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Monday, 4 June 2012
'You don't come, I don't dare old go


  The it is dawn sits on the ship's bow of sunlight, my etc. once saw 1,000 times of to walk for a long time and for a long time west, listen to 10,000 times send off, on the very wet mud, I use brain to slightly copy the Mo your story in other place.

  You don't come, I don't dare old go.



  The years is full with moss, climb the tree trunk of memory up, the light fog soft and charming night peddles a poem phrase of superficial, the spider hunger of cheap sunglasses sadness wears, exhausted, knotted an one and other empty net, the dark Fu is in the edge and see through the oneself occupies of focus.Which lay a net up can contact your news ……

  You don't come, I don't dare old go.



  The sunlight lost, the moon lost, the falling of day emaciation climbs and use to long for to spread of the red carpet dust spread all over and sweep once, the tears flow once.

  That is the tears that the stars drops into, also say to is a red bean to slip away far footprint, under the fairy Feng, my Kou did obeisance the majesty of star Hui, day be risen by the breeze Liang, a grounds allows pure spring to lead from the heart undercurrent ……

  You don't come, I don't dare old go.



The breeze bell will listen your baseball sunglasses true feelings, the dream world of last night is the moonlight poetic charm that I play, uncover dream world at the green puckery street corner, be at the beginning like to uncover you a very red cover head, waked up from dream, fluttered of the breeze bell sing low still shallow sing of sadness remain.

  You don't come, I don't dare old go.



  Mist-shrouded waters inside that faintly discernable the white dress float whether juniority frivolous of engagement, moonlit night spring river's dulcimer Xiao blew to the utmost touching come and go, shore has already to the utmost fold, in the sun and moon transmigration of soul of like rising winds and surging clouds, my signing is sending your ferry station, although the ferry station is gradually stared at by me look upwards.see more:A twisted dough-strips in Taiwan and USD 30,000,000,000
Is national the poor county smell smelly to eat joss

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