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Monday, 16 April 2012
The virtual economy and real object economy

The virtual economy and real object economy escapes from various reason.More universal is the obligation can not cash, should money returning still don't come out.There was still a piece of money to use twice, 'one female two marry'.This is the in common use financial industry lever to enlarge function, it can raise the use efficiency of funds.But the multiple enlarging is more high, the risk is also more high.If two persons who spend money want to use that a piece of money at the same time, 'one female two marry'of the troubles will expose.But as long as the risk controls well, the matter like this takes place all to lead very low.Strictly speak, New Gucci Sunglasses break contract or'knock down'of the matter will take place every day, but the scale is very small, can't result in a financial crisis.Because of the reason of a certain macro view economy, make large numbers of case simultaneous withs of defaults, the crisis became now.This is what we want to prevent°fro.

  China on the allocation of money have a huge potential don't develop.On the other hand the bank carries out a super low interest rate, but the small and medium enterprises can not lend money from the bank and have to lend usury, the interest leads Gao Dao's 50%, even 80%.This proves that the funds install it's not appropriate.Should move to the place of high interest to money of the low interest and use.More money get into the place of high interest, the funds supply ample, the interest rate will descend.The end is an interest the market in the rate to turn.It is been efficiencies by allocation funds in the market to tallestly spend money a method.So we want to strongly develop conjecture economy, raise the use efficiency of the whole money and thing and create more wealths.

  Opposing the usury is another example that doesn't know how the financial industry create the wealth.The interest led high elucidation money to exert it to use and had no new era caps reason to forbid it.Yes, we don't approve usury as well, but exterminate an usurious method isn't to forbid it just, but encourage that everyone lends money at high interest.Funds of capital market ample, the interest rate will descend naturally.Regrettable is our anti- usury is used wrong method.More is to forbid, the person who lend money at high interest is more little, interest rate more high.

  I believe thousands have a deposit person in the bank, take 3% more interest, will would like to change to lend money at high interest.If all do like this, the interest of the usury rate descend, the wealth creation of more important whole societieses biggest increased, because put to lend money earned by money and kind food earned is same, all similar can buy to any merchandise.Money earned by financial industry and other service industries is an all wealthy creation, not is to exploit, not also a beguilement.see more:The growth has to be steady
Is British and American to cooperate

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Sunday, 15 April 2012
How change quickly foreign trade strategy
Because tradition's emphasizing that the development strategy of labor force cost advantage and exit direction can not get a smooth transformation and brought many problem and irregularities to the development of national economy.This concentration embodiment at:a is break severity to the local resources.For creating more foreign exchanges, many places and business enterprise chop down to over dig indiscriminately and bring serious breakage to environment St. Louis Cardinals Hats resources;Two is the exaltation that inhibitted worker wages welfare level.Under the sistuation that the technique level and the innovation ability always can not get an exaltation, many exit business enterprises don't hesitate the benefits of sacrificing the worker and pass the way of doing of depressing worker's wages and welfare to maintain meager profits;Three is to cause a great deal of trade's rubbing, China has already become a nation of suffering most anti-dumping in the world continuously for several years currently;Four replace domestic to consume to pull with the abroad consumption economy growth, not only enlarged domestic economy of unsteady, also weakened domestic consumption of extend.
  Be showed from this, tradition of with labor force cost comparison the advantage and exit lead to for the foreign trade development strategy of the characteristic have already canned not adapt to the variety of current economy environment, can not continue for future of the economic development provide new power.Therefore, speed from from the labor force more advantage toward the industry synthesize comparison advantage change, best sunglasses export direction type development strategy to comprehensive equilibrium type development strategy change, abandon unilateral emphasized exported to create to remit, maintenance the way of doing of trade surplus, valued import and export basic balance, valued to pass independent innovation ability and international competitiveness that the foreign trade raised a local business enterprise, only had thus, in next 10 years, then China canned morely enjoy into a life time after the benefits for bringing the national economy and the large citizen, get away from medium wait income trap, realization from trade the big country is to the root purpose that trades a big country change.

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The source and harm of heavy metals pollution

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Saturday, 14 April 2012
Want to accept Chinese economy to be appropriately line
Many organizations and researchers all think currently, economy next year increase to soon be probably lower than this year, how treat next year's whole economic situation?
  Wang Xiao Lu:Currently the bottom of economic emergence's going is ineluctable, everyone has to have this mental preparation, accept this to descend.Now is seen and descends the trend that still is soft to land in the line.The growth rate will be lower than 9% next year, if decline to 8% nothing important also is fantastic.But the key wants to promote to reform and adjust a structure, change development method, pass reform, adjustment and transformation Los Angeles Lakers Fitted Hat to guarantee in the future more long-term development can keep on.
  Important reason that goes under the economic emergence is to export a growth to put slowly.Chinese economic growth's passing by these years has already formed a kind of structure and form, be consume to economy of pull action to use limited, more pull near the investment and the exit economy;If export to put slowly, trade surplus narrow, but consume still ascend not come of words, want to protect speed, only depend on investment to pull economy.
  But China's passing by has already used almost half of GDPs to invest, this is the highest proportion.If continuing to be pulled an economic growth by extension investment will bring what result?First is produce ability to quickly extend;After productivity extends, the product has to absorb by consuming or exporting.If both are all not enough to absorb, will cause productivity excess, the investment will become an invalid investment, the growth still needs to drop down.And extend more fierce, will drop more maliciously in the future.
  China livings:Chinese economy's increasing is lower than someones of 10% surprised shout not good, economic slippery ascent.In fact, Chinese economy increases soon and appropriately next the line is to have an advantage to the whole economy, help us new era hats to adjust economic structure, contribute to reducing Reminbi appreciation pressure.Now formerly three quarter the degree see, is all several at 9:00, compare with other nations in the world, still a high speed degree.
  We'25'what programming settle is five years, GDP increases 7% on the average, settle what are 7% meaning ?Be say that arriving low 5% or 6% are also normal for some year, because some years will be a little bit high and arrive 8% or 9%.Is total to come to say, my thinking or so economy of 8% to increase speed is very good, than ours'25'program average level Gao Yi Ge's point is still.Should allow economy growth to contain motion.
  Newspaper:How to judge next year macroscopic economic policy?
  Wang Xiao Lu:If for pulling economy, make a relaxed policy again, make an incitement again economy, will form vicious cycle, larger to the injury of Chinese economy.Is down to date we are still swallowing past over- relaxed letter loan the policy bring of consequence.Resist inflation in fact is a painful process.
  Next year's macroscopic economic policy has to be appropriate, can not say tight tight arrive the business enterprise cannot live, loosen over- relaxed.The situation in nowadays needs to carry on a policy to be tiny to adjust, but can in no way make over- relaxed.The moderation of policy very key.In regard to next year, consume of three greatest factor in the center, the exit can not be too optimistic and invest an ability not again excessively stimulate, can not make the large-scale investment pulls, the key lieses in start to consume.But start consume again a series of problem of involving the income allotment.These problems all relate to existing system blemish, the public resources assigns not appropriate, all levels government's excessively falling overboard for investment, public service and society guarantee isn't good enough.

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The distance country is strong to think

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Thursday, 12 April 2012
New rules in Liaoning forbids nonage
On March 13, 1988, for putting out burst mountain fire, save mountain village, depended on to rather join to rush toward a fire troops on one's own initiative, at very hot fire in courageously fight to die in an accident after 45 hours, become the person that the whole country's study gave award to at that time.The youth depends on rather and became 70 empresses, 80 empresses when young of"hero memory", but"whether kid should fight a fire" also adult dispute of topic.
  Recently, Liaoning province is 11 person greatly often Wei will meeting review pass for for the 27th time of
《fire fight regulation in Liaoning province 》 rules, any unit and individual forbid Philadelphia Flyers Hats to organize a nonage to take part in a fire to put out.According to know, the regulation will on March 1, 2012 since start practicing.
  What nonage should control is to flee for life knowledge
  "A fire's putting out is a work of danger, nonage's physical strength and intelligence haven't developed to certain extent.Even if adult, if didn't after certain training take part in built-uply and fight a fire an activity also is very dangerous."The province fire fight total brigade legal system in Liaoning grew Cao to just tell a Chinese youth report in everywhere reporter.
《Fire fight regulation in Liaoning province 》 mainly for carrying through 《the People's Republic of China Fire Prevention Regulations 》 , the regulation revises a work on January 5, 2012 formal be over.
  This place regulation definitely rules:"the all levels people's government and its department concerned, group, business enterprise and business unit, villager's committee and residents' committee should organize to develop usually sexual fire fight publicity education the citizen then want to aware of self to study fire fight basic knowledge and raise fire prevention from save ability any unit and individual to forbid to organize a nonage to take part in a fire to put out."
  Protect a method"according to
《 the nonage 》, don't the adult should enjoy a fire fight safety, but don't throw in a fire to put out.Even if adult also daily fire fight safety that need to be taken part in unit organization then the training can have a fire to put out ability."
  "Depend on rather is a hero, is worthy of respect, Be worth respecting and study.But the aim of
《the People's Republic of China Fire Prevention Regulations 》 is the life property that wants to protect a citizen safety, put life safety in the first.《Fire fight regulation in Liaoning 》 is Nike golf sunglasses the local laws that carries through 《Fire Prevention Regulations 》 , embodying the value of the basic principle life of law is the most valuable.The nonage fights a fire very dangerous, we should well respect to the life."

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012
According to statistic from the maritime
The processing trade increases in value the ascension of rate to not only only mean that the processing trade uses to build up to the pulling of domestic economy action, but also also reflect a nearer in the last years our country is actively pushing forward a processing trade transformation to get stripe aspect fruitful.Processing trade transformation's getting stripe is pretty much a the Jian system engineering of huge complications, the challenge that need to be replied still has a lot.In fact, because of development ability severity shortage, our country of processing trade business enterprise at whole international industry chain of each increase in value link up still be placed in low level link, as a result at develop to also impossibly and completely get away from to labor in the processing trade process intensive with additional be worth low mode.For example, the on offer Barbie doll marked price is USD 9.99, only have USD dc hats 1 in the factory prices of China, and deducts a manufacturing cost on the market in the United States, China earnings of process a fee only USD 0.35 is also.From the macroscopic point of view, a little bit ex- year of our country creates each time the general trade export of a dollar to economy of pull to 0.7 dollars, but create each time the processing trade export of a dollar to economy of pull but only 0.3 dollars.
The second half of 2008 starts, along with the explosion of international financial crisis, the outside from international market needs to be atrophied, the our country processing trade development also met an unprecedented difficulty, and the processing trade import and export of 2009 total significantly descends 13.7%.However, return now overdo come to see, met at that time of international financial crisis also exactly become push forward the processing trade transformation gets stripe of chance.Many business enterprises that are engaged in processing trade exactly made use of an international financial crisis to result in international industry chain the opportune moments that decide more crack, further excellent turn to export a merchandise of structure, raise the additional value and technique content of exporting the merchandise, to a large extent carried out the empresses of using the oneself to deliver an advantage challenge in the international market of preempt advantage.Certainly, the oneself of processing trade business enterprise is hard not enough, besides which, , support of the nation is to have to close an important function.The policy should to the process of international financial crisis matched with to need and stabilize to outside need inside the national extension at helping a processing trade business enterprise, the related section actively pushes forward for the domestic sale convenience of processing trade to turn, among them include maritime customs further simplified processing trade for the domestic sale procedure, allow prestige good of allied net business enterprise'many times for the domestic sale, declare at a time', and can at for the domestic sale be month inside concentrate to carry out for the domestic sale declare a procedure.Is formal to adopt the livability of a series of means exaltation processing trade business enterprise and rise to help a business enterprise realization because of the nation'stay green mountain at'of effect, our country the processing trade is after stabilizing in the international economic situation develop also therefore the delay effect is hundred percent, the processing trade business enterprise can depend on an oneself of'Jie foot'at international on the market'ascend first'.In 2010, our country processing trade import and export the sum compared to increase 27.3% last year, among them, the processing trade export increased 26.2%, the processing trade import increased 29.5%.
Go into a life time 10 in the last yearses, our country of processing trade development power the head is good, don't develop processing trade Be no longer problem, but how better development processing trade is the focus that is the worthest to pay attention to, especially want industry safety, environmental protection, industrial upgrading, develop aspects like ability,etc as the point that raises processing trade whole level.Currently, the processing trade of the our country the development is extending with excesssive dependence amount of thick put mode gradually and go gradually and far, but with exaltation processing trade level of the request then gradually go gradually near.However, see the position of place from the our country divided the work in the international industry nowadays, get away from is at the international industry chain of'smile curve'low level position, the development of processing trade in the future still need to face many challenges to need to be replied, but the most effective way will enlarge the strength that the processing trade transformation gets stripe.
Although go into a life time for our country the development of the processing trade contained the function to open widely path, at after WTO ages 10 years behind, go into a life time to our country development the system bonus brought by processing trade be to a large extent well NFL hats scooped out.Currently, the shadow of international financial crisis hasn't completely got rid of, the Europe debt crisis, beautiful debt crisis also to a large extent spreads to an our country to the negative effect that economy in the world brings of processing trade development process.Know to all, Wenzhou is the gathering of our country processing trade industry concentrated, and parts of processing trade business enterprise funds chains in Wenzhou in the near future split although speculate with real estate, civil usury etc. not the management behavior of norm Be not irrelevant to fasten,to a large extent is also closely related with international environment recession in exterior in the market.Isn't difficult to see, in the future how higher point of departure's ascending the transformation of promoting the our country processing trade to get stripe is the realistic problem of importance, therefore, need at'transform'with'get stripe'the aspects all want to work hard for to obtain new breakthrough.

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Is truely worth money to be just the space

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012
Is truely worth money to be just the space
Is brave to think week sky, landholding make and manage a system to maintain present condition, the problem will be more and more.Can choose the third reform road while privatizing road and being not a viable circumstance either:The namely insisting land is stateowned and collectively all public systems are constant, prolong the use year that the business enterprise, residence is used ground, house base, farmland and woodland to expect to 300-1000 years etc. is not.The use year period that can establish user in the land so produces power, can trade, mortgage, join from partnership and inherit.'Only this can manage follow the whole.'He says.
 Use right in the residence land 70 every year limit vegetable to dispute rather many, therefore the local residents buy a house be been called by the drama'house renting'.The land uses time limit again and connections, such as building price and farmer income...etc., prolong time limit may?Could you work out the whole problem?
 In 1981, Huo English east at the earliest stage to the center relevant there is Chang use in the leadership suggestion land.Be asked and use term how many years accommodation, the Huo English east answers:'Hong Kong usual practice, 99 years.''That is the colony.'Huo:'Can settle for 75 years.'This dialogue is thought is 70 produce the source of power.In March, 1988, the person greatly and formally passes for 70 years, the land has the Chang use the bill.
 The blessing smooth publication in Sichuan prints to work limited liability the president of the company huge learn the Feng(woodcutter) makes fun of on the tiny Bo, 'the many people all criticize the Chinese love buys a MLB Cap house, while the Euro-American person loves a house renting.In fact the Chinese have no 1 is buy a house, all in the house renting, rent to expect most and grow for 70 years ju
st.Chinese ordinary people originally have no one to have real real estate!'
 Under this circumstance, the building price of high Qi is denounced.The Yang sees Chen from adviser in
《Wall Street 》 to think into mean, 'real estate in truely worth money Be just land.China and Euro-American real estate's biggest differentiation lie in, in the Europe and America, business real estate in fact is in the business land, the house on the land however is the additional value of land;But is a house in Chinese business, but the land just rents.In fact, house and car, computer, and television...etc. the other merchandise is similar, on buying to come to hand, meeting constantly depreciation, constantly mark down price at the same time, truely worth money of just below of land.But local person all the income compare American low decuple, can'house renting'(only few decades of land use power)but realer than the United States'house buying'(own a land)the price is still high.'Chen thinks into to immediately after say, 'this doesn't say that the Martian doesn't understand, the oversea Chinese people don't understand, domestic's seeming to be also to have no several individuals can really understand.The rational regression of building price is have to.'However, sound thus'faraway'of 300-1000 year, term, there is realistic meaning?The net friend dust dust in Fukien worries to have no truth, he says:'I am afraid if change to for 300 years-1000 yearses, the nfl jerseys cheap building price presumably wants to turn over again several turn over up, and meeting someone get worse of corruption house.These problem again should how handle?'
 Use with land the time limit has a direct connection of there is also farmer problem, mayor Huang Qi Fan in Chongqing once meant, 'Chinese farmer's biggest problem is to have no property right.Farmer work income 97% is to labor income and government subsidy, the property income has 3%, and it has no margin ability in the society.If solved a land use right, ensure its property right, it lend money behavior and then will take place.'
 College of finance and economics economy in Zhejiang thanks with director in the college of international trade to write a poem the commentary to this BE'why don't promote land privatization?'The party week sky brave professor of school thinks to privatize road to go, so puts forward the third reform road, namely and significantly prolongs time limit.

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From'ghost city'arrive hot soil

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the possibility of the building price revenge rebound
We see, this time adjusting of 2011 controls, and the central government soar towards suppressing building price leading quickly and displayed rare decision.After the strong dint of government intervention, the building price quickly soars a power head the first step get control with soothe the economic structure that the foam blowout will result in adjusts of pain.
The 2012 the middle of the years country economy wants to carry out the growth of above 8%, real estate industry can't definitely crustily six, building price's rising to fall will definitely gradually embody local area to divide a characteristic.Want to carry out 2012 building City steady transfer, prevent°from'crustily six', the policy necessarily will have vivid.Therefore real estate observer Xu Zi Fang thinks, 2012 the middle of the year, the country real estate market will turn warm, but the possibility of the building price revenge rebound San Diego Padres Hats isn't very big.
Its reason is as follows:
A, real estate marketSupply a level:Pass to change with the quantity of the guarantee building growth the merchandise building atrophies of quantity, carry out the investment of real estate to pull an effect smooth and excesssive(include to consumerly pull), the Chinese real estate market will embody'quantity the steady price is slow'of total characteristic.On December 22, State Department guarantees sex housing project leadership coordination group already and signs a guarantee with local government for 2012 years sex housing project work responsibility book, basic made sure 2012 whole yearses guarantee sex housing project opening total amount at 7,000,000 sets of, year inside the total amount assurance finishing construction is 4,000,000 sets.With different in 2011 BE, next year's responsibility book in addition to stipulate in addition to opening total amount, the local government also has already hoped to do a stipulation description(live to set up a department henceforth set with'1/3 completion radicle pit the concrete sprinkle to build, 1/3 is plus or minus zero(ground), the 1/3 corpus structure crest'of investigate standard) towards finishing construction index sign for whole yearses, namely the local government finished construction in those early years of guarantee the amount of housing projects had to reach a mark.Is another according to live the statistics of setting up the department, the guarantee housing that can finish construction to throw in an use in 2011 is about 3,000,000 sets of or so.Guarantee building although the related system isn't just very perfect,the decision of the government comes to a decision large-scale guarantee building steady push forward is an affair for leaving no room for doubt.A great deal of guarantee building of go into city, will change the organization and development mode of real estate industry, this is affirmative, at the same time, opposite 2011 year agos, the golden age of merchandise building to say, real estate industry from the bull market turn a bear market this DIOR Hats is also an affair that didn't need to be doubted, but the development space of China real estate industry is still huge to is also an affair that didn't need to be doubted at the same time.
Two, real estate marketNeed level:The strength of the real influence real estate market comes from financial market, but central bank and silver Jian will a dollar turn the ability of leading the control very violent.The center makes sure actively in 2012 of public finance policy, steady monetary policy this keynote can't change, the limit lends a policy temporarily can't the big scope Be loose to move, the big city limit buys a policy to also continue, these needs that will continue and influence a merchandise building market.At the same time, structure in the residence market gradually divides into merchandise building to run parallel with guarantee building the structure appearance of movement, the guarantee building weaken a fast- soaring foam of building price to turn foundation towards just needing hierarchical digest, willing.The merchandise housing that the part divides turns toward the high level luxurious residence development with satisfy the improvement of high level need, but its quantity and price particularly is a social influence to sharply weaken to the economic influence of China whole real estate market.

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Sunday, 8 April 2012
Debt haze cover crest in Europe Chinese
Road deeply Peking give or get an electric shock on December 22-as the symbol of Chinese nation, the dragon is given too many fine implied meanings.However, at Long Nian that will soon arrive, debt crisis haze in Europe when the dissipation return indetermination, this eastern Ultrasaurus in China probably wants to face more internal revolt and foreign invasions.
The Zhi bulge risk undercurrent that goes to cause with price hike under the economy flows out bottom, China has already certainly adjusted 2012& quot;Is steady medium to seek improvement".The analytical personage anticipates, many in the last yearses have been emphasizing"Protect eight(8% increase soon)"Of China, probably appropriate next year descend adjust economy growth the target is to 7.5%;In making use of policy, the steady monetary policy will be put Colorado Rockies Hats forth effort to definite direction more relaxed, but aggressive public finance policy then the Qing dint structure tax reduction.
"China is emphasizing the transformation of economy structure, has to tolerate the deceleration of economic growth, 25(2011-2015 years) programmings put forward of GDP's increasing is 7%, next year set a target more suitable in 7.5%, the CPI rise(target) estimate is similar to this year, still 4%."Chinese international economic exchanges center researcher, Wang Jun, calls.
Another official quarters that doesn't wish to put signature as well calls that the economy growth target has to want to wait until March, next year a person greatly and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference& quot;Two meetings"The discussion passes, from the current circumstance judgment, the GDP(GDP) growth target enactment is or so feater in 7.5%;But the long-term pressure of price hike still at, CPI(residents consumption price index number) rise target probably still 4%.
In the near future end of the central economic working conference mean, next year the economic society development Christian Audigier Fitted Hat wants outstanding confidence good"Is steady medium to seek improvement"Of total keynote, continue to carry out aggressive public finance policy and steady monetary policy.Combine to point out, Chinese economic at present the unbalance in the development, not moderate, can not antinomy and problem keeping on are still very outstanding, the economic growth bottom goes pressure and price hike pressure keep both.
This year that is Chinese to set at the beginning of the year GDP the growth target be or so for 8%, but physically increase to soon reach to 9.4% for 1-9 months.However this year quarter degree GDP together compare to increase to soon and continuously slow down to three quarters, 9.1% of degree, increase 8.1% for the 2009 second quarter of lowest level, cause to Chinese economy& quot;Crustily 6& quot;Of misgiving.But although the inflation drops from Gao Wei continuous four months, 1-11 months 5.5% CPIs together compare a rise to still save to be afraid of to the inflation fierce tiger heart the market.

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Experience'keep form but change substance'of change

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Friday, 6 April 2012
The market of our country turns degree
Because the market of our country turns degree still not enough Gao, the management of the bank is still protected by policy, this position that promised that bank's being placed in to win in the market doesn't lose.The people's livelihood bank goes long Hong Qi mean on a forum recently, 'Chinese banking is an only show, the profits is very high and badly Tampa Bay Rays Hats lead very low, everyone has 1:00 is enrich unkind felling, so we sometimes profits too Gao, oneselfs are all ashamed to announce.'The words of Hong Qi say very openly, but also told the true condition of banking.The high profit of bank combines incompletely is compete in the market in get, but shelter in the policy under of a kind of'system bonus'.But, the society gave the bank support, the bank should morely undertake a social responsibility, that kind of with the market adjust to control for cover cold buy the policy permission mortgage inside the scope demanding way of doing to the limits, out of accordance with the social responsibility of load that bank promises, some banks start correcting this kind of way of doing that walks over the head at present, head suite loan the interest rate adjust basis level, is exactly a kind of regression of social responsibility.
 Certainly, the relaxation of the Coach Hats bank mortgage policy, the real estate market that don't mean just in the middle of pushing forward adjusts to control a changing direction of policy.Currently, our country many building prices of cities appeared loose move, turn point have been already formed, this is one to come of easy situation, but still have very big distance with the people's expectation, therefore, adjusting to control still has to insist.But, we should hold 1:00 and adjust to control will never for exterminating a market, but wanting to let this market regression arrive rational of orbit, letting to live sex and improvement housing can satisfy a request.In view of this, include the policies, such as mortgage and revenue from tax...etc. buys building inclination to the rigid need, should have in the that adjusts to control of righteousness.

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The reason of crisis in Wenzhou and it manages

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Sunday, 1 April 2012
The foreign exchange has a style to descend
The latest data that the The People's Bank Of China releases suggests that after Chinese foreign exchange had a style of surplus amount to continuously create a new high that has ever had, the data in the near future have a time to adjust, and appeared for 24,892,000,000 Januaries in October, degree the rare phenomenon of the clean decrease.
  For long time, due to being foreign trade to be out of balance our country of trade surplus phenomenon more and more serious, cause the foreign exchange store scale gradually huge.Currently, the foreign exchange storage of our country increases to more than USD 10000000030,000 and becomes a world foreign exchange to store the biggest country.Meanwhile, foreign exchange's having the quantity of style is more and more huge, become our country foundation currency super hair, then Buy MLB Hats cause inflationary of important inducement.
  According to the calculation of department concerned, before the mid 90's in last century, the foreign exchange had the influence of the style upon the M2/GDP not big.But after 1996, picked and got rid of the M2/GDP that the foreign exchange had a style empress to want obviously is lower than to include foreign exchange to have a style at inside of the height of M2/GDP.Let what people worried BE, this both of the difference in amount is presenting to extend gradually of power.See from the data, if take no account of the words that the foreign exchange has a style, the ratio of M2 and GDP is 82% in 1990, 1996 attains 100% and have already much attain 180% in 2010.But if have a style of exclusion's outlying words of foreign exchange, the ratio of M2 and GDP is 79% in 1990, the ratio is 134% in 2010.This wanting all is more consumedly low than to include foreign exchange to have a style at inside of the circumstance of M2/GDP.In other words, because exist foreign trade surplus of a huge sum of and a great deal of foreign exchange storage of its formation, make the foreign exchange have the limit of style to increase consumedly, also make the M2/GDP want compare pick and get rid of more than 50 percentage points of M2/GDP Gao Chu that the foreign exchange has a style.The latest data suggests that Chinese foreign exchange has a style of surplus amount to reach to 25,486,900,000,000 dollars in October and about have 64% of GDP total amount or so.
  Very obviously, the foreign exchange had a style to descend 200 many hundred million, this rightness of current inflations get down'turn a point'of the formation has a further push function.What to should even raise concerns BE, this may be Reminbi change list side appreciation, in the future depreciate of possibility consumedly increase of a signal.The end of September, this year goes to 11 beginning of the months, overseas' hasing no principal to hand over to mow a forward forex market has already started appearing the depreciation expectation of Reminbi exchange rate.The central bank currency committee member of committee Li Dao Kui also warned, shrink along with Chinese trade surplus narrow, best sunglasses express currently Reminbi appreciation pressure isn't big, even mays face to depreciate pressure for the coming two yearses.This also matches China to strengthen Reminbi exchange rate double to the basic way of doing of flexibility for floating.
  Another evidence that Reminbi may depreciate is international hot money to start scale ground withdrawing China market.In the past because of Reminbi list side appreciation and U.S. dollar of weak, caused international hot money continuously flow out into China.Releases according to the national foreign exchange administration of the first across territory funds to flow to monitor a report to disclose, hot money is clean in 2010 the storage flowing into USD 35,500,000,000, having foreign exchange to increase 7.6% of quantity and take up 0.6% of GDP in those early years.Actually, relevant organization and scholar the scale of hot money be presumed far not only these.Under the expectation that Reminbi revalues to expect to weaken to even depreciate, and domestic to the strict control and stroke of hot money, the foreign capital sped the step of run off.According to the estimate, the run off scale of hot money is about 180,000,000,000 dollars in October.

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Could you overcome to haven't acclimatized into unknown

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