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Wednesday, 6 June 2012
Have a stomach-ache and stomach ulcer

Eating is too cool, corrupt and not digest of food, or lead satisfied, lead drink, on the second day belly hair bulge, disgusted, appear stomach-ache at the same time. Even shock happen while having a stomach-ache seriously, this is the stomach spasm. When is sudden to have a stomach-ache or stomach spasm, for relieving pain, had better adopt an acupuncture points treatment.

    Concrete treatment method: It is a stomach and intestines cave to order to cure to have a stomach-ache the best acupuncture points, center of palm slightly under of cheap sun glasses stomach and intestines cave, it has close relation with stomach and bowel.Such as press press to stimulate this cave, can repress stomach and intestines function.Have analgesic effect., Pressing to press the back of the hand thumb a root to slightly depend at the same time is next of fall zero 5 caves, also very effective.

    Cure the acupuncture points of stomach ulcer: Stomach and intestines cave, the chest and belly area of the back of the hand, the in front cave of index finger, the medium Kui cave of middle finger, burns these acupuncture pointses with the cigarette 7-14 times every day, can repress stomach acid to secrete. So the circumstance of stomach will gradually grow better.

    Acupuncture points of massaging: Stomach and intestines cave, fall zero 5, the chest and belly area, medium Kui and in front order.



    The common saying says that"three adults, one person hemorrhoid" suffers from a many person of piles and is imaginable. Investigate its reason, someone says to is a food habit to, someone says to is a life to habitually arouse an etc..

    General of under the circumstance, vein there is vein petal in the blood vessel, can keep blood from returning flowing. Don't know why, only the ass vein has no petal, results in the blood return to flow and becomes sluggish. The blood long time period becomes sluggish, this part then summons up because of blood clot. Even break rules issue of blood, so the important point that cures piles should put in improving the constringency ability that the ass Gua invites a muscle. With help the blood to carry, keep vein blood from Zhi to flow.

    Concrete treatment method: Burn meeting Yin cave with the cigarette, because of making ass Gua invite the muscle is toughenned, raised muscle dint, so can nicely live issue of blood. Burn 15-30 times sooner or later every day, must patiently and carefully burn, so as to yield results, in addition to meeting Yin cave, the matching of the back of the hand valley cave and palm side index finger the large intestine cheap oakley sunglasses cave of first joint is also the good acupuncture points that cures piles. By hand point to press to press these two caves, will also soon yield results.

    Acupuncture points of massaging: The large intestine and meeting Yin orders

    Cardiac passion


    Burn bright pain symptom to appear in the center of the chest nest, so be called cardiac passion. Majority of patients because the stomach acid secretes an abnormality, especially the stomach acid secretes excessive result in. The stomach acid against the current ups north route an esophagus, so just feels esophagus nearby ache.

    Concrete treatment method:The acupuncture points therapy that cures cardiac passion is chest and belly area and middle finger of the back of the hand the center the medium Kui cave of second joint back side.Still there is palm under of the stomach and intestines order cave and make an effort to press to press this a few acupuncture pointses or roll area to take to do 7-10 times every day, if again go together with to burn by cigarette, the effect will be better.

    Acupuncture points of massaging: The medium Kui, chest and belly area and stomach and intestines orders,see more:Bedbug is with Olympic Games is since then of
The success and society progress of entrepreneur

Posted by terminalcables at 8:57 PM EDT
The screen is a face place of cellular phone

After all, the screen is a face place of cellular phone, the size of screen is friendly bad to directly come to a decision the customer's impressions and experience.The summer new N808 adopted a cake of to have nations to lead aquatic 4.3 inch screenses, the resolution came to an astonishing WVGA level and show the effect is delicately very, fine degree far far above the level of common household-use liquid crystal display.Touch a hand is always also a summer lately value, so we see of the screen material is an electric capacity specification, not need a handwritten pen, also not need to make an effort to click, the demand lightly touches to operate, the screen still supports ordering more touch at the same time and enlarge to narrow operations such as picture and web page womens sunglasses etc. all ability easy carry out.

 In the basic quality get contentedly at the same time, the summer lately didn't also forget in the N808 to join some special feature functions, the gravity spreads feeling machine, distance to spread feeling machine, ray to spread a feeling machine every kind is supplied here.The gravity sensor can make the customer play various body feeling game and return an ability while browsing web page and picture auto to change picture position according to the fuselage position.The ray spreads a feeling machine to intelligently respond surroundings ray strength and thus and automatically changes a screen bright degree and with maximum limit economizes electric power and raises to need machine for time.The distance spreads a feeling machine to let customer while stiring to make a phone call automatic close screen, so as not to the mistake presses.


 AGPS and GPS join to let new N808 of summer of the function ascended a step, song map in the match valley or Kai sign virtuous navigate to wait software, can carry out a perfect fixed position and navigate function.Among them A-GPS can under the sistuation that have already moved network support the current place position of quick fixed position customer, 10 inside of the fixed position speed make people astonished, under the sistuation that didn't move a network assistance, the GPS fixed position function can let customer's not in power outside or the human footprints is rare to go to of the place can also find out his/her own position, is one of the essential multi-function communication products of donkey friend.And super strong battery, the N808 completely can be a best sunglasses quasi- professional GPS use.

 5,000,000 pixels taking to visit blade enough to spare to shoot to be like a head is already the mark of cellular phone to go together with a parts, the summer new N808 carried a 5,000,000 shooting of pixelses to be like a head, and supported auto-focusing function(AF), the customer regardless walked to where, can quickly take beautiful photograph.Shooting quality like head is very excellent, have already come to a the level of common digital camera.Shooting to be like a head canned also match with GPS function to make sure to take position at present and increased function.The pair of 300,000 pixels shoots to be like a head to used for a video frequency converse function, regardless is according to the video frequency of Internet converse still according to the video frequency of 3 G network converse all ability perfect and permit.see more:'Yi King'the back gossip want to concuss of secret
Yi King'have to the modern business enterprise management which functions

Posted by terminalcables at 8:48 PM EDT
100 endure into a gold

100 endure into a gold, idiom, describe endurance of valuable.'Old Tang Shu?Does the filial piety friend spread? Zhang Gong Yi':"Yun state life the male skill of Zhang Ren Zhang, nine cohabitations ……the Lin is virtuous medium, Gao Zong occupies Mount Taishan, pass by Yun state, kiss its house luckily, ask its righteousness from.Its person invites a paper pen, proviso 100 remaining'endure'word." The beam Qi is super'the new people say'eight:"Such cheap sunglasses as so-called 100 endure into a gold, so-called and extreme obsequiousness, the non- customs spread for the anecdotes!"Used to object and settle language;Used for advising a Jie person.

Spread to spin a yarn

  Words say that Tang Gao believes in an in year, Zhang Jia Zhuang of foot in Mount Taishan has a member to outside call Zhang Gong Yi, he is Zhang Zu's old ancestor.Zhang Gong accepts first the wage of Zu Lu and have good farm thousand just, the house supports ten thousand Guans.However the virtuous thin wealth of Zhang Gong Hou, in peace and harmony clansmen, gift wise corporal.In normal times inside generously good, help Wei to hand to trap and act towards people a big degree, meet a matter kind endure, local common people all your respectful name he is a good man.People all pass on a message:No matter the south comes to north to of private, who have a difficulty, may well ask for help from a good man and necessarily have property to aid.Day after day, good man piece accumulates kind record of events of character to more spread more many, good reputation not Jing but walk.

  But say eight fairies in, pure sun Lyu Zu, person calls a hole guest and once mutually invites with other seven hole fairieses, will be come together to the Dian of Mount Taishan, south the cloud Ling crest in sky boil a Ming theory way, alcohol have a good time.Because the time is it's yet early, he then the incarnation is a private, visit mountain to play water all the way toward Mount Taishan since then.

  It, is having many people good man piece is at the speaking about and say that he has great kind heart, generously good righteousness, more having the tolerance ordinary people can not tolerate of matter.

  A life time cohabitation of Zhang Gong Wu in Shandong, 100 endure financial situation interest.It is said that his best sunglasses hair wishes, in his whole life, go 100 matters that greatly meekly tolerate insult.After once enduring 99 times, 100th time is his grandson to take a wife that day and suddenly come to a way person, experiment whether he really has already meekly tolerated insult an effort and then wants this bride to him, first and do-it-yourself a night husband and wife.This matter makes Zhang Gong very the feeling is difficult, but he is generous on thinking, I what humiliated to all once bear with, this meekly tolerated insult to have the last time what not ability?Hence advise its grandson, complete his 100 endure big wish, meekly tolerate insult for a while.Afterwards in the bride's building, this way person jumps endlessly, the mouth inside doesn't live of say:"See break, jump lead".Jumping is bright till sky, suddenly poured on the ground to die, bride Hai called and treat public come to see, have already become a gold person, amass a fortune from here.It is past to say that Zhang Gong Bai endures into a gold.That place in Shandong there is till now also"100 endures a hall" of Wei E being in remembrance of the character that he meekly tolerates insults. see more:Discover the small problem in the business enterprise
Small problem management

Posted by terminalcables at 2:18 AM EDT
Have a kind of magic power calls atmosphere

The atmosphere is a person's qualities or generosity of spirit, a kind of external appearance performance of one personal heart world, a personal comprehensive character to outward send forth of a kind of strength of invisible.Mount Taishan is collapsed to ex- but noodles not change a color is to grow atmosphere, starve don't eat Jie's coming to its food is to grow atmosphere, rather die than surrender"life from thou who have no dead, stay to take heart of pure loyalty to shine on sweat green" cheap sun glasses grows atmosphere.The atmosphere is steady heavy, quiet, keep Zhao, the fortitude and resilience doesn't pull out.The atmosphere isn't calm to face a living difficulty, do stop the step that oneself pursues in the predicament.­

  Atmosphere be not since the childhood living come of, but experienced a life slowly development come out of Hao however of the spirit was a person to society, was a humanistic nature to show unintentionally to a kind of consciousness of attitude that life holds, pack is packed don't come out.­

  The atmosphere is a generous manner of speaking in proper form, conducting nature harmony, living manner Ping-ho, not hasty Zao, not slack, time should not make moves dense as a block, make people stare tongue-tied while shoulding make moves.­

  The atmosphere is total to stand on Gao Wu Jian Ling's angles to treat a problem, makes people feeling decorous, is like a good book, the contents makes people moving, not and lightly don't float, no matter what angle it is, see, can't feel dull.Once reading can make people don't want to put it away best sunglasses and be subjected to a benefit from it not- shallow.­

  The atmosphere is a kind of careless.Don't be greedy for small benefit but lose matter of principles, keep the great principle of heart, look like blurred, heart bright hall.­

  The atmosphere is 1 kind to endure to let.Not and easily take own self-restraint challenge other people of superficial.­

  The atmosphere is a kind of weak thin.Money fame and wealth floating cloud leads, my heart from have bright moon at.­

  The atmosphere is a kind of condescension.Half bottle water always flaps about in the bottle, 3 people go to necessarily have me the teacher, don't despise anyone, many from the other people body up seek his/her own shortcoming, don't worship anyone, but be good at very much more strength of studying the other people. 

see more:Liu Bang and item feather's private enterprise management
Eight recruit the daily record- net of traditional beauty method

Posted by terminalcables at 2:17 AM EDT
Monday, 4 June 2012
Mold and insist the independent character

First, I think, college of commerce not with development greed but have no morals control of"success personage" for exist an aim, not only is a lesson in"business ethics" to want to speak public spirit and morals heart, and all professional courses want to combine the academic theories discussion ethics question of ethics said.This be, regardless Chinese and Foreign college of commerce, all want to train the student has achievement in "work to be a person first".

  Secondly, teacher in the college of commerce is a management scholar whom occupation turns, oneself has to have homologous occupation character.Each teacher has to have homologous social judgment spirit, so as to work well academic research and professional teaching.Include mens sunglasses here:Want to respect and embody a gifted mankind society in"fair, fair and sharing" to exist rule first;Secondly be go to quest and relate professional theory and method, letting understand"the reasonable legally earns money" of student is a proper way.Those"since societies all so, I also come to get a point" isn't the embodiment of the occupation spirit of teacher in a college of commerce, while the speech of "not Zheng arrives 40,000,000 don't come to see me" is to violate to student's mind and to the violation of mankind's conscience.

  As for business enterprise how should do, my assertion BE, the academic association listens to and responds in time, is the carriage that the especially big contemporary business enterprise business enterprise should have.In other words, if Facebook and firm gram Bo Ge know this and does effective adjustment in time and for example leave behind the next data to the netizen of careful and legal of processing, believe that the social public will give the judgment of justice.

  Make reference to here, many spectators, do you still believe Bill? Is covering the Ci the philanthropist of "extremely classic character" that compares Chinese cheap oakley sunglasses entrepreneur to have Gao De Duo?I see never and like this.I agree with viewpoint like this, namely from the Christ doctrine point of view, he is in an expiations, pray to god to he and Microsoft company build of various Nie lines forgive.

  End, believes that everyone comprehends what what"revolution innovation" that I say points is, that be, regardless is learning in the work in the agriculture at the government at the company, only have everyone's joint effort, supporting the society of "fair, fair and sharing" is the way of this society, organization and personal existence and development.In addition, absolutely being not likely to have the second road can walk.

see more:Puncture a treatment to fall Zhen to have a strange effect
The so-called progressive party has two pieces words

Posted by terminalcables at 8:46 PM EDT
Particularly want to say to build up punishing system

Particularly want to say to build up punishing system towards recommending a person here.A company can get into to start a business a plank market and recommend a person to have to the pass an important function, while they can also pass to recommend service to obtain a huge sum of profits.But, for recommend person to say, they not only want to is responsible for towards recommending companies, but also should womens sunglasses be responsible for the investor.In fact, common investor because of oneself conditional restriction, to the introduction that can pass to recommend a person of understand of issue company, but recommend a person to pass on the trail of service to the company, can have very clear understand to the company, include its advantage and weakness.Recommend person's is responsible for the issue company in the middle of currently recommending business and spare no effort can become available in the market for its issue, is it costliness turn Qian Chu plan plan, to the investor have severity of mislead a function, but they to this kind of behavior need not undertake any responsibility.If can pursue the delinquent in duty responsibility of recommending the person when the company back city, they the meeting naturally incline toward to choose under the pressure introduction company practical and realistically, but don't dare for the sake of the contented cupidity but willingly publish the protection umbrella of company.

   According to currently discount sunglasses backing city system, if if there is no punishing of kit system, , so, may back the board of city to beat very much on investor, but truely need to undertake a backing of law responsibility and economic responsibility city company and it recommends a person but absquatulates.If this circumstance keeps on keeping on over a long period of time, so what to can anticipate BE, this backs city system to get into to die the beard is together.Those need to be undertaken after aring crowded to lead to examine front door to get into the companies of starting a business the plank market to only enjoy a turn of pleasant sensation of money, but needing not worrying to back city what responsibility, their clapping a bottom to walk person is all right.And when investor can unilaterally the acceptance back city loss of time, one of their choice can be to keep off this market, the judgment day of market also came right away to face. see more:Black Long Shan why will present to public "cultural black dragon"
Candor first at the freedom

Posted by terminalcables at 8:43 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 4 June 2012 8:45 PM EDT
'You don't come, I don't dare old go


  The it is dawn sits on the ship's bow of sunlight, my etc. once saw 1,000 times of to walk for a long time and for a long time west, listen to 10,000 times send off, on the very wet mud, I use brain to slightly copy the Mo your story in other place.

  You don't come, I don't dare old go.



  The years is full with moss, climb the tree trunk of memory up, the light fog soft and charming night peddles a poem phrase of superficial, the spider hunger of cheap sunglasses sadness wears, exhausted, knotted an one and other empty net, the dark Fu is in the edge and see through the oneself occupies of focus.Which lay a net up can contact your news ……

  You don't come, I don't dare old go.



  The sunlight lost, the moon lost, the falling of day emaciation climbs and use to long for to spread of the red carpet dust spread all over and sweep once, the tears flow once.

  That is the tears that the stars drops into, also say to is a red bean to slip away far footprint, under the fairy Feng, my Kou did obeisance the majesty of star Hui, day be risen by the breeze Liang, a grounds allows pure spring to lead from the heart undercurrent ……

  You don't come, I don't dare old go.



The breeze bell will listen your baseball sunglasses true feelings, the dream world of last night is the moonlight poetic charm that I play, uncover dream world at the green puckery street corner, be at the beginning like to uncover you a very red cover head, waked up from dream, fluttered of the breeze bell sing low still shallow sing of sadness remain.

  You don't come, I don't dare old go.



  Mist-shrouded waters inside that faintly discernable the white dress float whether juniority frivolous of engagement, moonlit night spring river's dulcimer Xiao blew to the utmost touching come and go, shore has already to the utmost fold, in the sun and moon transmigration of soul of like rising winds and surging clouds, my signing is sending your ferry station, although the ferry station is gradually stared at by me look upwards.see more:A twisted dough-strips in Taiwan and USD 30,000,000,000
Is national the poor county smell smelly to eat joss

Posted by terminalcables at 5:07 AM EDT
Sunday, 3 June 2012
American population structure variety brings

Virtuous Lu gram at he Zhao of'old age pension revolution'say in this book, "this book for the very first time in 1976, publication's the then book title BE'unseen revolution'.Among all of my works, this book cans be said to be the strongest to sex, however, but this book most behavior neglect.Although what this book illustrateses are all facts for leaving no room for doubt ……till the end of 80's in 20th century, this book suddenly the fire got up.People not only for book the affair mentioned connect an article the tired Du ground announce commentary article, and still be called this book'classic work'".

  This is why?This is exactly master's manner of virtuous Lu gram that is "social ecologist" from the Xu.Problem BE, the old age pension system of China should how revolution?BE repeating the same mistake Europe and America?This book suited for each womens sunglasses person's reading that has sense of responsibility to the society, particularly is those people who are engaged in an agency to protect a fund work.

  Ascend a , we join the government a mansion and retired to enjoy life the relation of fund to speak that the old age pension needs  a revolution  urgently, the change that we continue to inquire into population structure brings old age pension of hard nut to crack.This text mainly comes from I am in the virtuous Lu gram'old age pension revolution'in compose of guided reading part.

  Be neglected most easily of retire to enjoy life the key sticking point of fund problem, at the same time is also the most decisive factor is "population structure of huge change".In spite of organizes in the business enterprise, non-profit organization and non- government, or outside wrap unit(in four-part door) and government sections to all exist because the advanced age turns in advance arrival and creation of important structure problem, this also brings burden Coach Sunglasses Kristina to G.M. and a huge sum of finance of New York City and seriously influences normal organization to carry camp and cost structure, and cause vicious cycle.

  What is the real reason of"population structure of huge change" ?Decide that the factor of "population structure" has 3:Infant's birthrate, infant mortality rate and those average lives that become to live an infant.According to the observation and research of virtuous Lu gram, "what to be shown a Zhao improvement is average life that becomes to live an infant first-this mainly should was attributed to a middle period to start getting biggest the public medical and health condition of improvement from 19th century.Among three above-mentioned factors, what the last occurrence change is an infant mortality rate.Last phase till 19th century, is also 1895 year ago empress, the infant mortality rate started having to obviously descend.From then on, western nation and the infant mortality rate of Japan have been significantly descending in continuous 30 yearses, then experienced continuously for 10 years again of slow-moving drop, the period from the World War II beginning until now, their infant mortality rates have been being all controled on a low-down level."see more:A Bian white of"take a wrong step civil servant"
Limit to drive schools to solicit students to help

Posted by terminalcables at 10:26 PM EDT
Friday, 1 June 2012
Under the oppression of thus huge pressure

Under the oppression of thus huge pressure, Cruiser this Labrador Retriever-look for dog once of miscellaneous hand over a dog of start appearing a skin problem, gradually its hair consequently dropped almost a half.The hostess doesn't already see this circumstance sad, she feels what she should order for the sake of Cruiser.Until her one assumes office the friend's help that organize(Victorian Dog Rescue) at the Wei state dog rescue, the Cruiser symptom seemed to get a control, but they has to pay the price that loses Cruiser for this.

Is painful after struggling, male hostess finally pain make a firm decision, for the sake of Cruiser of womens sunglasses healthy decide to accept the friend's suggestion sends into the Wei state dog it rescue the organization carries on the treatment of more overall physiology and mental state.That annoys every day very clear, ten thousand insides have no cloud, the sun keeps shooting Cruiser small nest, very pleasing.But it seems to be not to sway to this, it ambiguously feels have what important affair will soon take place.Indeed as expected, the friend of hostess opened dog to rescue a built-up car to arrive their house in the morning.The hostess starts to embrace Cruiser to slightly kiss it, the tears constantly and downwards flows.The male host take out the Cruiser home articles having already put away to put the friend's car, the facial expression is serious, and the noodles has no a facial expression.Exchanged greeting severals with friend, the hostess with reluctance handed over Cruiser to inside in the friend's hand.The Cruiser Quan shrinks its young and small body and squats down on the copilot's quietly, eyes dead straight hope the host out of the car, the tears doesn't stop a dozen to turn in the eye socket,Cheap D&G Sunglasses until the engine that rides bike launches, it just follow the cheeks stayed down ……

Now already 3-year-old Cruiser be kept and raised by the new host Haddrell house currently, its skin disease has already recovered from illness as well, and grows the golden color skin of whole body health, aglow with health afresh, healthy and energetic.New host Sue Haddrell son Lachlan love Cruiser of dying"quiet and good temper", whole family"is all not willing to give up to let it to walk" ……

  The Bo friends, has your house already kept a pet as well?Is there also the dog"eight male" of loyalty that concerns host's peace or chaos like Cruiser?see more:As follows is ask for opinion draft full text
Increase a new listed company to circulate an amount

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Isn't there any the marketplace of placard

 "'Open air advertisement in Guangzhou City and placard establish norm'can be treated as one of the topic that pay attention to most currently of Guangzhou store." One business net chief executive officer, Huang Hua Jun, said, among them most allow the stores to worry of is don't make profit to establish an outdoor advertisement and placard and lord to prohibit a large LED screen inside the trunk highway 50 meters scope with the building roof.

    The reporter turns over to check'norm'suggest, "the building roof forbids to establish outdoor advertisement and placard".If taking this as is quasi-, the advertisement card of Pearl River cross-straits and winning up huge"medium letter" in the letter square two words, sky the river road international hotel in cheap sunglasses Mediterranean of placard, I the plentiful mansion house take over of numerous business cores like comity store,etcs of the company placard and road in the wreath City prosperously of the company placards may tear down.

    Say to reporter before city tube in Guangzhou City enforces the law relevant representative director in the bureau, 'norm'still keep existing some blind spots just out of the oven, the legitimacy of"medium letter" placard defines in the blind spot.Medium letter placard public property of the mansion stronger, new of constitution project haven't made sure to before and first and slowly dismantle, need inner part again thin turn a research.

    All the souths reporter investigates a detection, in fact is similar to with"in letter" of blind spot equal of many.The day before yesterday river city group deputy governor, Yang Jun Ting, said, if according to'norm'win"forbaded made use of to construct a glass window, glass act wall, made sight-seeing tripped elevator etc., indoors or one side in the outdoors pasted up or Mens Adidas Sunglasses established advertisement, placard" of rules, so"country beautiful electric appliances" four wordses out of the Wei act wall in much benefit square, too thou remitted the mold that the advertisement painting and placard and ten thousand lings in the showroom of L V remitted the A store of ZA R picture and"ZA R A" certain context would be seen as well especially as violate the rules behavior.But obviously, these are the placard of the brand, not advertisement.In addition, 'norm'still request "cross in the transportation multifarious road, not proper constitution open air advertisement".But in a lot of stores eyes, river road shopping area in sky only 2.8 kilometers, have 4 street corners, this wayside side distributes the business item of 3,000,000 square meter wholesales and retail price, regardless being a placard or advertisementses can hardly avert from to cross.see more:The Reminbi international war battlefield soldier plays

Posted by terminalcables at 10:32 PM EDT

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