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Monday, 29 October 2012
Have been already led for 4 years, accomplishment may sorrow

From November, 2008 thus far, pass by for 4 years, the country beautiful electric appliances also experiences a life and death that power settoes to rob.Huang only the Yu kin part is busy at the organization gold solicitor the blastophore present to public for the position that protects no 1 strong stockholder and struggling, meanwhile, settoing of an originator and occupation manager also in country the United States for its plead, simultaneously rushing about wholesale fitted hats everywhere.

  All these, along with Huang Guang Yu's wife's cuckoo drive amend a judgment reprieval, scilicet drive penalize temporary imprisonment grace for 3 years 3 year performance, and release but painting ascended after the indictment period.

  The cuckoo comes out again, is already a country beautiful top and bottom mutually understand without saying of fact.Though in the probationary period, the Du Juan incapability formally serves as the positions like director ,etc of quoted company, is limited an exit,still can go out as well as handle various individual and operations rush hour, the beard reports movements in the schedule time introverted police post.

  However, crisis of country the United States persisted too for a long time and also left to the adversary too many hazards.

  In November, 2008, the country is beautiful when the electric appliances stop a card because of the personal subject of Huang Guang Yu the shares is hk$1.2, till October, 2012, already not enough hk$0.9.

  Not only such, amid the Yi Kang figure display, in 2012 first half year, Chinese the appliance marketing scale 572,700,000,000 kyat, the first half year slids 7.3% a little bit in 2011.

  Persist an overcast condition cheap sunglasses in the whole atmosphere down, country beautiful electric appliances governor, Wang Jun Zhou, with"regret" two form permitted the accomplishment performance of clique first half year.

  This year 1-6 months, the country is beautiful the revenue is theer past year same period 23,126,000,000 dollars, fell 22.4%;Expect inside loss in business 501,000,000 dollars, but the net margin in the past year same period then hits 1,252,000,000 dollars.This is also country the United States listing, appear the net deficiency in half year for the first time.

  In Wang Jun Zhou's eyes, the state releases in 2009 of a series of appliance stimulation the policy gradually exit and add to the state continuously adjusts to control and believes to lend vs the housing craft further tighten, make consumer reliance aggravation not enough, affected the whole appliance craft.In addition, the electronic commerce was placed in a beginning to set up a high invest stage to also affect rate of profit.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012
Secretary 'se steersman all gets to teach

 Sur the drafted plan, eastern rain director Hong get to teach clearly toward the brocade 730,000, the director , executive Liu Bin gets to teach 500,000, director He Shao Jun and director , finance controller Zhang Ying gets to teach respectively 300,000, the vice - general manager and the Hong big wave of Dong Mi Zhang, chief engineer Wang Xin, human resources controller Wang Wen Ping and market controller Jiang Ling Hong gets to teach respectively new era snapbacks 200,000, vice - general manager's text respects Fang to get to teach 120,000, 278 rest middle management personnels and kernel business(technique) personnel get to teach 14,090,000, person all 50,700.

  But there is an investor detecting, such as"chairman of board of directors secretary ", "administration steersman" the personnel like this also gets to teach stock equity motivate.The investor plays trick show,the secretary and steersman is also kernel technique(business) personnel?Also only then the boss' secretary and steersman can have so good terms of employment.

  And at the time of playing trick, the investor seems to be also to think that there is some super -s in a line of right rate is low, greatly appoint red envelope to have covert criticism to the eastern rain rainbow.Contact eastern rain rainbow many high flasks still hold a quantity anti thin stock equity and more make investor regrets in re Gao Guan of company too generous, and Gao Guan persists continuously multifarious minus to hold to also make investor uneasy.

  Under the general condition, Dong Jian Gao head quarter because various casus occurrence minus hold, but is like the multifarious minus of eastern rain rainbow such scale to hold combines to not much see.Non obstante several media now once proposed to query, but Dong Jian Gaos of eastern rain rainbow seemed"two ears didn't snuff a matter outside the window, a for reduced to hold favour".At October 29, 2009 to September 7, 2012 in less than 3 years knot, the eastern rain rainbow appears totally 162 Dong Jian Gao and related personnel share fluctuation, the average weekly will have Dong Jian Gao the occurrence minus to hold, and reduce hold figure accumulate to also hit 239,000,000 dollars.

  But here among them, above-mentioned get wholesale sunglasses to teach a stock equity of incentive director to brocade clearly from November 9, 2009 to March 14, 2011, the set is up to 18,180,800 dollars now.But other several bit such as the director , executive Liu Bin, director He Shao Jun, vice - general manager and the Hong big wave of Dong Mi Zhang, chief engineer Wang Xin, vice - general manager's text respected fangs to all once steer or many or low minuses hold a set now.

  And from listing, eastern rain rainbow non obstante often has cash dividends, from 2008-2012 years, cash dividends quantity totally is 154,000,000 dollars, but even if these cash dividendses be all acquired by large retail investors,still cannot compare with Dong Jian Gao and related personnel's minus to hold yield.But de facto, each Tung Jian of the eastern rain rainbow is tall to still acquire thin cash dividends of anti at the same time.

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Friday, 26 October 2012
Is skillful to make stamps with the face

You know to turn over to shroud a cellular phone why particularly is that china is popular at the northeast second region?Perhaps few someones thought of, one of the casuses is to care for the face bear on with Chinese.

  Face to turn over a cap type a cellular phone the verbatim et lit eratim board type cellular phone particularly the fierce offensive of Korea SAMSUNG, chinese TCL, 2012 nike nfl jerseys of a generalization of Nokia, until the second half just released to turn over to shroud a cellular phone in 2004.The cellular phone of the west firm the anti is understand, why turn over to shroud the cellular phone spreads in china, but the reception extent in the west but very low.

  A cellular phone distributor tells a reporter, turn over a cap type the cellular phone will place while writing coincidence a frailty rings and easily causes the human concern of the side, quare"even have a face".But the Chinese specially care for the face, the verba  " face" basically cans not finds a corresponding sheet verba in English.

  The Chinese often say "is artificial one breath, Buddha for one Zhu joss-stick".The incapability"do not do one the honor", the incapability"rip off a face", more the incapability"the face sweeps floor".Obviously, "face" is not, in the people that associates avoidable"heavy amid of heavy".

  Face not only affects people's consume method, affect "financing", more important, face still affect people's occupation career, even come to a decision one personal fate.

  The hero cares for the face from thou

  The hero cared for the face on the history also a good many.Wu Song is a , only he is very lucky, didn't be subjected to injury of the face, on the contrary became hero.Let thus the own"occupation career" idea unexpectatively appear to leap.

  Write in 《water Hu spreads 》 force to loosen view male Gang to tie to have a detail description before the tiger:Wu Song Du official seal placard text, the square knows a tiger.The desire due - out treads to return to hotel again knot, ponder:"When I returned to, the beard ate his ridicule, isn't a good brave fellow, the hard pass goes."Thought once, said:"Is afraid what bird!And attend to up and look how earth!"This is martial loose the scienter cheap jerseys mountain contain tiger, but because of before climbing mountain heel store the boss boast, due to the face, he picks continuation to climb mountain.What to don't thought of BE, Wu Song by luck kills tiger and thus and with one action becomes famous, for him enter hereafter enter "Sung river's clique" Zan enough reputation.The author of《water Hu spreads 》 pays no attention the bidirectional of face that a solution reached a man from it:Its front BE, force loose while knowing perfectly welling the condition that the mountain has a tiger, by way of face, the life also could not took into account of so many thin and explained he looks a face like moral integrity more even important and worth money than life;Its reverse side BE, force loose while knowing perfectly welling the condition that the mountain has a tiger, also want by way of face, ignore the risk of life, press we a modern to like abusive language BE:Your true his mama commits mean!But Wu Song is lucky, can not imitate.
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Thursday, 25 October 2012
There is luckily a reconstruction opening

He is called Chinese the tycoon"godfather", also the person& hellip of Chinese business circles milestone type;…He explains china intellectual domain report country and exerts and strives without stop with 30 years of establish a business career of spirit.Have no who than him can even realize this all the way of difficulties.As well of age, as well of the atmosphere even is a same temptation, why so the multi-user fell flop and only had him still unmoved either by favour or disgrace, Kui however immobility……

  Is a Chinese tycoon club chairman of the board and positive and"people in the gene island" in the island, the association controls section company limited chairman of cheap sunglasses board of directors Liu Zhuan Zhi always give to support strongly vs the shape of the positive and the island and thermal the nick - closing enzyme note, the night of September 26, he still Shenzhen make a special trip to steer with people in the island to meet swap.Reach to three hours of interactive conversation in the captain amid, the difference of Liu Zhuan Zhi led sides like property,etc to answer back asking of appearance and positive and on-line tycoon in the island from the successor training, team construction and business.

  Sequentia for meeting will part of fascinating contents .

  Inner training successor, the Sa 1 F the soil is popular solid again the Sa 1 F

  The Xiao is courageously:(courageously reach main board director captain)I have a subject, all of your successors are what you develop by yourselfs, and I look is "five greatest moneys are just", "five blessing full generals"s.You vs introduce occupation manager to have what good proposal or good resource?If develop not enough of words, how will you commit?Thank.

  Liu Zhuan Zhi:Does everyone why consider from own business knot shape successor while considering a business farsighted shape?This still makes sense of, because this person is from the business in come out, vs cultural take in of the business outside, have affection to the business.Take this affection, and share physical motivate, make him have results to show for the host's possibility, he will have this business most the doing of in fault core is down.For example say same compensation, this business comes up of person, or adjust wholesale snapbacks from the outside incoming person is in fact variant.Emphasize to speak super -, this subject in 《the property is evergreen 》 , the business wants to imagine a hundred years old store the similar left goes, from this business in discover more suitable person, truth here.Because the honor versus dishonor of business, in those early years pass by what kind of difficulties very poor paper 1.1 dropses would record in mind, this was a kind of born sense.Speaking from this angle, if is the kid of kin is a strong stockholder, chairman of board of directors, but supervision layer affection that work hard to come up from the underneath will be deeper.But there is also this condition, for example be like association after evolving diversified business, for example we decide the fund that commits a private placement stock equity, be since 2000, I hope that the young associate connects the business of conducting electricity the computerization province, because I feel that they have already committed by myself win, Yang Yuan celebrates, Guo for, I feel by myself to write a new business, original of two businesses make them commit, then evolve a new business.
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Wednesday, 24 October 2012
The e. mountain degree atrium verbatim

Downtown, the bright moon of the subway degree pan e. mountain and apartment character's resisting river Yuan can enjoy to keep reducing more than 200,000 special discounts respectively.

  Enter to intensively push the sector of Luo Gang that the goods expect till this year is also the territory that is worth paying attention to.According to take in, wholesale snapbacks since October, a few super large items of the sector of Luo Gang all continuously start providing goods, and supply will more and more big.In addition to ocean house property article, also have villa and big even layer.Large numbers of goods volume  go into municipality to make rivalry to deliver thrust more, the Luo Gang will become bigger special strength for degree for fourth quarter for this year territory.

  Currently amid Haiti produce sea in the all new item of Luo Gang and praise city already in October surface City, amid sea fame the city include two greatest tectonic plates, is the villa item "amid sea original mountain villa" of the recondition type that the lord ties high level respectively, and lord dozen the medium sea that just needed a client fame the city ocean atrium set blastophore.Realize according to the reporter, these two rates of products of set blastophores all compare to blow breeze price to want a low proptosis currently many, and still have supernumerary rebate.Amid sea the original mountain villa sincerity register 20,000 to arrive 100,000, amid sea fame city then 20,000 arrive 50,000.

  Moreover, river in the sky and Li gulf all have 2 building pans to release open special discount, be located in among them white the new world in tectonic plate in the goose pond?The gulf of Kai Yue can enjoy 95 at sale special discount, but the Li gulf recondition type building pan representative of an of rich force Tang rather the garden then release villa unit, opening the special maximum  can enjoy extra 88 at sale special discount.River side in the sky, the always rare new goods release of tectonic plate in river park in the sky finally welcomed the push in China view new, the all new set blastophore enjoys to open 95 at sale special discount.

  The reporter observes

  The knock off cheap dope snapback turns warm slow-moving economic recovery in the building City amid

  The building City performance in gold wk didn't imagine medium radiant, even can use mild come to describe.But on the figure mild back, can also look receive building City still turn warm of indication.Though on the tradition, "money nine silvers ten" has been the busy season of sales.However we can also see the great occasion of nation gold of this year for wk but more special.11 sessions, the gratis of speed way takes equal part ability to pay.Compared with the long leave in former years, 11 of this year client the cardinal number is less.For all that, this year's gold wk still acquired a benelux last year the turnover turned over multiplication plus, this marked a housing market the upon my word was recovering.
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Tuesday, 23 October 2012
China disappears a cultural property why still come

Half month ago, the many impressionist art collectors and trade of the world-wide locations companies all placed vision to American Fu Ji Ni the second state was a small scaled auction house that is called Potomack, here the surface even included a come from Chinese inland bull position, also via refer generation tool for clapping, voiced mightiness concern.

  The public focus is Renault that will soon ascend beats painting work, the highest appraisement only USD 100,000-places a life time work to this about 2000(mostly drive museum store), market turn volume anti more than 100 world class art master but speech, its representative work 《the dancing party of red flour mill 》 is as early as 1990 clap the exorbitant price that the proptosis leads USD 78,100,000, in consequence of resource of sparse lack sex, Euro-American and Japanese cellophane noodles of plus are numerous, even if is his small feet cheap supreme snapback amplitude ad libitum it make, all can easily above USD 1,000,000 knock off-do not have an accident of words, auction off that very day on September 29, by all means will appear the vigorous condition of taking turns the Jing price.

  However, just such as this art treasure drive send to before the auction house the antecedents story-the region a woman of flea market who likes to stroll weekend spend USD 7 buy out, and favor of Be just boxes drawing, almost throw painting into truck box-substantial dramatic so, nearby auction, but be been the exhibit that art museum(Baltimore Museum of Art) in Baltimore disappears on November 17, 1951 by the file confirmation, Potomack finally picked to withdraw beats, this also comes back disappointedly the bull position of"pick up leak" of many hopes.

  Is really false to show doubt, the source anti is clear or spread a non- clue work, to majority of long history foreign auction houses, at collecting a stage then will careful screening taking or rejecting, such as if auction previous burst condition, withdraw beats, undoubtedly is that they support the top of brand goodwill good select.Ipso facto, all things have no absolute, some other early yearses ran off a cultural property to once appear as well at some and corporate auction particularly field knot, for example and ever created a sensation of"circle Brilliant Garden monster head" event.

  In Renault the work dispute take place behind in less than ten days, the a.m. of October 8s, international auction tycoon, xu, enriches "Chinese calligraphy and painting" that holds than Hong Kong company particularly in the field, the original new era hats wholesale across - the - board estimate value's top opens widely milli - the work 《with a view to the Chinese people autumn suburb Lan Pei chatt (estimate value hk$8,800,000-12,800,000)》 be equally notified withdraw beats, the casus is the painting's"owner" six lie Keng to call this from open widely milli - present a parental work to disappear in 2009 to it, and toward the court of justice apply for to require xu rich benelux abandon-in the object ownership don't under the clear in meaning condition, listing clique xu rich compare gave up vs the open widely milli - masterpiece of auction.
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Monday, 22 October 2012
The group of heroes chases deer

 In September, land's tallest tidal volume the last work day by Mid-Autumn Festival then arrive.8 in the same day farm out in lands, 7 lands kindle thrust's scrambling.This among them, current"the petroleum housing tapping company limited " is horizontal to vacate a life time, from protect benefit, ten thousand section two business"the dangerous spot pulls out a tooth";Melted to set to protect corpus , rich force of benefit coalition to also all taste the victory of nba jerseys outstanding several depths besieged.

  "Disappointed" also has it.The grass Jing pursues several earth masses to all tell negative, Chinese iron sets up at as well the earth mass in Chuang Hsin-cheng scramble amid fight hard to can not stand up, also have China far, attract investment, amid hydroelectric etc. business with bare hands but return.Was thought to will be an earth mass in Chuang Hsin-cheng to as well believe tenement in the big hot issue before now moreover, the on the spot Jing exited before the price and exploded a proptosis a big unpopular.

  In October, land market projected in Peking will be quieter.That makes us return overdo go to, relive the land before the knot of market story, see those previous backstages.

  Story 1 melt to set to protect benefit:"Huang Yi Nan" is thin to certainly drive back enemy, go into a lord the Chuang is as well

  Jing price on September 29 site, be X1-1 A set blastophore two sides mass start Jing price in Chuang Hsin-cheng as well, protect benefit tenement to sit at table poly - a yellow dress man.Realize according to the reporter, this man fm melt to set, will and protect benefit constitution to unite corpus Jing price as well earth mass in Chuang Hsin-cheng.

  It is exactly also this man from protecting to benefit other people a private to connect the super - Jing price license plate, deliver force during the Jing price later on.After competing to enter Jing very quickly male Tou in a mass a house renting link, always the force presses Chinese iron to set up.Even if in the last cheap jerseys juncture ten thousand sections suddenly kill a proptosis to lead the guess work"ten thousand sections want to take" outside the field after, melted to set "Huang Yi Nan" to still keep steadily raising a card again, ten thousand sections thereupon give up.

  But scramble in two masses amid, the continuation is to melt to set to protect benefit coalition corpus vs definitely Chinese iron set up, ten thousand sections.Especially ten thousand sections, end with melt to set the in close combat of"Huang Yi Nan" over 50, site Jing place male house renting the area had been inflating till 58,500 even rices from 32,000 even rices, this also means to hit the ground the article atrium building surface price of mass is from 12500 dollars/the even rice ups to 15000 dollars/the level of even rice.Much time, "Huang Yi Nan" all in no hurry after host three offers start in response to the price, "is very thin to settle".

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Sunday, 21 October 2012
Inflation secret worry or urge thermal hedge - type assets

 Since September 20, each big coupon company's housing craft analyst proptosis stand over 50 to grind a report, look the share of for nothing housing craft also none, hold neutralism the only empty several of the standpoint, but give proptosis"super - hold", "buying", "think highly of", "recommend" having of the hinterland housing section than exceed 80%.

  Country Tai gentleman wholesale tisa snapbacks Anne the housing analyst's Li Pin Ke's publication grind statement to show, 17 hinterland housing section August the sales hit 69,300,000,000 dollars and together compare to up 15%, but 1-8 months 17 atrium Qi sales hit 520,900,000,000 dollars, together compare ups 12%, terminate last year 77% in whole yearses.Then in re in the future support policy, craft will hold steady criterion, the market will repair to policy pessimism expectation and suggest super - to hold and take 12 line group leaders as kernel to install, if protect benefit, enlist earth, ten thousand section etc..

  Amid believe a md individual of underneath stock equity invest management company to think highly of a front-line urban housing market very much, think a worth long-term investment.His analyse  points out that"ten" of new version in china invest examination and approval come into the market and follow of the capital"quantize relaxed" currently"is complicated but definite".The complexity lies in, with ascend 1"4,=00,000,000" compare, lately an of the invest don't under the higher condition take part in enthusiasm in the bank and have how much capital finally carry out to need an observation.Authenticity means, changed from the hair the Wei awarded an item , this motion by"wholesale examination and approval" to look, from center and"have already really intended to do so" in the province.

  Prospect future, at many cheap Dior sunglasses at home and abroad under the factor role, there is still the hidden danger of inflation title in china, then, resisting the assets of inflation will re- be subjected to capital to extol.Gold rate's quickly rising is a visible result in the near future.

  In addition, Chinese state toil releases recently, state council decides to down put "the article atrium advance sale approbation" examination and approval right, this meant to facilitate to examine and approve flow, benefit in speed listing velocity.Its policy effect in the future probably and gradually ferment benefit the good tenement tectonic plate is thus.  

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Saturday, 20 October 2012
The personage of the bank in Russia appeals to strengthen

The colliculus Ni pulls Er show, two countries ussr china while extending a bilateral trade sum, also in response to aggressive reinforce finance and invest the consortium cooperate level by promoting two countries.

  The colliculus Ni tractive Er said while accepting xinhua reporter's interview recently, russia and Asia region, especially and the chinese economic trade contacted close day by day,cheap jerseys this not only the reflection is in two country volume of trades of continuously extend, also express more and more multifarious in two national's many swap.

  In 2011, the bilateral trade sum in Russia together compares amplification about 42% more than USD 80,000,000,000.The colliculus Ni tension Er says that in two international trades easily the consortium fly soon extensive at the same time, russia hopes to see two country finances and invest cooperate of continuously deepen.

  The "only mutual direct investment and the expand of the pertfolio investment just talks up two countries to truely evolve finance and invest to cooperate, " colliculus Ni tension Er says that"is pleased BE, we notice both parties just the consortium in this aspect of facilitating, for instance in the sovereignty riches fund province, china's investing company with limited liability(amid place company) has already steered vs Russia a few big invest."

  In June, this year, visit China session at Russian president Putin amid placing company and Russian direct investment fund to initial "funded reserve management company in the Sino-Russian formally establishes and the tickler of its foundation", mark the overall start of Sino-Russian funded reserve.The fund's object discount nfl jerseys collects scale to collect for USD 4,000,000,000, 1,000,000,000 among those USDs from winning placing company and it being related square financial contribution, USD 1,000,000,000 from Russian direct investment fund financial contribution, surplus capital willing to third party international investment.

  The tractive Er is looked in the colliculus Ni, russia cans draw on Chinese investor in a lot of provinces and includes Chinese the investor more familiar natural resources and agriculture province and has the consumer goods craft of the population of potential rather.He says that Russian person all the level of income is higher, the economic growth holds opposite stability, public debt stance more optimistic, amid produce a stratum number, numerous etc. factors make day-to-day consumer goods market potential of Russia huge.

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Thursday, 18 October 2012
Check Wei Si self-confidence again serve another term

 Check the competitor of Wei Si, opposition party ring candidate boon knot gm.?Stick the Pu knot Lai Si to then continue the campaign mode of"close people", visit "from door to door" voter to expect downsizing and check the popular opinion approval rate of Wei Si gap.

  Say to recover from illness

  Accompany with October 7 presidential election close by, check Wei Si to pick in September the last walks over the weekend up plus tension plus the Si melon thunder Na Si community street in the east, with voter interactive.In the interval, he accepts law new agency reporter's interview and assert that having cheap POLO hats already overcome a cancer disease is evil, the competency smashes to stick the Pu knot Lai Si, again do 1.

  "In my submission(body completely recovered), I feel rod polar, " checks Wei Si to say, "if feeling oneself weren't enough strong, I would't appear here.We even want to evolve an operations by faster rhythm."

  Past 15 months, check Wei Si to have an operation for twice and experience several chemistries and emanation treatment.After contracting cancer, he cuts in the public occasion to appear, more through television, broadcast and micro blog phonation.

  In the interview, check Wei Si acknowledgement oneself the decelerate campaign build power step."Come into power early some years, I have never taken a rest, but your body starts telling you, you have to slow down."

Check Wei Si and Be candid in saying oneself is in promoting some public service items"appear a per infortunium", recognize didn't guide venezuela and get away from and excessively depend on the single product economy mode of the petroleum receive, but appealed that the voter gives him more time.

  Be asked and if being served another term will deny to seek an one more for 6 years, tenre, check the answer of Wei Si:"We wait and see.Commit an important matter first."

  Show a close people

  Face the campaign offensive of checking the Wei Si, stick the Lai Si select continuation"tie in person's pile" in the Pu, draw near and the distance of voter.

  Stick the Pu knot Lai Si per nba jerseys se make reservations representative"grass radix" avail, in July start campaign often wear baseball Shan and wear a baseball cap, interactive with voter enthusiasm.He a campaign build power lately quote from Holy Bible story, from compare smash the giant elder brother's benefit second little boy David.

  Lai Si in"we have to smash elder brother's benefit second ……" calorie Pu says, "I am David, your everybody is David."

  He grabbings a high murder rate of inland to commit an article and comment to check Wei Si none effective atmosphere of realignment security of society, the commitment promotes public service item and improvings people's livelihood at the same time.

  Stick the Pu knot Lai Si to step up to sprint a moment, his campaign camp encounters tragedy.Two supporters who stick the Pu knot Lai Si encounter gun killing when the Si state of Ba Li Na embarks to electioneer floats to cruise to visit on September 29.Press opposition party's parlance, the gunslinger is the supporter who checks Wei Si.

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