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Wednesday, 13 March 2013
Franklin's big belly

 Is this hero clear?Franklin is thought to is the perfect representative of "Puritanism doctrine" spirit, in its autobiography, he enumerated own 13 virtues, among them, the no 1 item  woulds be deny oneself.However, feels a so big beer barrel  that how the belly probably grow is on a puritan with to forbear virtue just while being my first sight Franklin's skin in Tatu?It is the time that the second time continental congress convenes in 1776 to let me respectfully rise to respect vs Franklin's skin in Tatu .John?Is second when the Si is urgently bad, because his independent proposal how also have no hazard submission, an openings then encounter objection, even drive total the representative accord to request to shut up.Is second to be Si to slam the door but go to, find out Franklin.Franklin is long to say a words:Get another look for person to propose an independent proposal.I from now on see a compromise of second to none quality to stateman in the body of Franklin.

  On the 1787 system Xian congress, Franklin and make the this"compromise" characteristics of the Xian s to rear more take in everything at a glance.Be full of various conflict in the congress, how carry out to level?How does the scilicet recognize their seat in the congress?Seeing the whole congress will because of this subject premature death, Franklin severely requests to establish a special commitee now subject to steer deliberation, the committee hands in a motive congress approval, congress approval of the motive is exactly well-known"big compromise".Then legislature from house of council ors of the each state seat equalization and generate house of representatives constitution of seat according to the man day scale, also right now american two - chamber system in the sky.Since according to the man day scale, had no the servus of suffrage to calculate so at that time?At that time a little bit southern states, the servus' man day specific gravity has already hit one of the triplexes.Is hereupon and compromise:Every 5 servuses presses three frees man days to calculate, scilicet another a famous greatly the compromise"3/5 compromises".

  Is noisy over legislature, again fight administration, great subject greatly noisy, small subject small noisy.The subject of trivial matter all pass by greatly noisy small noisy after just compromise like.Have no one to represent satisfied vs such a constitution show.Is hereupon, Franklin announced famous lecture 《I am very satisfied to this constitution 》 .At this time, he has been 81 years old, body badly, bad oneself can not speak, but let together state is another representative, Zhan Mu Si, ?Pete Wilson reads for him:"Vs parts of clause sc in the constitution, I amalgamation incompletely endorse, but my incapability's affirming me can't agree with forever, because many I in the past thought is a sound view now discovery is an error ……I if detect that this constitution approaches is perfect, I will the great feeling is surprising.I also think that this constitution will make our enemy shocked.Because our enemy is taking pleasure in hear our state policies be on the brink of an abruption, so that they hit the object that they grip our fate.Quare, the Sirs, I am very satisfied to this constitution, because we have no Be getting better, at the same time also because I can not recognize it be not best."Therefore, he requests the representatives to also scan himself own standing point, be like him similar signature.

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