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Thursday, 29 December 2011
Delay senescence 9 kinds of good food
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Topic: healthy
1. The almond mindarmor fall blood sugar.
Although almond quantity of heat is higher, but it is rich in plant sterol, can reduce the bad cholesterol, diabetes and help stabilize the blood sugar. It's also rich in amino acids, can increase testosterone, promote the muscle growth. In addition, almond also contains rich vitamin E, to repair the sun is very good. Research proves, eat every day 20 star can very well to prevent bask in. At the same time, it to protect blood vessels, enhance memory, cognitive ability all good. 
2. Ripe tomatoes more nutrition.
First, the more red tomatoes the better, the more that lycopene. Second, processed tomatoes better than the fresh tomatoes, because lycopene more likely to be absorbed. Research shows that, rich in lycopene diet can reduce the bladder, lungs, prostate and skin cancer and stomach and intestinal disease,Wholesale MLB hats and may help to slow the aging skin. 
3. Plum can antiseptic.
Rich in minerals plum copper and boron, can prevent osteoporosis. Plum also contain a call inulin prandial fiber, can damage the intestinal harmful bacteria, let the digestive tract keep healthy acid environment, and promote the calcium absorption. 
4. Yogurt to buy "active bacteria".
The probiotic yogurt can maintain intestinal health and enhance the immune system function, and help prevent cancer. Not all the yogurt is beneficial bacteria born, when buying, buy label "active bacteria" breed. 
5. The most comprehensive walnut nutrition.
The Europe rice contains the walnut 3 fatty acids more than salmon, can anti-inflammatory polyphenols more abundant than red wine, which is able to build muscle protein is half the chicken. Many nuts may only have one or two of the above benefits, but only three walnut both. Health tip: best each day to eat seven of walnut. 
6. Black beans and mental health.
Research shows that three ounces a day for black soya bean, the risk of a heart attack can reduce 38%. Although other beans also on the heart patients, but no one can like black soya bean brain. Because New Era Hats black beans are rich in the anthocyanins, can strengthen the brain function. Black beans also contain many stars nutrients, such as protein, fat, folic acid, magnesium health, the B vitamins, potassium and dietary fiber. 
7. Apple red is the best.
Apple contains abundant quercetin, can reduce the risk of many diseases, such as allergies, heart disease, alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, and prostate cancer and lung cancer. If you want to choose, the best red varieties, it contains antioxidants most. 
8. Scallions enhance sexual ability.
Green Onions can enhance sexual ability, reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Will the green part chopped scallions, join in dish, will be very beneficial to health. It contains the thiamin, lactoflavin, calcium and potassium, beneficial to bone. Health tip, and it contains rich folic acid, can protect the cardiovascular health. 
9. The cancer prevention mushrooms.
Mushrooms are rich in a call MaiJiao sulfur because of the antioxidant, can prevent abnormal cell growth and reproduction, prevent cancer tumors. Expert proposal, had better 1-2 weeks eat a mushroom. Will the mushrooms and red wine with cooking, can let their health performance double.

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