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Tuesday, 10 April 2012
Is truely worth money to be just the space
Is brave to think week sky, landholding make and manage a system to maintain present condition, the problem will be more and more.Can choose the third reform road while privatizing road and being not a viable circumstance either:The namely insisting land is stateowned and collectively all public systems are constant, prolong the use year that the business enterprise, residence is used ground, house base, farmland and woodland to expect to 300-1000 years etc. is not.The use year period that can establish user in the land so produces power, can trade, mortgage, join from partnership and inherit.'Only this can manage follow the whole.'He says.
 Use right in the residence land 70 every year limit vegetable to dispute rather many, therefore the local residents buy a house be been called by the drama'house renting'.The land uses time limit again and connections, such as building price and farmer income...etc., prolong time limit may?Could you work out the whole problem?
 In 1981, Huo English east at the earliest stage to the center relevant there is Chang use in the leadership suggestion land.Be asked and use term how many years accommodation, the Huo English east answers:'Hong Kong usual practice, 99 years.''That is the colony.'Huo:'Can settle for 75 years.'This dialogue is thought is 70 produce the source of power.In March, 1988, the person greatly and formally passes for 70 years, the land has the Chang use the bill.
 The blessing smooth publication in Sichuan prints to work limited liability the president of the company huge learn the Feng(woodcutter) makes fun of on the tiny Bo, 'the many people all criticize the Chinese love buys a MLB Cap house, while the Euro-American person loves a house renting.In fact the Chinese have no 1 is buy a house, all in the house renting, rent to expect most and grow for 70 years ju
st.Chinese ordinary people originally have no one to have real real estate!'
 Under this circumstance, the building price of high Qi is denounced.The Yang sees Chen from adviser in
《Wall Street 》 to think into mean, 'real estate in truely worth money Be just land.China and Euro-American real estate's biggest differentiation lie in, in the Europe and America, business real estate in fact is in the business land, the house on the land however is the additional value of land;But is a house in Chinese business, but the land just rents.In fact, house and car, computer, and television...etc. the other merchandise is similar, on buying to come to hand, meeting constantly depreciation, constantly mark down price at the same time, truely worth money of just below of land.But local person all the income compare American low decuple, can'house renting'(only few decades of land use power)but realer than the United States'house buying'(own a land)the price is still high.'Chen thinks into to immediately after say, 'this doesn't say that the Martian doesn't understand, the oversea Chinese people don't understand, domestic's seeming to be also to have no several individuals can really understand.The rational regression of building price is have to.'However, sound thus'faraway'of 300-1000 year, term, there is realistic meaning?The net friend dust dust in Fukien worries to have no truth, he says:'I am afraid if change to for 300 years-1000 yearses, the nfl jerseys cheap building price presumably wants to turn over again several turn over up, and meeting someone get worse of corruption house.These problem again should how handle?'
 Use with land the time limit has a direct connection of there is also farmer problem, mayor Huang Qi Fan in Chongqing once meant, 'Chinese farmer's biggest problem is to have no property right.Farmer work income 97% is to labor income and government subsidy, the property income has 3%, and it has no margin ability in the society.If solved a land use right, ensure its property right, it lend money behavior and then will take place.'
 College of finance and economics economy in Zhejiang thanks with director in the college of international trade to write a poem the commentary to this BE'why don't promote land privatization?'The party week sky brave professor of school thinks to privatize road to go, so puts forward the third reform road, namely and significantly prolongs time limit.

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