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Friday, 3 February 2012
Profits have the trillions scholars from renmin intimidating
Topic: business
In the first 11 months, scholars from renmin accumulative total net profit of 802.2 billion, deputy director of the state-owned assets supervision HuangShuHe accordingly claims are expected to achieve a year scholars from renmin trillions of the profits of the business, but she also said, some scholars from renmin still exists "big but not strong", so the next step of the state-owned assets supervision and will also be on the optimal central enterprise, foster a number of internationally competitive world first-class enterprise "goal in its work.
It is this year has begun the full implementation of the face of the scholars from renmin economic value added (EVA) assessment, the examination to focus on scholars from renmin shareholders (mainly the government) have invested capital in return, such as its main business not outstanding, capital turnover low and high inventory, etc will influence the assessment results, according to some optimistic that the adoption of the new assessment standards will entirely different scholars from renmin. In fact this early to talk, not before international advanced experiences at home with a shape of the deformation of the situation, this will be how to we might as well see.
This years scholars from renmin achieved really brilliant: profits up year after year, asset scale from 7 trillion in to 21 trillion now, and inflation were among the world's top 500 list from 2003 in 6 companies up to now of the 30, including sinopec ranked seventh, eighth national power grid, the oil in the 10, this is considered to be the obvious symbol of success scholars from renmin one of reform. But to see support this a series of "success" is not innovation, technology development, management excellence and other factors, but monopoly. The number of domestic scholars from renmin monopoly important economic areas, including cheap new era hats energy, electric power, telecom, finance, steel and so on, in the system under the umbrella of the mechanism, scholars from renmin almost can say seek in vain had the courage, the most obvious is the oil, sinopec, with the aid of the powerful voice demanding the government often raise prices, completely forgotten the identity of state-owned enterprises. A recent example is the letter to work for telecom and unicom force-out low prices of the Internet phone, because Internet phone calls to the above two obvious harm the interests of the enterprise. The two companies also forgot his own identity state-owned enterprises.
In the current national context, the existence of the state-owned enterprise has its necessity, any shouted clamp down on state-owned enterprises, carve up the practice of state-owned enterprises is of no significance, the most reasonable approach should be let back its state-owned property state-owned enterprises, rather than just stare at bigger and stronger, the value a goal. In the past time for nearly 10 years, especially in the target scholars from renmin state-owned enterprises under the guidance of serious injury has the people's feelings, and now want snapback hats to make EVA examination, to believe that the next damage will be more intense. I'm not against state-owned enterprise bigger and stronger, value, I just think practice this goal is the premise of them should earnestly responsibilities, the responsibility is not in after the disaster contributes content, not help poor local cover hope primary school, but to serve the people moments, such as telecom can cancel fixed-line rental, mobile can reduce unit, oil can be reduced in calls oil prices or by any other means to high oil prices LianJu up to an additional profit returned to society, but now I don't see these, instead, words fee remained high, oil prices do not fall by only a almost, this can't make people sick.
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Posted by terminalcables at 2:44 AM EST

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