield expresses that the increasing of local crude oil productivity is soon still low, this will directly influence crude oil to outside adopt quantity for 2012 years.Though in December discount sunglasses crude oil yield and import's measuring a data hasn't announced, each the website that greatly believe in an article according to ex- the judgment for expecting data and petrochemical industry present condition, outward depending on of a period of time Chinese crude oil from now on save a degree to also continue to rise.There is dispatches from foreign news agency that report, for replacing Iran crude oil, winning the petroleum already from Middle East, Africa and Russia etc. ground purchasing a great deal of crude oil should to January, next year of local need.To this, branch personage of Chinese petroleum, Shanghai said, the vapor, diesel outside adopt quantity and compare this year and increase very likely and further next year.
  The senior oil article analyst states two the middle of the years big wave means, , the country expresses stronger dependence degree of to the crude oil resources, and local finished product oil the market beg to the thirst of vapor, firewood resources and express next year the local energy price will continue to keep pre-eminent.He predicts that 2012 the middle of the year, the country refines oil extending of ability the range is still smaller, even is lower than in 2011 and 5.5%ly increase soon, only outside adopt the direct reason of quantity for 4.1%, but diesel need next year increasing about above 5.3%(a little bit in 2011 drop 3.5 percentage points), therefore the increasing of diesel yield soon cannot comparing with a need to increase soon, the local resources still keeping existing certain indentation, these aring the two greatest groups to raise next year.

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Friday, 9 March 2012
breeze electricity item hurl produce two openings

Often work a pair provincial governor Luo is enriching to declare the Feng Tun breeze electric field the hurl produces and strong peak breeze electric field opening, and for medium widely check Mou settle Sa Ma Chang the hope primary school Jie card.
  Luo is NFL Hats enriching to point out, I breeze in the province electricity resources abundant, have geomancy to repair sex with each other strong, distribute type development, get to the Internet and right on the spot eliminate Na and the exploitation number higher outstanding advantage nearby, develop potential huge.Luo is just rich to request, all save all levels, each section important tightly around the target of "create our country importance sweep an energy base" and"new energy model base", again connect again fierce, strengthen a programming management, strengthen service instruction, ensure that the wind energy waits new energy construction to healthily has a preface development, continuously develop strong electric power support industry, the related business enterprise wants to enlarge technique and equipments that the breeze electricity waits new energy to develop strength, creative construction way, raise engineering quality and management to carry camp level, make great effort push advantage resources of conversion, help economic society in the place to develop.
  Pit in Guangdong, China gives or gets an electric cheap oakley sunglasses shock group vice president, Tan Jian, of the company living to say, win widely check is an our country the only 1 will sweep energy as lord industry development of business enterprise group, "25" periods, will enlarge an investment further in Yunnan.According to know, the Mou settles the Feng Tun breeze electric field is medium widely check the first energy item that the group saves to be finished to throw to produce at me, is also another successful model that the Yang Qi goes into Dian strategy.Pack the machine capacity as 81,200 kilowatts, always investing the Mou of 750,000,000 dollars to settle 3, 4 breeze electricities to constuct item will also continuously start work construction.


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Mother after suffering from shingles

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Updated: Friday, 9 March 2012 9:02 PM EST
Thursday, 8 March 2012
Spread the downstream spinning manufacturing business enterprise
Is whole to come to see, turned Xian industry last week the chain and cotton spun and wove an industry chain basic is as contrary as previous trend.The cotton spins and weaves an industry chain, market with adjust for lord, the cotton City holds steady have a small of the dish is whole, the cotton yarn is basic have no big variety;Turn a Xian industry chain, the PTA farewell walked before now Gao situation, the condition of the market dropped and kept on a slump, the product of Di Lun also did homologous fall adjustment;The cocoon silk industry chain, the new era hats wholesale market almost didn't change and mainly did zone dish whole, the market is weak to remain.
  Turn the whole dish time in Xian market to adjust
  Turned the Xian industry chain dish last week whole adjust, among them, the PTA spot market price presented to decline trend, last week the beginning price is in 8450 dollars/ton, last weekend in 8350 dollars/ton, the price's fall was about 1.18%.
  Whole come to see, along with before now the benefit of the set good economic policy gradually far go, added it again in the near future the international financial market tired Tai continue, greatly believed in merchandise price appear tumble, spun and wove a main raw material PTA market started to be flat.But although the downstream Di Lun condition of the market has the technique to is few to soar,belong to a market to adjust, expects a market or holds an even PTA trend after anticipating.
  The streets news said that nearby at the end of the year, the downstream knits to build a business enterprise fore it's certain to expect to carry on raw material storage after, now already the basic house for stopping buying to wait an activity, there being even also parts of factory has already gone on vacation to close factory.It is thus clear discount sunglasses that turn a Xian market in regard to this year basic will have no to greatly return to adjust possibility, will with dish whole is lord.
  The cotton market is still not optimistic
  Business agency monitor suggests that local 328 class real estate cotton spot quotationses was basic to keep steady last week, last week beginning all the price was 18980 dollars/ton, last weekend in 18990 dollars/ton.
  In order to having national of accepting and keeping the price give bottom, therefore the cotton City was basic to have no big variety last week, in the near future have been doing dish in several zones of 10 dollarses whole.Soared circumstance for last week to see, also basic the power dish of oneself belonging to profession is whole, and product condition of the market whether turn warm basic don't relate to.Besides, the cotton City turns warm basic didn't can appear in the near future.
  Judge from the factor, the downstream spinning profession remains a recession, spin and weave a business enterprise opening the shortage directly caused the cotton stock on hand hand over to throw overcast.Spinning and weaving business enterprise purchase raw material aggressive is worse, basic produce, stop production by limit, the year ago actively handles the stock as lord.Although nearby at the end of the year, there are more business enterprises all intending to repair a database purchase,BE influenced by turbulence in the cotton City, hesitate atmosphere strong, the purchase quantity isn't enough prop up the upper stream cotton City of soar.

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The economy increases soon and drops trend obviously

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012
The real estate market haggles to reappear
"If sincerely buy, take to attract by toward the gold, our affirmation can give you a price of satisfaction. "
  "Could you offer a 20% discount? "
  "There is difficulty, I fight for, but affirmation can get hold of opening quotations of price. "
  "My budget so many, can not buy even if, I see other building dishes. "
  On the afternoon of December 17, a certain building dish in the north region in Peking, economic Chinese Times reporter measures a set of price of house by sale personnel's company of house buying Human new era hats wholesale body and the item.This report reporter while going and seeing to 5 new dish concentrations of the north of Peking Yuan region detection, buy a house the person's words power widespreadly raise, the buyer market has been already formed.
  On December 18 announcement in statistics bureau in the nation of 70 greatly win a building price data in city to suggest, 49 city November building price the wreath declined than last month, this is after October 70 wreath comparative price space index number in cities for the very first time fall to break 100 after, lead the half city exceed into slump passage.
  Developing the companies has already felt that the building City goes into the bise after winter.
  The personage of sunlight new industry says that central economic working conference after, almost all development companies has already reached a consensus, have to fight for more styles and promises the stability that cash flows.However, want to carry out this target to be not easy, past few months inside, the national building City turnover continues to slip, majority of development companies expect of change quantity by price don't carry out.
  Leadership in the center emphasizes recently that at present the market of the real estate's adjusting to control have already obtained certain result, but still be in the key period, insist the implementation suppresses building price over soar quickly of policy measure, further make stronger adjust to control an achievement.
  According to the monitor of Centaline Property Agency, 2011, limit buy, limit the loan and price control etc. adjusted the intensive performance of controling the policy to show Zhao to influence the sale accomplishment of developing the company, along with funds keep on strain and stock pressure increase with each cheap nfl jerseys passing day, include ten thousand sections, protect benefit, gold ground and canvass business at inside of ten big mark pole building Qis for speed returning of funds speed, none the exception ground carry on price strategy adjustment.
  Develop the pessimism expectation of the company to the market, directly cause the land market sink into overcast.
  In November, 35 lands of cities in the whole country offer for sale to sink into a low valley and flow mark ground the piece come to a 117, the wreath compared 22 of October to soar 432% and flowed to mark area to attain 15,800,000 square meters.
  The Centaline Property Agency anticipates, since December, this year of in 6-12 months, the building price may also have 10%-20% of next adjust, parts of districts before having already obviously descended to adjust even may continue to decline.
  To this, effort I love a vice president beard view in my house Hui hold similar standpoint.He thinks that the reasonable zone of Chinese mainland building price is 6-8 times that of the home year gross earnings, compute with this, the building price will also have 10%-20% slump spaces.Analyst, Zhang Yue, from real estate chief in chain house says to the reporter, if keep current building price next speed, anticipate will get into price to together compare in March, next year descendent of the materiality bottom adjust a stage, among them, the building price acceleration descends trend the most obvious in the front-line city.
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Weak steel price in the local market continues to descend

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012
Mian rather county government officials
"At the beginning cool mountain state the government have commitment for business enterprise, is allocated from the mineral business enterprise Jing mineral by the government to process a business enterprise for downstream.But still have no action now."Sun Ji Xiang feels helpless.Understand according to the reporter, the sparse soil resources of Sichuan great majority is rather inshore in the Mian, now Mian rather the sparse soil resources of county basically have already given Sichuan river's copper.
  Mian rather county government officials tell a cheap new era hats reporter, river's copper isn't willing to throw in after getting hold of a sparse soil mineral in 2008, meet adopting of environmental protection request the ability of choosing the top is not.
  But river copper group when the whale swallows a rather sparse soil resources of Mian once promise, before December, 2011, in the Mian rather invested 2,060,000,000 dollars be finished from the sparse soil mineral adopted choose, Ye chain etc. deep processed complete industry chain.Obviously, at the beginning of the commitment didn't cash.
  River copper in Sichuan has his/her own explanation to this, "sparse soil mineral's adopting to choose the reason for stopping down is the kit tail mineral database don't review through a wreath.It is doing first step to reconnoitre now, report hair to change Wei to sign an item."But, is all large-scale construction to expect year after next clearly, sparse soil Jing the productivity in a short time of the mineral can't much and greatly raise.
  Introduce according to senior sparse soil profession expert in Sichuan, after river's copper sparse soil whale in Sichuan swallows a sparse soil resources of cool mountain, now is to ride a tiger difficult bottom.To attain environmental protection request follow-up to throw in very greatly but the baseball sunglasses income level is again subjected to instruction the production plan limit, therefore lack to invest aggressive.
  Understand according to the reporter, the river's copper sparse soil mineral in Sichuan keeps quantity about 1,500,000 tons, but this year the instruction of the Jing mineral production index sign only have 19,000 tons.
  Remarkable BE, river copper in Sichuan processes the investment aggressive of link to compare a sparse soil Jing mineral to adopt to choose Gao to the downstream sparse soil.River's copper in Sichuan controls the square cheerful sparse soil Ye chain of to separate currently the ability raised 8000 tons from 3000 tons, river's copper in another Sichuan was constucting moreover a separation ability as 8000 tons of bases, anticipated a Ye chain to always separate the ability as 16,000 tons.
  "And in the river copper of Sichuan, the river copper group controls 56%, the mineral industry investment group in Sichuan holds 44%, and till the last the local government may also lose to moderate the power of mineral resources for the run by private capital sparse soil business enterprise."Fly sparse soil general manager Zheng Qi Jin of the company in a sky to tell a reporter, have already stopped production to intend to alienate the processing plant to the stateowned business enterprise.

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Monday, 5 March 2012
Emphasize an express delivery management responsibility
Norm points out that the postal service business enterprise, express delivery business enterprise is the responsibility corpus of the postal service profession safety work, should obey a nation the rules concerning the safe management, the practical implementation enterprise security manages a responsibility.
  Norm points out that the postal service business enterprise,snapback hats express delivery business enterprise is a postal service profession the responsibility corpus of safety work, should obey a nation the rules concerning the safe management, the practical implementation enterprise security manages a responsibility and builds up the sound safety guarantee system and insists producing management according to rules by law and actively matches with the safe direct of postal service management section and department concerned to manage a work.
  According to understand, norm's experienced industry safety manages organization, system and personnel, the postal service, the express delivery facilities equipments safety guards against, safety operation, sudden the affairs handled to wait aspects to all make concrete rules.
  Ma Jun wins to emphasize, the safe work is best sunglasses governmental responsibility, also the responsibility of business enterprise, enhance further the business enterprise guards against to work medium responsibility corpus in the safety position.Norm after releasing, practical work well to carry out a work, insist that the pass move before and prevent°from for lord, the work principle for guarding against completely, insist that the person defends, the thing defend, the skill defend three to defend the work policy for combining together and carry out each production link and amenity safety to guard against measure completely and also need to strengthen a safety training, raise the safe technical ability of employee, completely implementation safety production responsibility system.

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Sunday, 4 March 2012
My steel net consults
My steel net consults a director general slowly to mean while accepting 《economy reference report 》 reporter's interview toward the spring and sees from the current circumstance, iron mine stone's transfering index number to cheap new era hats turn is the problem that can not get around, especially the three greatest minerals mountain current monopoly position includes financial capital on the side again, by all means will pass a way like this to earning aer large amount of profits.Is worthy of paying attention to BE, currently iron mine stone trade outside pass a financial market set again period's protecting value have already been gradually accepted by the market, the iron mine stone extend bill trades more than 9,000,000 tons in October.
  "Is not the problem for getting around, as the market of biggest iron mine stone spot economy, the our country builds up a spot economy platform in response to oneself."Slowly mean to the spring, we not only want in the price and fight for on our own initiative, but also should be on the financial market fight for negotiating power.Should consider establishing local iron mine stone spot baseball sunglasses economy place, form own iron mine stone price index number at the same time.
  The reporter understands, Bohai Sea commodity exchange in Tienjin, Peking international mineral industry power trading post all the plan release Chinese the iron mine stone spot economy platform, NDRC to also entrust futures trading post in Shanghai to carry on a topic research to the iron mine stone futures, for next move release our country iron mine stone the futures does cushion

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Saturday, 3 March 2012
The merchandise building sale area in Peking wreath ratio
When Peking welcomes this year the first snow, the sever winter of real estate market in the capital city is still keeping on.
  Trade to manage a net data to suggest according to real estate in Peking, front November Peking year inside the merchandise building residence item(pick and get rid of to guarantee building) sale area add up is 8,190,000 even rices, anticipating a whole year the turnover is about 9,000,000 even rices, wreath than descended 27% for last a year, compared to also descend to adjust about 2,000,000 even rices in 2008.Clinch a deal the total area create 10 in the last yearses lately low.
  At the same time, the report of Centaline Property Agency graduate division in Peking said, before closing November, Peking year inside the second-hand building trade set for 108616 sets and compare 174,500 sets of baseball hats bottoms of 2010 same periods to adjust 36%.Anticipate a second-hand building total turnover in Peking of whole year at 118,000 sets of or so, fell over 40% laster year same period, more cannot compared with 2009 whole year 45% of the trade amount is the lowest value of about three in the last yearses.
  But since April, this year, second-hand building in Peking trades already continuously for 8 months the list month turnover is lower than 10000 sets.According to understand, recent three in the last years month turnoverses are low to add up during ten thousand sets of months for 12, among them appear for 9 months in 2011, building City of overcast be showed from this.
  In addition, second-hand building inside the year in Peking all the price is 22860 dollars each time even rice, together compare 2010 whole years price 22860 dollars each time even rice, soared 7.6%.However since September, second-hand building all the price obviously appeared under adjust, clinch a deal the price fell 21550 dollars more in November even rice each time, wreath more second-hand than the October's building all price 22090 dollars each time even rice bottom the rate degree come to a 2.4%.
  Has the analysis the personage to think to this, the building City in Peking adjusts to control a policy performance more strict, to the influence of the merchandise building and the second-hand building all very big, among them limit loan the influence of the policy upon the second-hand building cheap oakley sunglasses is particularly outstanding.But Be compared to the merchandise building development company recently appear for a few months obviously under fee hike space phenomenon, the second-hand building owner is made a limit to buy, sell hereafter can not buy again, make parts of building lords would not like to descend a fee hike space and cause the second-hand building turnover atrophy of more serious.
  But trade to manage a net data to suggest according to real estate in Peking, Peking adjusts a lowest beginning for accounting tax price of second-hand building from the night of November 25, up to December 2, the second-hand building turnover didn't appear obvious variety, compare to before and only appear tiny rise.And physically transfer ownership medium very big part is economy apply building etc. from sell from buy of transfer ownership, for didn't reach business both parties of intention to say, tax fee of adjustment stimulate function not big, the big part buys a building to still keep being placed in to hesitate.
  Centaline Property Agency in Peking opens widely Wei to think, "the additionally augmentative tax fee cost will be not likely to pass on again to the buyer, therefore certanly will arouse further reducing price of the owner.This influence will be continuously of with long-term of, for be eager to on offer small owner to speak, reduce price to sell quickly be is best plan."

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