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Monday, 4 June 2012
Particularly want to say to build up punishing system

Particularly want to say to build up punishing system towards recommending a person here.A company can get into to start a business a plank market and recommend a person to have to the pass an important function, while they can also pass to recommend service to obtain a huge sum of profits.But, for recommend person to say, they not only want to is responsible for towards recommending companies, but also should womens sunglasses be responsible for the investor.In fact, common investor because of oneself conditional restriction, to the introduction that can pass to recommend a person of understand of issue company, but recommend a person to pass on the trail of service to the company, can have very clear understand to the company, include its advantage and weakness.Recommend person's is responsible for the issue company in the middle of currently recommending business and spare no effort can become available in the market for its issue, is it costliness turn Qian Chu plan plan, to the investor have severity of mislead a function, but they to this kind of behavior need not undertake any responsibility.If can pursue the delinquent in duty responsibility of recommending the person when the company back city, they the meeting naturally incline toward to choose under the pressure introduction company practical and realistically, but don't dare for the sake of the contented cupidity but willingly publish the protection umbrella of company.

   According to currently discount sunglasses backing city system, if if there is no punishing of kit system, , so, may back the board of city to beat very much on investor, but truely need to undertake a backing of law responsibility and economic responsibility city company and it recommends a person but absquatulates.If this circumstance keeps on keeping on over a long period of time, so what to can anticipate BE, this backs city system to get into to die the beard is together.Those need to be undertaken after aring crowded to lead to examine front door to get into the companies of starting a business the plank market to only enjoy a turn of pleasant sensation of money, but needing not worrying to back city what responsibility, their clapping a bottom to walk person is all right.And when investor can unilaterally the acceptance back city loss of time, one of their choice can be to keep off this market, the judgment day of market also came right away to face. see more:Black Long Shan why will present to public "cultural black dragon"
Candor first at the freedom

Posted by terminalcables at 8:43 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 4 June 2012 8:45 PM EDT

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