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Wednesday, 21 March 2012
The beautiful commerce department investigates
The United States continuously brandishes "the double is anti-" big stick recently to the our country new energy profession and once requested to aim at China Fu battery to only collect punishment a tariff before now, at present light Fu old grudge don't, and then add a breeze electricity new sorrow.
  American the breeze tower trade alliance(WindTowerTradeCoalition) brings up an application to American commerce department and American international trade committee on December 29, 2011, request to come from China and Vietnam of lose an anti-dumping, anti- subsidy survey of beautiful application class breeze tower product start.Chinese machine electricity product importer-exporter would once organize "American breeze electricity tower double the anti- survey should tell a work meeting" on January 5 and helped a baseball hats business enterprise should tell.
  The board of trade representative director said that Tai in Shanghai wins an agreeable metal product limited company in the electric power engineering machine limited company, heavy mountain breeze electricity equipments limited company, sky, river Yin Cheng west the shipyard etc.4 to is involved the damage that the business enterprise receives to come from American international trade committee in the end of December, 2011 investigate a questionnaire, currently four business enterprises already the basic completion match investigate stage, just at actively should to"the double is anti-" that American commerce department brings up survey.
  The gold breeze science and technology joint-stock company deputy governor, Wu Kai, thinks that Chinese the breeze electricity tower product sells quantity in the United States it's limited, the trade volume only has USD 100,000,000, don't constitute to so-calledly dump, the United States brings up "the double is anti-" more is to proceed from a political purpose, belong to public opinion to build power.
  China can renewable energy academic association wind energy professional committee pair chairman of the board Shi Peng fly to mean, breeze's giving or getting an electric shock tower mainly has already propped up a function in the set in the wind power machine, the technique threshold is lower, give or get an electric shock the influence in the profession in the breeze weaker, aim at a breeze electricity the tower brings up of"the double is anti-" report can't to our country breeze electricity profession the great environment produce basic influence.The our country breeze dependence in exterior in the electricity market isn't strong at the same time, therefore even if the breeze give or get an electric shock the tower polarized sunglasses business enterprise"the double is anti-" should tell failure, can also soon find out to digest a market in the domestic.
  With the breeze give or get an electric shock the group leader business enterprise Tai of tower product to win wind energy for example, the company is first half year of the local market income carry out 260,585,000 dollars, international market income only 5,415,100 dollars is about 2% of first half year of business income.The Tai won wind energy once to release to announce on January 6 and called in the Year 2011's the companies still had no the breeze of direct exit the United States electricity tower order, company to American breeze electricity tower nonexistent graveness in the market dependence, past"the double was anti-" case in this the United States to the company production, management have no graveness influence.

Posted by terminalcables at 10:02 PM EDT

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