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Wednesday, 6 June 2012
Have a stomach-ache and stomach ulcer

Eating is too cool, corrupt and not digest of food, or lead satisfied, lead drink, on the second day belly hair bulge, disgusted, appear stomach-ache at the same time. Even shock happen while having a stomach-ache seriously, this is the stomach spasm. When is sudden to have a stomach-ache or stomach spasm, for relieving pain, had better adopt an acupuncture points treatment.

    Concrete treatment method: It is a stomach and intestines cave to order to cure to have a stomach-ache the best acupuncture points, center of palm slightly under of cheap sun glasses stomach and intestines cave, it has close relation with stomach and bowel.Such as press press to stimulate this cave, can repress stomach and intestines function.Have analgesic effect., Pressing to press the back of the hand thumb a root to slightly depend at the same time is next of fall zero 5 caves, also very effective.

    Cure the acupuncture points of stomach ulcer: Stomach and intestines cave, the chest and belly area of the back of the hand, the in front cave of index finger, the medium Kui cave of middle finger, burns these acupuncture pointses with the cigarette 7-14 times every day, can repress stomach acid to secrete. So the circumstance of stomach will gradually grow better.

    Acupuncture points of massaging: Stomach and intestines cave, fall zero 5, the chest and belly area, medium Kui and in front order.



    The common saying says that"three adults, one person hemorrhoid" suffers from a many person of piles and is imaginable. Investigate its reason, someone says to is a food habit to, someone says to is a life to habitually arouse an etc..

    General of under the circumstance, vein there is vein petal in the blood vessel, can keep blood from returning flowing. Don't know why, only the ass vein has no petal, results in the blood return to flow and becomes sluggish. The blood long time period becomes sluggish, this part then summons up because of blood clot. Even break rules issue of blood, so the important point that cures piles should put in improving the constringency ability that the ass Gua invites a muscle. With help the blood to carry, keep vein blood from Zhi to flow.

    Concrete treatment method: Burn meeting Yin cave with the cigarette, because of making ass Gua invite the muscle is toughenned, raised muscle dint, so can nicely live issue of blood. Burn 15-30 times sooner or later every day, must patiently and carefully burn, so as to yield results, in addition to meeting Yin cave, the matching of the back of the hand valley cave and palm side index finger the large intestine cheap oakley sunglasses cave of first joint is also the good acupuncture points that cures piles. By hand point to press to press these two caves, will also soon yield results.

    Acupuncture points of massaging: The large intestine and meeting Yin orders

    Cardiac passion


    Burn bright pain symptom to appear in the center of the chest nest, so be called cardiac passion. Majority of patients because the stomach acid secretes an abnormality, especially the stomach acid secretes excessive result in. The stomach acid against the current ups north route an esophagus, so just feels esophagus nearby ache.

    Concrete treatment method:The acupuncture points therapy that cures cardiac passion is chest and belly area and middle finger of the back of the hand the center the medium Kui cave of second joint back side.Still there is palm under of the stomach and intestines order cave and make an effort to press to press this a few acupuncture pointses or roll area to take to do 7-10 times every day, if again go together with to burn by cigarette, the effect will be better.

    Acupuncture points of massaging: The medium Kui, chest and belly area and stomach and intestines orders,see more:Bedbug is with Olympic Games is since then of
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