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Tuesday, 10 April 2012
the possibility of the building price revenge rebound
We see, this time adjusting of 2011 controls, and the central government soar towards suppressing building price leading quickly and displayed rare decision.After the strong dint of government intervention, the building price quickly soars a power head the first step get control with soothe the economic structure that the foam blowout will result in adjusts of pain.
The 2012 the middle of the years country economy wants to carry out the growth of above 8%, real estate industry can't definitely crustily six, building price's rising to fall will definitely gradually embody local area to divide a characteristic.Want to carry out 2012 building City steady transfer, prevent°from'crustily six', the policy necessarily will have vivid.Therefore real estate observer Xu Zi Fang thinks, 2012 the middle of the year, the country real estate market will turn warm, but the possibility of the building price revenge rebound San Diego Padres Hats isn't very big.
Its reason is as follows:
A, real estate marketSupply a level:Pass to change with the quantity of the guarantee building growth the merchandise building atrophies of quantity, carry out the investment of real estate to pull an effect smooth and excesssive(include to consumerly pull), the Chinese real estate market will embody'quantity the steady price is slow'of total characteristic.On December 22, State Department guarantees sex housing project leadership coordination group already and signs a guarantee with local government for 2012 years sex housing project work responsibility book, basic made sure 2012 whole yearses guarantee sex housing project opening total amount at 7,000,000 sets of, year inside the total amount assurance finishing construction is 4,000,000 sets.With different in 2011 BE, next year's responsibility book in addition to stipulate in addition to opening total amount, the local government also has already hoped to do a stipulation description(live to set up a department henceforth set with'1/3 completion radicle pit the concrete sprinkle to build, 1/3 is plus or minus zero(ground), the 1/3 corpus structure crest'of investigate standard) towards finishing construction index sign for whole yearses, namely the local government finished construction in those early years of guarantee the amount of housing projects had to reach a mark.Is another according to live the statistics of setting up the department, the guarantee housing that can finish construction to throw in an use in 2011 is about 3,000,000 sets of or so.Guarantee building although the related system isn't just very perfect,the decision of the government comes to a decision large-scale guarantee building steady push forward is an affair for leaving no room for doubt.A great deal of guarantee building of go into city, will change the organization and development mode of real estate industry, this is affirmative, at the same time, opposite 2011 year agos, the golden age of merchandise building to say, real estate industry from the bull market turn a bear market this DIOR Hats is also an affair that didn't need to be doubted, but the development space of China real estate industry is still huge to is also an affair that didn't need to be doubted at the same time.
Two, real estate marketNeed level:The strength of the real influence real estate market comes from financial market, but central bank and silver Jian will a dollar turn the ability of leading the control very violent.The center makes sure actively in 2012 of public finance policy, steady monetary policy this keynote can't change, the limit lends a policy temporarily can't the big scope Be loose to move, the big city limit buys a policy to also continue, these needs that will continue and influence a merchandise building market.At the same time, structure in the residence market gradually divides into merchandise building to run parallel with guarantee building the structure appearance of movement, the guarantee building weaken a fast- soaring foam of building price to turn foundation towards just needing hierarchical digest, willing.The merchandise housing that the part divides turns toward the high level luxurious residence development with satisfy the improvement of high level need, but its quantity and price particularly is a social influence to sharply weaken to the economic influence of China whole real estate market.

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