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Thursday, 29 December 2011
Delay senescence 9 kinds of good food
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: healthy
1. The almond mindarmor fall blood sugar.
Although almond quantity of heat is higher, but it is rich in plant sterol, can reduce the bad cholesterol, diabetes and help stabilize the blood sugar. It's also rich in amino acids, can increase testosterone, promote the muscle growth. In addition, almond also contains rich vitamin E, to repair the sun is very good. Research proves, eat every day 20 star can very well to prevent bask in. At the same time, it to protect blood vessels, enhance memory, cognitive ability all good. 
2. Ripe tomatoes more nutrition.
First, the more red tomatoes the better, the more that lycopene. Second, processed tomatoes better than the fresh tomatoes, because lycopene more likely to be absorbed. Research shows that, rich in lycopene diet can reduce the bladder, lungs, prostate and skin cancer and stomach and intestinal disease,Wholesale MLB hats and may help to slow the aging skin. 
3. Plum can antiseptic.
Rich in minerals plum copper and boron, can prevent osteoporosis. Plum also contain a call inulin prandial fiber, can damage the intestinal harmful bacteria, let the digestive tract keep healthy acid environment, and promote the calcium absorption. 
4. Yogurt to buy "active bacteria".
The probiotic yogurt can maintain intestinal health and enhance the immune system function, and help prevent cancer. Not all the yogurt is beneficial bacteria born, when buying, buy label "active bacteria" breed. 
5. The most comprehensive walnut nutrition.
The Europe rice contains the walnut 3 fatty acids more than salmon, can anti-inflammatory polyphenols more abundant than red wine, which is able to build muscle protein is half the chicken. Many nuts may only have one or two of the above benefits, but only three walnut both. Health tip: best each day to eat seven of walnut. 
6. Black beans and mental health.
Research shows that three ounces a day for black soya bean, the risk of a heart attack can reduce 38%. Although other beans also on the heart patients, but no one can like black soya bean brain. Because New Era Hats black beans are rich in the anthocyanins, can strengthen the brain function. Black beans also contain many stars nutrients, such as protein, fat, folic acid, magnesium health, the B vitamins, potassium and dietary fiber. 
7. Apple red is the best.
Apple contains abundant quercetin, can reduce the risk of many diseases, such as allergies, heart disease, alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, and prostate cancer and lung cancer. If you want to choose, the best red varieties, it contains antioxidants most. 
8. Scallions enhance sexual ability.
Green Onions can enhance sexual ability, reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Will the green part chopped scallions, join in dish, will be very beneficial to health. It contains the thiamin, lactoflavin, calcium and potassium, beneficial to bone. Health tip, and it contains rich folic acid, can protect the cardiovascular health. 
9. The cancer prevention mushrooms.
Mushrooms are rich in a call MaiJiao sulfur because of the antioxidant, can prevent abnormal cell growth and reproduction, prevent cancer tumors. Expert proposal, had better 1-2 weeks eat a mushroom. Will the mushrooms and red wine with cooking, can let their health performance double.

Posted by terminalcables at 10:13 PM EST
Monday, 26 December 2011
Ten big advantage of often eat beef
Mood:  cool
Topic: healthy
1 beef are rich in the muscle acid peptide muscle beef content than any other food are high, this makes it to the growth muscle strength, particularly effective. The head of the training in few seconds, it exists the source of fuel is a muscle, it can be an effective supplement adenosine triphosphate, thus make training can hold out for more. 
2, beef contain vitamin (vitamin food) B6 protein requirement, the bigger the diet should be increased by the more vitamin B6. Beef contains enough vitamin B6, can help you enhance immunity, and promotes protein (protein food) metabolism and synthesis,MLB hats which helps nervous after the training of the recovery. 
3, beef containing carnitine appears chicken, fish of carnitine appears and muscle of amino acid content is very low, but beef high content. Carnitine appears mainly used in support of the fat metabolism, produce a chain of amino acids, and it is the strong and handsome exercise (exercise food) member muscle plays an important role in the growth of a kind of amino acid (amino acid food).
4, beef k and protein potassium is most athletes in the diet is lack of minerals. The level of the potassium low will prevent protein synthesis and growth hormone production, which affect the growth of muscles. In the beef rich in protein: four ounces of thin stick can produce 22 grams of first-class protein. 
5, beef is the oil (oil food) acid low in fat source in the beef fat content is very low, but rich in combined with linoleic acid, the potential of the antioxidant can effective against weightlifting, caused by the movement of tissue damage. In addition, linoleic acid can also act as antioxidants maintain muscle mass.
6, beef containing zinc and magnesium zinc is another kind of protein synthesis, promote to muscle growth of antioxidants. Zinc and glutamate and vitamin B6 common effect, can enhance the immune system. Magnesium is support protein synthesis, strengthen muscles, more important is to raise insulin anabolic efficiency. 
7, beef containing iron iron is essential minerals hematopoietic. And chicken, fish, NFL hats, Turkey little iron content by contrast, rich in iron in beef. 
8, beef containing c amino acid c of the amino acid from the role of a protein diet produce sugar. If you to carbohydrate intake of insufficient, 2-propanol acid to supply the energy required to muscle to ease shortage, so that you can continue to for training. This amino acid's largest benefit is that it can make the muscle from supply energy (energy food) this burden liberating.
9, beef contain vitamin B12 vitamin B12 of cells produce very important, and red blood cell is the role of oxygen to muscle tissue. Vitamin B12 can promote the metabolism of a chain of amino acids, so as to supply the body high strength training for energy. 
10, beef edible diversification if for weeks or even months day after day to eat, chicken breast is boring. Beef is different, the hind legs meat, side abdomen flesh, flesh and fine meat on waist in taste and the taste is different, and tedious chicken breast really cannot be mentioned in the same breath.

Posted by terminalcables at 10:38 PM EST

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