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Sunday, 3 June 2012
American population structure variety brings

Virtuous Lu gram at he Zhao of'old age pension revolution'say in this book, "this book for the very first time in 1976, publication's the then book title BE'unseen revolution'.Among all of my works, this book cans be said to be the strongest to sex, however, but this book most behavior neglect.Although what this book illustrateses are all facts for leaving no room for doubt ……till the end of 80's in 20th century, this book suddenly the fire got up.People not only for book the affair mentioned connect an article the tired Du ground announce commentary article, and still be called this book'classic work'".

  This is why?This is exactly master's manner of virtuous Lu gram that is "social ecologist" from the Xu.Problem BE, the old age pension system of China should how revolution?BE repeating the same mistake Europe and America?This book suited for each womens sunglasses person's reading that has sense of responsibility to the society, particularly is those people who are engaged in an agency to protect a fund work.

  Ascend a , we join the government a mansion and retired to enjoy life the relation of fund to speak that the old age pension needs  a revolution  urgently, the change that we continue to inquire into population structure brings old age pension of hard nut to crack.This text mainly comes from I am in the virtuous Lu gram'old age pension revolution'in compose of guided reading part.

  Be neglected most easily of retire to enjoy life the key sticking point of fund problem, at the same time is also the most decisive factor is "population structure of huge change".In spite of organizes in the business enterprise, non-profit organization and non- government, or outside wrap unit(in four-part door) and government sections to all exist because the advanced age turns in advance arrival and creation of important structure problem, this also brings burden Coach Sunglasses Kristina to G.M. and a huge sum of finance of New York City and seriously influences normal organization to carry camp and cost structure, and cause vicious cycle.

  What is the real reason of"population structure of huge change" ?Decide that the factor of "population structure" has 3:Infant's birthrate, infant mortality rate and those average lives that become to live an infant.According to the observation and research of virtuous Lu gram, "what to be shown a Zhao improvement is average life that becomes to live an infant first-this mainly should was attributed to a middle period to start getting biggest the public medical and health condition of improvement from 19th century.Among three above-mentioned factors, what the last occurrence change is an infant mortality rate.Last phase till 19th century, is also 1895 year ago empress, the infant mortality rate started having to obviously descend.From then on, western nation and the infant mortality rate of Japan have been significantly descending in continuous 30 yearses, then experienced continuously for 10 years again of slow-moving drop, the period from the World War II beginning until now, their infant mortality rates have been being all controled on a low-down level."see more:A Bian white of"take a wrong step civil servant"
Limit to drive schools to solicit students to help

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