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Sunday, 25 December 2011
North Korean people in the snow to mourn Kim jong il
Topic: society

21,, the north Korean capital, Pyongyang to float about the snow. In Pyongyang, the Kim il sung square condolences places, to the stream of people condolences. They expressed in different ways in the late north Korea's leader Kim jong il endless of their grief. Condolences citizens wanted to leave bow cry 21 days afternoon, with Kim il sung square hung with huge Kim jong il oath-taking like, front is laid a wreath at the crowd of condolences and bouquets of flowers. Citizen organizations in the PingRangShi everywhere from marched to Kim il sung square, near the front of the queue with two people carrying the wreath, people hand holding the white flowers and bouquet, Kim il sung square in arranged in a square formation, work on site under the command of the personnel, and orderly in turn as Kim jong il flowers and bow. In 19 of the death of Kim jong il, north Korea announced the news, Pyongyang citizens began to spontaneously to Kim il sung bronze and leader of the place and murals portrait condolences. 20 to start the day, north Korea founder Kim il sung square in front of the palace, the 425 cultural hall and Pyongyang stadium door square condolences point set. According to NFL hats north Korea's media, to 20, at 12:00 noon, to different places of public mourning condolences Pyongyang has over 5 million people. In the Kim il sung square, to come and take part in the activities of the common citizens condolences, the old man, young students and young children, some still sit a wheelchair. They look somber, some flowers in silence and heavily when, some in the moment of silence after the completion of the bow still cry unwilling to leave. The hostess presided over by somber tone of silence activities, from time to time in intermittent use a handkerchief to wipe the tears. North Korea's leader Kim jong il 17,, died at the age of 69 years. North Korea's state ZhiSang committee 19 decision, Kim jong il JinXiuShan reposed in the memorial palace, December 17, to 29 th as setting. North Korea soldier to grief into strength will be 21 Pyongyang street has basic back to normal, two days before the close of the many restaurants and shops have resumed business. People in the streets than ever before, few in place can see condolences near the crowds of Pyongyang citizens, the army soldiers, students and young children to the moment of silence, in an orderly manner. Pyongyang from one of the attacked compounds the street, many residents are ZhiAi flying at half-mast. In north Korea's state library people's university XiTang, there have been people out. In Pyongyang, the international telecommunication bureau, many workers in the firm a wreath. Some of the streets in the counter selling wreath, basket, flowers and white flowers. In Pyongyang WanShouTai construction site, to participate in the construction of the army's interior army soldiers HanYinZhe to north Korea's media said: "comrade Kim jong il died suddenly, bring us great sorrow. We will turn grief into strength and courage." & gt;& gt;Link on behalf of New York contact us and north Korea about food aid state department spokesman newland 20, say, the United States and the north Korean representatives by "New York channels" the day before the recovery for the food aid to work with. This is north Korea's leader Kim jong il announced 19, after the death of the DPRK first contact. "New York channel" refers to the two countries ambassador to the United Nations headquarters in New York delegation. The DPRK no diplomatic relations. Newland said both sides following last week in Beijing for work after the dialogue in New York "some technical discussions," "aims to clarify us about nutrition assistance issues still exist question". A state department spokesman stressed that the United States did not provide food aid to north Korea to make any decision. Mr Roh supporters to South Korea in late condolences to former President roh moo-hyun of supporters non-governmental organizations "roh moo-hyun financial group", 20, announced plans to send representatives to north Korea condolences north Korea's leader Kim jong il, calls for improved north-south relations. North Korea's central news agency 21, the Wholesale baseball hats report said at broadcast in English, roh moo-hyun, died a consortium that Kim jong il "sad news" announced it will send condolences group. October 4, 2007, the south Korean President roh moo-hyun visit to north Korea, and Kim jong il signed and issued the inter-korean relations and peace and prosperity declaration. Declaration says it will further expand and develop relations with north Korea, ease tensions on the Korean peninsula, and coordinate the development of national economy and common prosperity. Mr Roh consortium has in 20, South Korea's unification ministry put forward to visit in application. However,'s unification minister yu woo-ik, has said earlier in the day, the government only allowed former President Kim dae-jung late and former President of the modern group ZhengMengXian sent representatives to families at condolences. South Korea's yonhap news agency think, roh moo-hyun consortium at afraid to visit on behalf of application for approval. In addition, South Korea's unification minister said yu woo-ik, has 21, north Korea and South Korea would continue to explore the common sites. The site is located in north Korean kaesong, a total area of 33000 square meters, north Korea since 2007 to find. Last march "Ann, and November delay ping island fire incident, South Korea suspended joint excavation site.

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Friday, 23 December 2011
Deep inside the earth appeared with new types of metal
Mood:  cool
Topic: society

The high temperature and high pressure deep inside the earth will atoms and electronic closely extrusion together, make them in a very different way of interaction. Physical changes. The new experiments and super computer of the computation result shows that, in the bowels of the earth environment, ferrous oxide will happen a new transformation. The ferrous oxide FeO is the second largest in the content of the iron FangMei the composition of stone mineral. The findings appear in the physical review letters, a forthcoming issue, may change our deep inside the earth to the dynamic and the understanding of the magnetic field. Iron FangMei stone contains magnesium and ferrous oxide. In the laboratory simulation for extreme environment, including the Carnegie geophysical laboratory Ronald Cohen, the team studied the ferrous oxide in pressure as high as 1.4 million a tm, temperatures as high as 4000 degrees Fahrenheit (and the core and the mantle of the intersection of environmental almost) electrical conductivity. They also used a New Era Hats calculation method, this means only using basic physics to simulate complex interaction among the electrons. Theory and experiment are predicting FeO took a new metallization process. In the extreme conditions, compounds always happens structure, chemical and electronic, and other aspects of the change. And before the opposite of what, in 690000 a ferrous oxide atmospheric pressure and 3000 degrees from the insulation states under a conductive strong metal, but it did not change the structure. Previous research had assumed that FeO of metallized with the change of the structure of crystals are linked. The research result means, the temperature and pressure terms and conditions, the ferrous oxide can is a kind of insulators can also is a kind of metal. Cohen explained: "in high temperature conditions, the ferrous oxide in the arrangement of the atomic crystal structure and common salt the same. Just like salt, FeO in room temperature conditions are good insulators it don't conductive. Old NFL hats measuring method shows, high temperature under high pressure will FeO metallization, but when people think that it is the formation of a new crystal structure. And our new research shows that FeO metallization process structure and did not change, and need to temperature and pressure joint action." Cohen said: "FeO metal state will strengthen the liquid core and the lower mantle of electromagnetic interaction between. It will close relationship formed in the core to the outer core of the earth's magnetic field. This will change the magnetic field of the earth's surface spread to the way."

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Posted by terminalcables at 12:52 AM EST
Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Survey said the United States was a quarter of women to domestic violence
Topic: society

The centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) released 14, according to a survey, a quarter of American women said that was under attack by their husbands or boyfriends of violence. Investigators through the phone amazing proportion random interviews about 9000 women and 7400 men, that the figures. According to the results of the survey, one 5 surveyed women have rape or attempted rape of behavior of sexual abuse, with almost half of the people in the 18 years. A third women have been raped, intimate partner violence or tracking, compared with only one hundred percent of the men who have had the same experiences. Based on the investigation, according to the United States by 29 million women have boyfriend, spouse or other close partner of serious violence, including choking, beaten, stabbed, a gunshot wound, boxing, foreign bodies, hit. If will be slapped, force pushing the behavior such as counted, suffered from violence to 36 million the number of women. The centers for disease control and prevention and control subordinate countries hurt centre Linda stagg di said, this is the first time intimate partner violence in the universality of investigating, every year a survey in the future. Data on the high side? Have experts questioned the "national intimate partner violence and sex survey (2010)" data is too high. Surveys show that 1.3 million women surveyed in the year before the attempted rape, rape, the sex abuse act or other forms of forced to sex. This is better than last year the United States justice department figures released by at least seven times as high. Judicial bureau statistician felipe calderon's south is tara said, the survey data in the differences may be by some factors is, such as survey method, the choice of subjects, "rape" and other forms of infringement definition and explanation, etc. "This is a is gradually development fields of the statistics personnel, each in trying to make more accurate survey data," card tara's said. The Associated Press commentary, for those who side a woman in violence people, the centers for disease control and prevention of survey data were not unexpected.

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Updated: Thursday, 22 December 2011 1:34 AM EST

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