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Thursday, 22 March 2012
The country property Wei pushes forward an economic increment
January 31 give or get an electric shock country in State Department property Wei recently descended the hair 《concerning hard worked well in 2012 a central business enterprise the management accomplishment investigated a work of cheap new era hats notice 》 , request central business enterprise take"protected a growth, lifted quality, adjusted structure and grasped management" as a 2012 accomplishment to investigate a work of lord offended a direction, quickly pushed forward an economic increment value investigated, continue deepen whole memberses investigated, stick out short plank index sign investigate, further developed the direction function that the accomplishment investigated, guide central business enterprise effectively should to challenge, carried out science development.
《notice 》 requests that each central business enterprise wants the unit development stage, profession characteristics and function fixed position that earnest analysis belongs to, gradually extends the scope that the economic increment value investigates and is in 2012 fight for polarized sunglasses overalying to all x-rated business enterprises;The group company investigated an important ratio of power to have an exaltation last year to the economic increment value of second class business enterprise and had a conditional business enterprise to work hard for to attain above 40%.Want to hold firmly to build up to be sound economic increment value the dynamic state monitor system, develop value to diagnose an activity completely and promote to be worth of level.see more:Special price silver in the tonight hotel
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