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Monday, 26 March 2012
Chinese car zero parts export the United States or is limited
American manufacturing industry alliance released a report to say on January 31, Chinese government had already subsidized Chinese car up to now from 2001 zero parts industries be close to USD 27,500,000,000, will also additionally provide the USD 10,900,000,000 subsidy car zero parts industries future decade.
  Criticize thinks, this will significantly promote the car of the United States to China zero parts unfavorable balance of trades and seriously threaten American the car worker's employment.Parliamentarian Dai compares ·the Si tower Bo promise said, China just at"continuously deprive our wealths, we have to stop."
  On January 24, American president Obama announced to take a post toward the congress of the third union address, trade the United States the disequalibrium NBA Hats baseball hats blame on China, and emphasize to establish trade compulsory execution organization, limit China to wait nation of"is unjust is trading behavior".
  "We let today president the first time have the opportunity the commitment for carrying out fair competition."American manufacturing industry alliance chairman's Si section especially ·protect Luo to say, limiting Chinese car zero parts import's appealings can urge Obama's government to launch a survey, and finally make to China of car zero parts imposition anti-dumping duty and anti- subsidy tax.
《car news 》 data in the United States suggests that be engaged in zero accessories manufacturings because of American car manufacturing industry 75% workers, Chinese car zero flowing out of partseses go into to force American worker in great quantities unemployed.Since 2000, American car zero parts industries only enlisted 60,000 employees, the industry ran off 40 myriad people and had already been subjected to another threat.
  An officials who would not like to reveal name say:"We will keep on Zhen don't and deal with to trade unjust behavior, until the worker new era hats and companies of the United States can obtain success under a fair competition environment."
  Central America the trade fights
  Report according to
《car news 》 in the United States, December, 2011, Chinese government aims at American the large sedan and SUV 4x4 raise 22% punishment tariff, is American government restriction and import the check and balance means of the products, such as tire and birds meat...etc. from China.
  But Obama's government is in the consideration then whether the solar energy plank aiming at Chinese manufacturing and breeze electricity equipments collects anti-dumping duty with eradicate completely so-called unjust is trading.Plused before now resort WTO in the United States to say, China violated the rules to limit aluminum soil, coke, and metal Huo...etc.9 kinds of original material export, the United States to China trade rub the nitric smoke rose everywhere.
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