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Saturday, 31 March 2012
The Civil Aeronautics Administration encourages
"The Civil Aeronautics Administration encourages that the local airline has the initiative to purchase, use a domestic public airplane."Yesterday, Li Jia Xiang meant after hearing Chinese company and making collective report with the work that the airplane company president's gold strengthened a dragon, the Civil Aeronautics Administration would support a domestic people with all strength machine development, promise the design of domestic big airplane, manufacturing the quality matched the proper sail that the nations go through standard.At the same time, MLB Cap actively strengthen and the communication and cooperation of nations, such as the United States and Europe...etc., push a domestic big airplane to come out an entrance to a country smoothly.
  The Civil Aeronautics Administration released news to say on the 13th, Chinese independence developed of domestic C919 large aerobus currently total amount order already 215, start a customer to increase into 10.In addition, C919 zero parts makings have been already opened, and complete 28 key techniques to offend a pass, the proper sail obtains evidence to work to also launch completely.
  According to Civil Aeronautics Administration introduction, 2011, the C919 large aerobus item completed to prepare to develop a stage work and passed a national first step design judge, have already turned into engineering completely currently development stage.In addition, last year, the proper sail of ARJ21 new branch line airplane obtains evidence to work to obtain important breakthrough and completes to obtain a best sunglasses model number check to approve the preparation work before the book(TIA), the item will soon turn to go into a proper sail to approve officially verification to try to fly a stage.
  Li Jia Xiang points out that during the developing of ARJ21 new branch line airplane and C919 large aerobus, have to highly value a safe work.Currently, country sail, east sail, south sail, sea sail four big local airlines have become the start customer of C919, according to the programming, the C919 large aerobus plans to complete a first step design in 2010 and complete in 2012 detailed design, carry out a head to fly in 2014, complete a proper sail to obtain evidence in 2016 and throw in a market.
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Willfulness is woman's psychological need

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Friday, 30 March 2012
The ocean industry gets into a policy
On the 12th, the reporter learns of ° from national ocean bureau, 《international resources survey and development in waters"25" programmings (as follows brief name 《programming 》 )》 has already printed hair and establishes to increase a strategic resources storage to wait a series of target recently.What to need to be pointed out BE, quarterly degree, the national ocean bureau will also push 《the national ocean function area rows 》, 《 national ocean corpus function area programming 》, 《 national ocean economic development programming 》 many etc.s promulgation implementation for programing with all MLB Fitted Hats strength, in order to cultivate and strong our country ocean strategic newly arisen industry, guide the economic and circumlittoral district of ocean develops of can keep on a development.
  According to the
《programming 》 , the coming 20 yearses, our country the ocean work will have a foothold resources, outstrip resources with expand national strategy development space, increase a national strategic resources storage, push deep sea science and technology to attain a world leading level, establishment our country at the big country position in the international waters business is strategic target, realization have a foothold Pacific Ocean, expand Indian Ocean, stand enter international strategy layout in the waters of Atlantic."25" periods, the our country ocean work will take ocean rights as core and provide for a source to investigate to explore for the point and take deep sea science and technology as to guide, with strengthen to the influence of international bottom of sea business, for establish our country lay foundation in the big country position in the international waters business.
  National bureau chief Liu Ci Gui in the ocean bureau means while making a request to the
《programming 》 implementation that being practical strengthens an ocean survey ships ability construction, start quickly the new ocean synthesizes to investigate a ship and carries a deep Qian work of person mother ship construction, strengthen the ocean of internationalization talented person troops construction.
  The reporter notices, the printing of
《programming 》's hair is only a national ocean bureau to well develop a starting point that various programming guides a function to the ocean economic policy, more policy"red envelope"s still behind.
  Before now, Liu Ci Gui would ascend to reveal in the national ocean work, this year quarterly degree, push
《the national ocean function area rows 》 to wait much promulgations implementation that cool hats programs with all strength, cultivate and strong ocean strategic newly arisen industry, guide the economic and circumlittoral district of ocean develops of can keep on a development.
  According to reveal,
《national ocean business development programming(2011-2015) 》, 《 national ocean corpus function area programming 》, 《 the national ocean function area rows(2011-2020) 》 has already got into to report examination and approval procedure in State Department.《National ocean economic development programming 》 also already basic mature, just with hair change Wei to unite to ask for each section opinion.Moreover, 《the national island protects a programming 》 has already been included in State Department to often work a meeting review plan, will soon promulgate.11 circumlittoral province class ocean function areas row of fixing and weaving the work have already got into to ask for a section opinion stage.

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The car export creates a new high that has ever had

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012
Domestic lord's producing the area control coal yield
Medium electricity allied point out at the same time, in 2012 whole country electricity coal consume the quantity would compare to increase about 150,000,000 tons last year and corresponded to need domestic to add more than 300,000,000 tons of coal supplies, just can a little bit well guarantee electricity coal demand.
  "The coal demand is still very big in 2012, but supply situation allow of no optimism."A personage who approaches hair in the nation to change Wei means to the reporter of
《everyday economic news 》 .
  For solve coal market demands prosperous the coal causing tightly lack a problem, February 6, the province coal industrial bureau in Hunan convenes a meeting to point out and encourages to generate electricity a business enterprise to establish to MLB Baseball Caps order concentration to procure to give or get an electric shock coal.Provincial government in Yunnan also points out recently, adopt to give the power station save a coal subsidy and super generate electricity reward to wait comprehensive the measure alleviate to give or get an electric shock coal supply and demand an antinomy.
  It is still outstanding to give or get an electric shock coal supply and demand antinomy
  Being subjected to a need is prosperous, the coal electrical engineering system didn't manage the influence of agreeable etc. factor, it was still rigorous to give or get an electric shock coal supply and demand this year situation.Medium electricity allied appeal, in time start a coal electricity allied move, quickly manage agreeable electricity price formation mechanism.
  The data suggests that in 2011, the whole country particularly generates electricity business enterprise total amount to provide, consume coal to increase 15.78% and 15.3% respectively, the day all provide, consumes the coal difference as 3,810,000 tons and 3,740,000 tons;Each month power station consumes coal to keep on higher.
  "Because the electricity coal house saves of the region distribute not and all and plus the fire electricity exploitation number increment, electricity coal price in market keep on Gao Wei movement etc. factor, cause parts of partial time coals in province supply nervous, influenced electricity supply."Medium the electricity unite a research personage to mean.
  The province coal industrial bureau in Hunan points out on the meeting on February 6, the all levels coal management section wants to actively investigate an establishment to adjust coal to protect an electrician to make of long effect mechanism, guide conditioned coal mine business enterprise and power station to sign complete NBA Basketball Hats supply and demand contract, encourage that the coal mine business enterprise keeps power supply coal to the power station.
  With supply and demand antinomy outstanding Yunnan province for example, 2011, Yunnan province adjusts the fire electricity business enterprise total amount to enter coal 32,444,000 tons generally, together compare reduce 1,240,000 tons, descend 3.7%, but generate electricity total amount to consume to use raw coal 33,243,000 tons, together compare increase 2,075,000 tons, give or get an electric shock coal to consume is bigger than to enter, the amount of stock is lowest only 625,000 tons, the fire electricity lacks coal to shut down capacity tallest reach to 5,300,000 kilowatts, have to adjust 53% that the fire electricity packs machine generally.

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Fresh water river super big iron mine ship

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Monday, 26 March 2012
Chinese car zero parts export the United States or is limited
American manufacturing industry alliance released a report to say on January 31, Chinese government had already subsidized Chinese car up to now from 2001 zero parts industries be close to USD 27,500,000,000, will also additionally provide the USD 10,900,000,000 subsidy car zero parts industries future decade.
  Criticize thinks, this will significantly promote the car of the United States to China zero parts unfavorable balance of trades and seriously threaten American the car worker's employment.Parliamentarian Dai compares ·the Si tower Bo promise said, China just at"continuously deprive our wealths, we have to stop."
  On January 24, American president Obama announced to take a post toward the congress of the third union address, trade the United States the disequalibrium NBA Hats baseball hats blame on China, and emphasize to establish trade compulsory execution organization, limit China to wait nation of"is unjust is trading behavior".
  "We let today president the first time have the opportunity the commitment for carrying out fair competition."American manufacturing industry alliance chairman's Si section especially ·protect Luo to say, limiting Chinese car zero parts import's appealings can urge Obama's government to launch a survey, and finally make to China of car zero parts imposition anti-dumping duty and anti- subsidy tax.
《car news 》 data in the United States suggests that be engaged in zero accessories manufacturings because of American car manufacturing industry 75% workers, Chinese car zero flowing out of partseses go into to force American worker in great quantities unemployed.Since 2000, American car zero parts industries only enlisted 60,000 employees, the industry ran off 40 myriad people and had already been subjected to another threat.
  An officials who would not like to reveal name say:"We will keep on Zhen don't and deal with to trade unjust behavior, until the worker new era hats and companies of the United States can obtain success under a fair competition environment."
  Central America the trade fights
  Report according to
《car news 》 in the United States, December, 2011, Chinese government aims at American the large sedan and SUV 4x4 raise 22% punishment tariff, is American government restriction and import the check and balance means of the products, such as tire and birds meat...etc. from China.
  But Obama's government is in the consideration then whether the solar energy plank aiming at Chinese manufacturing and breeze electricity equipments collects anti-dumping duty with eradicate completely so-called unjust is trading.Plused before now resort WTO in the United States to say, China violated the rules to limit aluminum soil, coke, and metal Huo...etc.9 kinds of original material export, the United States to China trade rub the nitric smoke rose everywhere.
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Express delivery Xie more than 10 days didn't resume vitality service industry

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Thursday, 22 March 2012
The country property Wei pushes forward an economic increment
January 31 give or get an electric shock country in State Department property Wei recently descended the hair 《concerning hard worked well in 2012 a central business enterprise the management accomplishment investigated a work of cheap new era hats notice 》 , request central business enterprise take"protected a growth, lifted quality, adjusted structure and grasped management" as a 2012 accomplishment to investigate a work of lord offended a direction, quickly pushed forward an economic increment value investigated, continue deepen whole memberses investigated, stick out short plank index sign investigate, further developed the direction function that the accomplishment investigated, guide central business enterprise effectively should to challenge, carried out science development.
《notice 》 requests that each central business enterprise wants the unit development stage, profession characteristics and function fixed position that earnest analysis belongs to, gradually extends the scope that the economic increment value investigates and is in 2012 fight for polarized sunglasses overalying to all x-rated business enterprises;The group company investigated an important ratio of power to have an exaltation last year to the economic increment value of second class business enterprise and had a conditional business enterprise to work hard for to attain above 40%.Want to hold firmly to build up to be sound economic increment value the dynamic state monitor system, develop value to diagnose an activity completely and promote to be worth of level.see more:Special price silver in the tonight hotel
Sooner or later 40 beds up reduce weight

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012
The beautiful commerce department investigates
The United States continuously brandishes "the double is anti-" big stick recently to the our country new energy profession and once requested to aim at China Fu battery to only collect punishment a tariff before now, at present light Fu old grudge don't, and then add a breeze electricity new sorrow.
  American the breeze tower trade alliance(WindTowerTradeCoalition) brings up an application to American commerce department and American international trade committee on December 29, 2011, request to come from China and Vietnam of lose an anti-dumping, anti- subsidy survey of beautiful application class breeze tower product start.Chinese machine electricity product importer-exporter would once organize "American breeze electricity tower double the anti- survey should tell a work meeting" on January 5 and helped a baseball hats business enterprise should tell.
  The board of trade representative director said that Tai in Shanghai wins an agreeable metal product limited company in the electric power engineering machine limited company, heavy mountain breeze electricity equipments limited company, sky, river Yin Cheng west the shipyard etc.4 to is involved the damage that the business enterprise receives to come from American international trade committee in the end of December, 2011 investigate a questionnaire, currently four business enterprises already the basic completion match investigate stage, just at actively should to"the double is anti-" that American commerce department brings up survey.
  The gold breeze science and technology joint-stock company deputy governor, Wu Kai, thinks that Chinese the breeze electricity tower product sells quantity in the United States it's limited, the trade volume only has USD 100,000,000, don't constitute to so-calledly dump, the United States brings up "the double is anti-" more is to proceed from a political purpose, belong to public opinion to build power.
  China can renewable energy academic association wind energy professional committee pair chairman of the board Shi Peng fly to mean, breeze's giving or getting an electric shock tower mainly has already propped up a function in the set in the wind power machine, the technique threshold is lower, give or get an electric shock the influence in the profession in the breeze weaker, aim at a breeze electricity the tower brings up of"the double is anti-" report can't to our country breeze electricity profession the great environment produce basic influence.The our country breeze dependence in exterior in the electricity market isn't strong at the same time, therefore even if the breeze give or get an electric shock the tower polarized sunglasses business enterprise"the double is anti-" should tell failure, can also soon find out to digest a market in the domestic.
  With the breeze give or get an electric shock the group leader business enterprise Tai of tower product to win wind energy for example, the company is first half year of the local market income carry out 260,585,000 dollars, international market income only 5,415,100 dollars is about 2% of first half year of business income.The Tai won wind energy once to release to announce on January 6 and called in the Year 2011's the companies still had no the breeze of direct exit the United States electricity tower order, company to American breeze electricity tower nonexistent graveness in the market dependence, past"the double was anti-" case in this the United States to the company production, management have no graveness influence.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012
The Chinese People's Political Consultative
The professor throws brick to query a state-owners enterprise to all over the place bloom
  Yesterday 9:00, the group discussion just started, the municipal services helped member of committee to livinged the first speech quarter winter, "the principle of state-owners enterprise reform very explicit, there is preface into back, withdrew competition realm, is also say, the state-owners enterprise wanted to use on the knife blade and used realm at the national policy people's livelihood.Can these year, which realms did the state-owners enterprise baseball hats of Peking enter?Withdraw which realms?Feel now each realms all have a state-owners enterprise, the country enters the people back.To run by private capital economy, the development situation of state-owners enterprise, whether formed to extrude an effect?Compressed the development space of run by private capital economy?"
  "Country's entering a people to back is that one is false to set question, nonexistent", country in Peking City supports Wei pair director, Zhang Xian Ping, answered, "state-owners enterprise and private enterprise runs line in a , and doesn't run line in a ", she said, the stateowned business enterprise was implementing government while being more responsibility and government behavior, "for example 2009 annuities melt the commodity price that the crisis causes stable problem, food group in the city is a state-owners enterprise, conduct of rice noodles food, strictly forbid markup, more than a years to have been being suffering a deficit management.Turning points, such as Olympic Games and Wen Chuan earthquake...etc., hurtles on the front of is all state-owners enterprise".
  But her explanation is immediately helped by municipal services member of committee song the Feng greatly query, "can not recognize, the turning point is hurtled front really in really state-owners enterprise, can have to see at the same time of BE, the government also gave the state-owners enterprise a lot of preferential treatments ……Same government treatment, if equally give private enterprise, private enterprise whether also can make like?"
  Second act
  Be the same as to is present a person to change direction to ask question to lead a hot argument
  Yesterday, each Wei of city did representative director in the bureau to also attend this time group discussion.The city bureau public health tour member Deng Xiao Hong and Zhang Xian pings appear in Group 3 at the same time and is alongside of for, everybody seat the front all sign a table card and write "city country property Wei", "city bureau public health" respectively.The member of committees concerning "the state-owners enterprise extends" discussion, ask "the community turns to diagnose" to Deng Xiao Hong because of a member of committee, temporary tell a paragraph.Don't anticipate, finish answering a question, Deng Xiao Hong again would discuss a focus and lead to"the state-owners enterprise extends" topic.
  "I also have a problem and at the right moment asked a country property Wei piece(pair) nba jerseys director, now the development trend of state-owners enterprise, is be not'country enter the people back'?"Be the same as to is present a person, Deng Xiao Hong suddenly "change direction" and sit opposite at nearby of the city country property Wei pair director, Zhang Xian Ping, ask question and again make the discussion concerning"the state-owners enterprise extends" get into a high tide.
  Deng Xiao Hong asked to just end, quarter winter livinged speech again, "the many young men seek a work and take pleasure in into a state-owners enterprise now.Is this a trend?"
  At 11:00, the group discussion draws to an end, the member of committees extend concerning the state-owners enterprise of the discussion is on the up, the end"summary Chen Ci" of Zhang Xian Ping, "we are pushing stateowned business enterprise to various all make a change, become public company.The premise of fair competition is a government to purchase public service, all items can press to recruit to bid to carry on at this time, the run by private capital, and state-owners enterprise...etc. can get into".
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Small PanDun how to lose weight?

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The end of retail business is not optimistic

According to the Chinese national commercial information center monitoring, in November 2011 the national hundred large-scale key retail enterprise retail sales growth was 15.98%, 1.1% less than the same period last year, the growth in October after years and now inflection point and low.

The personage inside course of study thinks, compared with last year, this year in December and January, consumption growth slowed year-on-year, retail enterprise performance will also is a bit poor than last year. Looking to next year, China's economy continues to slow down, consumption will be the direct impact of the whole will hold steady growth, but lower than the cheap new era hats growth this year.

Sales at the end of below expectations

"Although this year's winter is a warm winter, but for the retail enterprise that, 'winter' feeling slightly. At the end of the year, but sales consumption season begins may not have risen sharply." A retail industry analysts told the China securities reporter, this there are three main reasons.

First of all, this year's warm winter on the winter clothing sales produced great influence, and clothing prices this year is better, an average increase at 20% to 30%, and, to some extent, inhibit the desire for consumption, led directly to the department store to sell clothing primarily of company's performance as expected.

Secondly, the network shopping already jiancheng trend, and a shopping mall, supermarket price is high, the younger group has basically net buys as a preferred way, the department store, supermarket chain impact than the last obvious. For now, the higher of the purchasing power of the city several stores line tends to be saturated, two related conditions in city temporarily substandard cases, retail enterprise expansion encounter stage "ceiling", even if make low price, and it is hard to spell over taobao, jingdong (the Po) mall, etc DianShangWang station.

In addition, in May this year, the national related ministries released "about regulating commercial prepaid the opinions of the management", further regulating commercial prepaid management, and introduced the new registration, high-value card issued to limit a series of system. Because the holiday is to use the card the rush hour, "broke New Deal" will give retail enterprise to bring the certain effect. The end of the Spring Festival is expected to, retail sales enterprise broke, and by consumer spending to bring sales all CARDS will be less than last year.

The above analysts polarized sunglasses pointed out that, in general, the end of a retail sales will account for more than 25% of the enterprise annual sales, and the end of a sales growth of 18% to 20% in most, now at the end of the year sales growth last year than 1-2% decline.

Growth next year will decline

"The previous three quarters of this year, retail companies growth performance in 35% 40%, is expected to increase 35% for the full year results." The above analysts said.

Looking to next year, China's economic growth will slow, which has a direct effect on consumer spending. Moreover, countries stress, expanding domestic demand is the structure need a long-term process, so next year's consumer market is not good this year. In addition, home appliance of related preferential policies next year will no longer continue, real estate regulation not to relax, home appliances, furniture sales next year will also be low.

Therefore, the above analysts judgment, retail enterprise performance next year will increase in 30%, 5% lower than this year.

From the son industry situation, the supermarket next year of company's performance will be better than this year low. The supermarket sells are most necessaries of life such as food, because inflation factor influence, the food price growth, the previous three quarters of this year, the supermarket companies generally increase performance were all above 50%. With inflation will step down next year, food prices will rise this year than small.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012
Chinese petroleum special income gold advertises
The expert inside the industry is analytical to point out, the international crude oil price soars, the petroleum mine cost ascension and push toward the resources tax reform of the whole country on November 1, 2011 is that special petroleum income gold advertises for to order elevated main reason, but resources tax reform, rise advertise for to order exaltation to then be advantageous to further an industry chain of managing the agreeable petroleum profession.
  Petroleum special income gold, mean that the petroleum mines business enterprise sale's domestic crude oil to exceed certain level acquisition because of price of exceed the income gold of income pro rata imposition.The Chinese petroleum special income gold imposition begins from 2006, at that time of rose to advertise for to order to USD 40/bucket.
  "When petroleum special income gold opened to advertise for, the international crude oil price is placed in an opposite low, and once fell into USD 20/bucket or so, the oil price of USD 40/bucket still existed income to local business enterprise.Currently, the international oil baseball hats price soars and maintain Gao Wei's movement, rising of USD 40/bucket's advertising for some income space almost has been already had no."Analyst Mo in treasure island market extraordinary talent points out.
  Chinese petroleum university industry and business management college director Wang Zhen point out, raise petroleum special income gold one of the reason that advertise for a point lies in a continuously climbing of the international oil price, originally USD 40/bucket of rise advertise for and order and no longer adapt to the new situation that the petroleum profession faces.
  In addition, the resources tax reforms then sped the special income gold of petroleum adjusts of progress.On November 1, 2011, Chinese resources tax reforms a curtain to formally push away to the whole country, petroleum, the natural gas resources tax amount of tax will from before account to advertise for to change to ad valorem to account to advertise for from the quantity, the petroleum mines the tax of link negative will have ascension.
  The resources tax mainly involves mining of petroleum link, the petroleum special income sponsor wants to involve the sale link of petroleum."The purposes that collect a resources tax and special income gold all for carrying out the effective exploitation of resources, for the sake of betterly protection resources, two should be allied move a relation."The related expert points out.
  However, the resources tax reform and petroleum special income gold advertise for some exaltation will bring the center and public finance income in the place of adjustment.Petroleum special income metal central public finance income, exaltation's advertising for to order undoubtedly will make the central public finance income have decrease, while the resources tax belong to public finance income in the place, the reform resources tax will increase public finance income in the place.
  Director, Lin Bo Qiang, (tiny Bo) in the energy research center in University of cheap nfl jerseys Xiamen(tiny Bo) points out that according to measuring and calculating, exaltation advertises for and orders decreasing central public finance income and resources tax and reforms augmentative place public finance amount of incomes up mostly hold even, resources tax reform and's advertising for a point and raising all has carried out since November, 2011, the variety range of whole income isn't big.
  "See for long term, resources tax reform, exaltation the way of doing that advertise for a point make the petroleum profession industry chain be getting more reasonable, can embody a resources of sparse lack sex and resources' contribution for the region, also be advantageous to the aggressive that transfers local government."Wang Zhen points out.
  For raise a special income gold of petroleum the influence that advertise for to order to the local petroleum business enterprise earnings, Mo extraordinary talent points out, this time Qi that start to raise to advertise for to order to the local oil undoubtedly is a benefit good, its earnings level has already hoped to get a further exaltation as well.
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People will buy near the lowest

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Monday, 12 March 2012
The medium sea oil repair leaks air a pipeline to take 20-40 days
Is the vice president of the company high the widely livinged to tell a reporter, used to beat the way of taking care of the card leaks and needs 10 workdays and includes the completion tube card gearing among them and counteract to rise to ratio to lose barometric higher nitrogen of spirit in normal times spirit catchment, pure tube, sweep line, check tube the card seal completely whether show results.But currently breeze Gao Lang Ji, water the shallow tide is bad big, water Hun flow hasty etc. bad sea condition, still the disadvantage carries on a related underwater best sunglasses homework at the frogman.
  Each other is mutually apart from two leakiness breakages of about 2 meters to order and all be located in to be apart from horizontal piano terminal of medium sea oil bead sea 10.5 kilometers of sea to take care of up.The frogman explores of circumstance BE, among them, the biggest 1 leaks to order cave pit to grow a 25 cms, breadth 4 cms, deep 3.4 cms.Originally already Be covered up to the sea tube of bottom of sea underground 23 meters place to there is already a part hanging to across in the sea, these two leakinesses order the tube segment of place not only and expose in the sea, and already hang empty about one meter.
  The losing of medium sea oil bead sea terminal annoys sea tube place district for whet waterway in the knife door.Before the tube occurrence leaks air trouble soon, the sea Jian section in Guangdong province once checked to button up manies to illegally adopt a sand ship in this water." Voice the data contrast that shout scanning result and sea tube to build ex-2004, can discover, the damaged sea takes care of of the western side has already had the adopting of big area empty district.Synthesize various factor, pipeline mother the leakiness on the material order Yi to release to grasp Dou to bump shot sea to take care of because of digging a sand ship to."Medium sea oil the branch vice president of Shenzhen wholesale nfl jerseys Be happy to drill to say.
  Gao Guang Sheng confesses that using's beating the way of taking care of the card to leak is temporary sex measure, the end repair project is being apart from leak to order about 2.5 kilometers of positions take to press to open bore and treat to leak to order to grow with 300 kilometers near the upper stream platform directions of the sea tube is after insulating with the valve door will at leak some both ends establishes a stem type Cang and take out to do Cang inland sea water, finally incise to leak a tube segment and replace a new tube.
  On January 4, bead horizontal piano new area commission, environmental protection, maritime affairs, fishing government, Anne Jian in sea City, met an emergency a related section representative director of etc. to convene to transact a meeting on the scene in the the company bead sea's terminal.The bead sea means that will strengthen to take care of a taking charge of of nearby waters and enforce the law strength to the sea, the match investigates and arrests to cause trouble person and boats and ships.

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Report to call to keep radiation from taking profession

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