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Friday, 6 April 2012
The market of our country turns degree
Because the market of our country turns degree still not enough Gao, the management of the bank is still protected by policy, this position that promised that bank's being placed in to win in the market doesn't lose.The people's livelihood bank goes long Hong Qi mean on a forum recently, 'Chinese banking is an only show, the profits is very high and badly Tampa Bay Rays Hats lead very low, everyone has 1:00 is enrich unkind felling, so we sometimes profits too Gao, oneselfs are all ashamed to announce.'The words of Hong Qi say very openly, but also told the true condition of banking.The high profit of bank combines incompletely is compete in the market in get, but shelter in the policy under of a kind of'system bonus'.But, the society gave the bank support, the bank should morely undertake a social responsibility, that kind of with the market adjust to control for cover cold buy the policy permission mortgage inside the scope demanding way of doing to the limits, out of accordance with the social responsibility of load that bank promises, some banks start correcting this kind of way of doing that walks over the head at present, head suite loan the interest rate adjust basis level, is exactly a kind of regression of social responsibility.
 Certainly, the relaxation of the Coach Hats bank mortgage policy, the real estate market that don't mean just in the middle of pushing forward adjusts to control a changing direction of policy.Currently, our country many building prices of cities appeared loose move, turn point have been already formed, this is one to come of easy situation, but still have very big distance with the people's expectation, therefore, adjusting to control still has to insist.But, we should hold 1:00 and adjust to control will never for exterminating a market, but wanting to let this market regression arrive rational of orbit, letting to live sex and improvement housing can satisfy a request.In view of this, include the policies, such as mortgage and revenue from tax...etc. buys building inclination to the rigid need, should have in the that adjusts to control of righteousness.

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